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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1202: Do You Want to Marry Me? (Part Two)

Chapter 1202: Do You Want to Marry Me? (Part Two)

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The more Jiao Chen coaxed her, the harder she cried. “She is not back yet and I don’t know where is she.”

“Alright, stop crying. Follow me upstairs first. I’ll go get changed.” Jiao Chen wiped her tears once more before holding her hand. He then led her into the dormitory.

Jiao Chen’s room was on the second floor. The boys’ dormitory seemed to be relatively messier than compared to the girls’, with a mountain of shoes stacked carelessly outside the door.

When they walked past the rooms, they heard loud snores and people playing games.

They reached his room and Jiao Chen unlocked his room door.

Su Yue was nervous and she whispered, “I’ll wait outside. Your roommate might be upset if I go in.”

It was past midnight and a girl shouldn’t enter the boys’ dormitory. Even if she did nothing, it didn’t mean that others wouldn’t mind.

Jiao Chen lightly replied, “Don’t worry. He is already asleep.”

“Oh.” Su Yue pressed her lips and bent her head.

Jiao Chen watched her and pondered for a moment. “If you really don’t want to, then wait for me outside. I’ll go get a coat and change my shoes.”

Su Yue glanced at the long corridor and changed her mind instantly. If someone came out and saw her, wouldn’t it look weirder if she stood outside?

She mumbled, “I think I’ll go inside.”

Jiao Chen nodded and pushed the door open.

Su Yue followed him closely and entered. She was pleasantly surprised when she got inside.

It was clean and tidy. The rumors of the boys’ dormitory smelling like dirty socks were untrue.

The room structure was similar to theirs with the beds facing opposite each other. There were four desks, with two on each side of the room.

Someone was sleeping on the lower bunk of the bed, and the blanket covered him entirely. The other bed had a blanket that looked as though someone had flung it away.

Su Yue guessed that it must be Jiao Chen’s bed.

Jiao Chen grabbed his coat before walking to get his shoes.

He glanced at Su Yue and saw her standing stiffly there. He grinned and said, “I’ll be ready in a minute.”

“Am I dreaming?”

The guy woke up and he sleepily rubbed his eyes. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Su Yue. “Wow, the second I opened my eyes, a beauty is standing right in the room.”

He sat upright and glanced at Jiao Chen, who was wearing his shoes. He teased him playfully. “Jiao Chen, look at you. Why didn’t you inform me you were bringing your wife back? Let me disappear so you guys can stay here.”

Jiao Chen glared at him. “Go back to sleep.”

“Don’t worry about me. I can look for my friend in another room,” the boy replied cheerfully as he grabbed a coat from his wardrobe. He then stood up.

Instinctively, Su Yue averted her face to avoid looking at him.

What if he was naked or only wearing his underwear?

Wouldn’t it be awkward?

The guy walked up to Su Yue and smiled at her. He threw Jiao Chen a fleeting glance before saying, “Jiao Chen, this room is all yours. I will stand guard outside and make sure no one gets in.”

“Scram!” Jiao Chen’s face fell. He grabbed his slipper to hurl it at his roommate.

The roommate dodged it agilely before smiling smugly. “I have more in the drawer. But don’t use too many.”

He grinned wickedly before he hastily fled.

“What was that?”

After Jiao Chen’s roommate left, Su Yue began to act more comfortably. She turned around and surveyed his room.

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