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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1402: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Eight)

Chapter 1402: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Eight)

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Su Yue recalled the moment Tang Feiling pressed the burning rod to her chest and how she almost died from the pain.

But now, she felt that Tang Feiling had helped her to remove traces of her foolishness and humiliation.

Su Yue entered a reverie.

Suddenly she heard a sound outside, jolting her back to reality.

She turned to look at the bathroom door and stared intently at it. She listened with bated breath, but everything was quiet.

Did her ears play a trick on her?

She frowned, looking perplexed as she turned on the tap. She scooped up the cold water and splashed on her face.

She was fervently hoping that her eyes would be less swollen before Third Brother came.

After slapping on some moisturizer, Su Yue walked out of the bathroom. To reduce the swelling, she put wet cotton wool on her eyes.


All Su Yue was thinking about was her eyes. Suddenly a familiar man’s voice interrupted her, and it made her heart skip a beat. She halted her footsteps too at the same time.

She pulled the cotton wool off her eyes as she turned towards the direction of the voice. The man was standing in the middle of the room facing her. He was staring at her with an intense gaze.

He was wearing his usual formal suit, looking handsome, dashing, and suave.

But she could see the worry in his eyes.

In a deep voice, he said, “Why didn’t you return my call? Or reply to my text?”

Su Yue coldly replied, “I was busy.”

She stood there, looking as though she didn’t intend to move.

Ming Ansheng’s tone switched, in the next moment he sounded helpless. “Yueyue, what happened?”

He sounded exhausted.

“Your grandfather came to look for me, and he asked me to leave you,” Su Yue replied.

Ming Ansheng’s face fell, and his good-looking face—including his eyes—seemed covered with a layer of ice. He looked frightening.

He adjusted his emotions before lifting his eyebrows. He asked Su Yue, “So?”

Su Yue snapped, “So, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

Ming Ansheng clenched his fists when he saw how Su Yue had acted nonchalant on purpose. He had an urge to strangle her.

He was incensed. “So you merely acted according to your whims?”

Su Yue sneered at the man. “Why should I when I don’t feel like it?”

Without waiting for him to respond, she asked again, “How did you enter? Why did the staff let you in?”

Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows. “Is that important right now?”

What they needed to do now was to have a good talk.

“Go out now. I don’t want to see you.” Su Yue strode towards Ming Ansheng and grabbed his arm. She began to pull him towards the door. “Go out now! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

If Ming Ansheng didn’t have any plans on leaving, even two Su Yue’s wouldn’t be able to make him do so.

He grabbed Su Yue’s arm instead and bent to look at her exquisite-looking face. Her glistening eyes softened his heart.

Unconsciously, he mumbled, “Yueyue, tell me. What did he tell you?”

Su Yue pulled her arm away from Ming Ansheng and turned angrily around. “I don’t want to talk to you. Go away!”

“Yueyue, didn’t we promise each other to be together forever?” Ming Ansheng embraced Su Yue tightly.

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