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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1341: Various Public Displays of Affection (Part Four)

Chapter 1341: Various Public Displays of Affection (Part Four)

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Zhou Shuang knew that the reason Lu Yinan had put in so much effort during these few months was all because of the babies. Besides that, his family was exerting pressure on him as well.

Otherwise, there was no reason for a Casanova and womanizer like him to waste time on her. There were so many rich and eligible ladies, models, celebrities who would rush to him at the snap of his fingers.

She well knew of the fact that they weren’t suitable.

Lu Yinan softly spoke, “We can raise the children together. I’m not asking you to give them to me.”

“You want to marry me?” Zhou Shuang gazed intently at Lu Yinan.

Lu Yinan’s gaze trailed to the ring on Zhou Shuang’s finger. The diamond ring was sparkling and dancing as it caught the light. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why would I put the ring on you if I don’t intend to?”

Zhou Shuang’s heart skipped a beat when she heard his response. She bent her head and she softly uttered, “Lu Yinan, you know that we don’t love each other.”

It was quite hard to catch any emotions in her tone as it was too soft.

“We’re already expecting our children, does it even matter if we love each other or not?” answered Lu Yinan in a casual tone as he laid down on the bed. He placed his hands behind his head as he stared quietly at the ceiling. He paused briefly before saying, “I’ve never fallen in love with anyone in my life.”

It was true that he had several flings. But he had never loved someone like how Yan Rusheng had loved Wen Xuxu. He had never met a woman he couldn’t live without.

Even Ming Ansheng who appeared to be so aloof and cold had loved Meiduo. That should be true love…

Zhou Shuang sneered coldly. ” Hmph. How could a Casanova like you know what is love?”

Lu Yinan broke his train of thoughts as he looked at Zhou Shuang with a hint of intrigue. “Sounds like you fell in love with someone before.”

Zhou Shuang raised her chin and proclaimed proudly, “Certainly.”

Lu Yinan chuckled and said, “I really want to know who the unlucky fellow was.”

Zhou Shuang’s face fell. “None of your business!”

This fellow was atrocious! Why would the guy be unlucky?

“Be civilized.” Lu Yinan placed his hand on Zhou Shuang’s tummy and rubbed gently. “Don’t teach them the wrong stuff.”

Zhou Shuang coldly replied, “I’m crude and rude. What can you do?”

Lu Yinan didn’t want to disrupt this peaceful moment so he didn’t snap back. He probed further. “Continue and talk about the man you loved.”

“There is only one word to describe him — jerk!” Zhou Shuang angrily yelled.

Lu Yinan burst into laughter the moment Zhou Shuang replied. “Elaborate more.”

He didn’t expect Zhou Shuang to be so honest. He had assumed that she would sing praises of him.

Even if that wasn’t the case, she would at least lie to preserve her pride.

He was thoroughly surprised.

Zhou Shuang frowned and snapped, “Lu Yinan, can you be more considerate?”

“Alright, alright. I shall not ask anymore. Don’t get angry.” Lu Yinan realized that it was quite interesting to have a proper conversation with her. He quipped, “Let’s carry on with our conversation in peace.”

Zhou Shuang pouted indignantly. “What’s there to chat about?”

Lu Yinan replied, “Go back to the capital city after New Year. My whole family is waiting.”

“I want to spend time with my parents.” Zhou Shuang glanced in disdain at Lu Yinan. “Besides, why should I go back? Am I related to your family?”

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