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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1397: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Three)

Chapter 1397: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Three)

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He paused to take in her reaction, before continuing, “From breaking up with Meiduo, to what university he went to, and eventually his engagement with Tang Feiling, he went with my arrangements. Do you think he will go against me, for you?”

Su Yue suddenly became furious. “Why did you do that? How would you feel if someone made you do something against your own wishes?”

She glared at him, her fists clenched by her sides.

Before she had met this old man, she was still thinking of ways to get into his good books.

Now, she realized that she didn’t like this old man at all.

He was extremely annoying.

Ming Zhongsheng ignored her attitude and replied, “That’s why I said, you’re too pure. You’re not suitable for Ming Ansheng.”

“But Ming Ansheng likes me now. He likes me,” Su Yue said stubbornly.

She knew that the old man had come to find her today hoping to get her to break up with Uncle Ming.

Although finding out about Uncle Ming’s past with Meiduo affected her greatly, she refused to show it to the old man. She wouldn’t let him have his way.

This old man was incorrigible. How was Uncle Ming forced to do things since he was young?

She felt that he was more pitiful than her.

Ming Zhongsheng snorted. “He liked Meiduo very much in the past as well. He did many rebellious acts, from getting into fights to smoking and getting tattoos.”

Getting tattoos…

‘The blackthorn apple on your Uncle Ming’s waist looks way better…’

Su Yue’s fists were clenched in her pockets and she put on a cheeky smile. She said, “All relationships work like this. You’ll willingly do countless things for the other party.”

She then blinked at him. “Grandfather Ming, haven’t you dated before? Didn’t you do all this for Grandmother Ming?”

Ming Zhongsheng’s expression changed from embarrassment to fury.

Before he could reply, Su Yue continued, her words as sharp as daggers. “Uncle Ming helped me wash my clothes, cooked for me and went on a holiday with me to Country M. He sat on a rollercoaster and the childish carousel with me. He even caught many stuffed toys from the claw machine for me. He was willing to do anything for me.”

Helped her wash her clothes…

Ming Zhongsheng turned furious when he heard it.

His grandson, president of Bright Vision, washed clothes and cooked for a woman?!

His reaction delighted Su Yue.

She continued, “It’s cold outside. Grandfather, you should go home early before you catch a cold. I’ll make a move.”

She then turned around and walked into the dormitory.

Her small figure disappeared before him, and he watched in fury.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t tear them apart.

Su Yue rushed into the dormitory and walked towards her bed. She fell onto it and buried her face under the blanket.

Uncle Ming loved someone else before her. The blackthorn apple represented his love full of loneliness and despair.

Meiduo must’ve tattooed the thorn apple on his waist for him.

Did… Did she have the same tattoo on her body as well?

Maybe, Meiduo had a cat tattoo on her chest as well. Or perhaps, the same mouse as Uncle Ming’s instead.

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