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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1371: Let’s Make Our Relationship Public (Part Five)

Chapter 1371: Let’s Make Our Relationship Public (Part Five)

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The elderly man in his eighties had a head of white hair, but his back was still straight. He surveyed the entire office with a cold gleam in his eyes. He glanced at the secretary standing beside him. “Where is President Ming?”

His secretary calmly answered, “President Ming is away on a work trip.”

If Ming Ansheng’s secretary wasn’t capable of handling such situations, there was no way he could assist Ming Ansheng.

A crease appeared between Ming Zhongsheng’s eyebrows and in a shrewd voice he asked, “Work trip?”

After they had a huge fight, Ming Ansheng had left the house and there wasn’t any news from him.

But he knew his whereabouts and what he had been up to. He had planted spies everywhere in the company.

He heard that he wasn’t at work for the past two days, so he dropped by to take a look.

The secretary nodded and politely answered with, “Yes, President Ming went on a work trip to Country M.”

Ming Zhongsheng was suspicious when he heard his reply. “Why didn’t he bring you along?”

Ming Ansheng always traveled with his secretary on work trips.

“Oh…” His secretary hesitated for a moment before answering, “President Ming will be away for a longer period. So he instructed me to send him reports and updates instead.”

Ming Zhongsheng squinted as he studied the secretary. “He went to Country M?”

The secretary nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng snorted loudly and stormed off.

The overbearing and formidable-looking old man vanished out of sight and the atmosphere became lighter.

“Go check and see if the illegitimate daughter is in school in the past two days,” Ming Zhongsheng instructed his personal assistant in a solemn voice.

The man nodded and said, “Got it.”

Country M and the capital city had different lifestyles, weather, and environment.

Su Yue stood before the French windows, admiring N City’s scenery, which was right before her eyes.

Ming Ansheng and Dasmond were discussing work, and Su Yue wasn’t interested at all.

She began to get melancholic as she gazed out of the windows. She unconsciously fell into a deep reverie.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her. A familiar voice sounded in her ears. “What are you thinking of?”

Su Yue glanced sideways at Ming Ansheng, who was resting his chin on her shoulders. “Uncle Ming, let’s announce our relationship when we return home,” said Su Yue with a grave voice.

It overwhelmed Ming Ansheng with happiness, and he could hardly believe his ears. He asked with uncertainty. “Yueyue, you really want to announce our relationship to everyone?”

Su Yue nodded and smiled. “Yeah.”

She turned around as she held Ming Ansheng’s hand. She gazed intently into the depths of Ming Ansheng’s eyes as she expounded, “You’re not married and neither am I. What’s wrong with us being together? I’m so adorable and maybe your grandfather will grow to like me if he gets to know more about me?”

She smiled happily when she recalled something. “Your mother likes me and she said that I was cute. She is gentle to me, too.”

Ming Ansheng nodded. “Yes, she likes you very much.”

His mother would visit him regularly to cook for him when he stayed at his own apartment.

She always mentioned Su Yue and asked about their progress. She didn’t conceal her liking for Su Yue.

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