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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1373: Let’s Make Our Relationship Public (Part Seven)

Chapter 1373: Let’s Make Our Relationship Public (Part Seven)

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The exciting rides in the amusement park had stopped operating at night.

The park was closing soon, hence it seemed almost empty.

Ming Ansheng held Su Yue’s hand as they quietly walked past the rides.

“Seems like all the rides are closed.” Su Yue pursed her lips as her eyes darted around.

“The Ferris wheel is over there,” said Ming Ansheng as he pointed a distance away.

The gigantic Ferris wheel was still operating, and from their view, it seemed as though it was almost touching the sky.

Without waiting for Su Yue to respond, Ming Ansheng pulled Su Yue along with him.

The staff at the Ferris wheel was a young lady in her twenties. She had golden hair and she was wearing the amusement park uniform.

After briefing them about the safety rules, she smiled at Su Yue. “Your uncle is so gorgeous, can I get to know him?”

She turned to glance at Ming Ansheng’s good-looking face, and under the moonlight, he seemed so charming.

The lady couldn’t hide the admiration in her eyes and it made Su Yue jealous. She replied coldly, “No. He is mine.”

She put her arms around Ming Ansheng’s waist to declare that he belonged to her. She raised her head and glared at the lady.

Her slender arms held on tightly to his fit and muscular body. Ming Ansheng chuckled in amusement as he grabbed Su Yue’s hand. “Alright, let’s go.”

His voice sounded exceedingly pleasant and charming.

The female staff saw how intimate Su Yue behaved with Ming Ansheng and it momentarily stumped her. She regained her composure before smiling. “Sorry. I thought that he was your uncle.”

There wasn’t a trace of awkwardness on her face, but her apology was sincere.

Su Yue mumbled something in response before letting go of Ming Ansheng’s waist. Then she held on to his hand.

A passenger pod arrived and she led Ming Ansheng inside. The female staff secured the door after they went in.

“Let’s wear couple-outfits when we go out next time.” Su Yue was still feeling grumpy over the fact that the staff expressed her liking for Ming Ansheng.

If they wore couple-outfits, everyone would know that they were a couple.

Then no one else would ask her to introduce Uncle Ming to them. Hmph!

Ming Ansheng chuckled quietly as he watched Su Yue seething with jealousy. He raised an eyebrow and remarked, “Do you feel a sense of insecurity after realizing how popular I am?”

Su Yue was irate. “Don’t you dare look at other women. Not even a glimpse.”

Ming Ansheng knew that she was throwing a tantrum so he gave in to her. “Alright, alright. I won’t look at them.”

These were trivial matters that he didn’t even bother to bicker with.

He was thoroughly enjoying the feeling. He liked how she was being unreasonable, whiny, and acting like a spoilt child.

Ming Ansheng folded his arms across his chest as he settled comfortably on the seat. He was still observing Su Yue, who was still brimming with anger.

“Uncle Ming,” said Su Yue suddenly.

Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows. “Huh?”

Su Yue pressed her lips as though she was gathering all her determination. “Will you always love me?”

Ming Ansheng’s eyes darted to Su Yue’s hands which were resting on her lap. She seemed rather jittery for she had clenched and unclenched her fists repeatedly.

He felt as though his heart was being gripped tightly, so he stretched his hand to caress Su Yue’s face. A gentle smile played at the corners of his mouth. “Silly girl, why do you feel so insecure?”

Su Yue pouted as she grumbled, “You’re too outstanding and I’m afraid that there will be others who would want to snatch you away.”

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