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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1366: Uncle Ming, Hide Quickly (Part Four)

Chapter 1366: Uncle Ming, Hide Quickly (Part Four)

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Su Yue and Ming Ansheng were the last two. After they checked them, the attendee nodded towards somewhere. Young Master Ming’s heart skipped a beat and his handsome face turned pale.

He gritted his teeth and the carriage started moving.

Su Yue was incredibly excited. “Let’s take a selfie first.”

She then raised her phone high, grabbing Ming Ansheng’s hand with her other arm. She helped him make a ‘peace’ sign. “Uncle Ming, cheese!”

In the frame, Ming Ansheng’s expression was stiff. He grinned along with her, saying ‘cheese’.

Su Yue took the photo and Ming Ansheng’s stiff expression hardened.

“Ah…” The carriage suddenly increased in speed. Su Yue shrieked before grabbing his elbow, exclaiming, “Uncle Ming, it’s starting, it’s starting!”

Her eyes were bright and shimmering with excitement.

Ming Ansheng pressed his lips together and nodded. He grabbed tightly to the railing in front of him, closing his eyes, as though he was sending himself to his grave.

Undeniably, the ride was thrilling.

Screams filled the air, each getting more high-pitched than before. Su Yue was shrieking loudly as well.

Su Yue turned to look at Ming Ansheng. When she saw that his eyes were closed, she pressed her lips together, as though she was holding in something. She frowned and said, “Uncle Ming, you should scream. It’s not embarrassing. They say that you’re supposed to scream on roller coasters. The more you scream, the more exhilarating it gets.”

Ming Ansheng opened his eyes and gave her a look. “Screaming on the bed is even more thrilling, yet I didn’t see you screaming.”

He knew that Su Yue wouldn’t agree to it, so this way, he wouldn’t have to shout either.

F*ck. He was the President of Bright Vision. Screaming would affect his image.

Especially his image in front of Su Yue. He knew that he was a steady uncle figure to her. Her love for him also held a tinge of admiration.

He was determined not to ruin Su Yue’s image of him. He had to maintain his steadiness.

Su Yue blushed. “Uncle Ming, you’re gross. You’re incorrigible. Ahh…”

Su Yue screamed at a sudden turn before she could finish her sentence. Then it slowed and she looked at Ming Ansheng with a frown. “Are you going to scream or not?”

Although he was pale and he was sweating profusely, Uncle Ming was determined to maintain his steady image. He kept a straight face and asked her, “If you promise to scream tonight, I’ll scream now.”

It was such an inappropriate topic, but he negotiated with her so formally.

“Are you going to scream or not?” Su Yue asked, her tone threatening. Before he could reply, she suddenly hugged his neck, pulled him downwards and kissed him on the lips.

“Oof…” Ming Ansheng frowned, his eyes widening and silently cursing.

Darn it. This little thing is too brazen.

For his safety, he continued gripping tightly to the handrails in front of him, while Su Yue hugged him tightly.

At another sudden turning, both of them instinctively sucked each other’s lips.

At that moment, both of them felt amazement like never before. The carriage came to a slow and it was about to an end.

Su Yue was still hugging his neck and sucking his lips.

The carriage came to a halt, and Su Yue only let go of him after everyone unbuckled their seatbelts. She then mischievously raised her eyebrow at him.

“Uncle Ming, this is how you do a high-profile, high-level public display of affection. My third brother’s are all too low standard.”

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