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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1340: Various Public Displays of Affection (Part Three)

Chapter 1340: Various Public Displays of Affection (Part Three)

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Lu Yinan didn’t tease her anymore and simply stared at her quietly.

A man was sleeping beside her and furthermore, he was the father of her babies. Naturally, Zhou Shuang found it hard to fall asleep.

She could feel Lu Yinan’s eyes on her and her heart pounded violently. Her palms were cold with sweat as she remained motionless.

‘Cough… cough.’

Zhou Shuang cleared her throat as it was a little dry.

Lu Yinan craned his neck to peer at her as he asked, “Do you want some water?”

Zhou Shuang shook and declined. “No… I’m fine.”

“I’ll get you water.” Lu Yinan decided otherwise, and he climbed out of bed.

Zhou Shuang felt more at ease after he left the bed. She sat upright and positioned herself against the head of the bed.

Lu Yinan walked to her side and took her cup.

Zhou Shuang eyed the towering figure in silence. Her heartbeat was erratic, and she blinked her eyes. She pressed her palm against her chest and began to berate herself.

‘Zhou Shuang! How can you be so soft-hearted! Why are you so nervous around that sissy!’

The more she thought about it, the faster her heartbeat was. Her face became flushed, too.

Lu Yinan walked back with the cup in his hand. His hair was still a little wet and he was wearing bathrobes. He originally looked quite bewitching, and now, he looked even more seductive.

He had a hand in his pocket, as he strode towards Zhou Shuang.

His fingers were long, slender, and his hands were fair. They looked extremely good and it made her want to hold his hands.

Zhou Shuang bit her lips and stretched her trembling hand. “Thank you,” muttered Zhou Shuang as she received the cup.

“Why are you so polite? I’m not used to you acting like this.” Lu Yinan teased Zhou Shuang lightly before bending to sit next to Zhou Shuang.

He put his hands behind his head and grinned widely at Zhou Shuang.

His eyes were so seductive.

Zhou Shuang accidentally met his gaze and her heart began to pound furiously once more. She instantly averted her gaze and bent her head. She gripped the cup tightly as she took a sip.

Her palms were sweating and she didn’t utter a sound.

Lu Yinan gazed at Zhou Shuang for a while before asking, “Why are you so quiet?”

Zhou Shuang glanced askew at him and said, “Go to the sofa and sleep. Don’t disturb me anymore.”

“I can’t sleep because of jet lag.” Lu Yinan pursed his lips before lying sideways. He propped a hand to support his head as he watched Zhou Shuang intently.

He intended to observe her closely; perhaps he could find her strengths.

Zhou Shuang furrowed her eyebrows as she warily eyed him. “Didn’t you used to study overseas?”

She would blush every time she met his eyes, so she didn’t dare to look at him for too long.

She immediately averted her gaze.

Lu Yinan realized that Zhou Shuang was feeling bashful and that lifted his spirits and boosted his ego.

He made this female hooligan blush. That was no easy feat.

He continued the conversation, looking relaxed and comfortable. “That was a long time ago.”

Zhou Shuang responded softly with an ‘oh’ and it was almost inaudible.

“Go back with me after New Year,” said Lu Yinan.

Zhou Shuang spun around and glared at him. “Don’t think that I will give you the children just because you poured me a cup of water.”

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