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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1389: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Fifteen)

Chapter 1389: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Fifteen)

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He raised his eyebrow. His interest at a peak, he asked, “What were you thinking about that it made you so shy?”

Su Yue blushed even harder. She mumbled, “Uncle Ming, you’re so annoying.”

Ming Ansheng frowned in confusion. “How am I annoying?”

“You actually called me ‘darling’ ,” Su Yue explained in a soft voice that is almost a whisper.

“So that’s why.” Ming Ansheng smiled. He stood opposite her and asked, “Do you like me calling you that?”

Under the lighting, his smile looked wicked and flirtatious.

Su Yue nodded unabashedly and lifted her head to look at him. She warned, “But you can’t call me that in front of others.”

Ming Ansheng nodded and agreed. “It’s not meant to be heard by others.”

Su Yue blinked.

Ming Ansheng said, “Let’s eat.”

Su Yue picked up her fork and knife and started to cut the steak. But she hadn’t realized that she couldn’t slice through it at all.

She recalled her painstaking preparation efforts and angrily put down her cutlery. “It’s cold. It can’t slice through it.”

“I’ll heat it up.” Ming Ansheng stood up and picked up his plate hers as well.

He then entered the kitchen.

Su Yue followed after him and stopped at the entrance.

The kitchen was in a mess and it took him a while to find a place to put the plates down.

He picked up the microwavable containers and placed the steak in the microwave.

After which, he put on his apron and placed the dirty bowls into the sink.

Su Yue leaned against the door frame and watched the man busy himself. Seeing his beautiful hands holding the cloth made her feel warm inside.

“Uncle Ming, did you cook for all the women you slept with before?” Su Yue suddenly asked.

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

This little lass. Why did she mention this in the middle of the night?

She sounded nonchalant, but his answer had to be well-thought and satisfactory.

Or else, she would definitely lock herself in the bedroom tonight.

He put on a calm smile. “Of course not. I don’t have such women.”

“Don’t lie. Lu Yinan said that you slept with someone when you were seventeen.” Su Yue glared at him. “It almost slipped my mind. Hmph !”

She then stomped and walked towards the sofa.

Ming Ansheng chased after her. “Yueyue, how could you believe what Lu Yinan said?”

Su Yue looked at him and asked, “You mean that you didn’t lose your virginity at seventeen?”

Ming Ansheng frowned. “Can’t we let the past stay in the past?”

“Why should we?” Su Yue pouted. “You’re feeling guilty, right?”

Ming Ansheng was indeed feeling guilty. But he knew that he couldn’t show it in front of Su Yue.

He walked over and sat down beside her. He hugged her waist and cajoled, “I’ve never cooked for anyone before. You’ll be the first and last person I’ll ever cook for.”

This tactic worked on girls like her. Su Yue smiled, but she still looked angry. She coolly said, “Don’t talk to me until you’ve finished one bottle of wine.”

Ming Ansheng nodded. “Alright, I’ll drink it now.”

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