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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1403: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Nine)

Chapter 1403: The Meaning of the Tattoo (Part Twenty Nine)

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Su Yue was so tiny and frail that Ming Ansheng effortlessly held on to her.

No matter how hard she struggled.

Su Yue got anxious and frustrated as she bellowed, “You lied to me! Why didn’t you tell me about your relationship with Meiduo? You even got her to tattoo for me! Why didn’t you stop me from getting a tattoo! You both treated me like a fool!”

She started crying after she vented her grievances.

Ming Ansheng knew that Ming Zhongsheng would tell her about his past relationship with Meiduo.

As his grandson, he understood his grandfather too well. But he couldn’t do anything to stop his atrocious acts.

But he had a principle that he always adhered to. He would always admit to whatever he has done, be it something good or bad.

He also guessed that his grandfather might have told her that they forced Meiduo to break up with him.

And he knew that Su Yue would be afraid of becoming like Meiduo, and she would definitely harbor thoughts of leaving him.

Ming Ansheng tightened his arms around her and put his face near Su Yue’s ear. He put on an affectionate smile, and he whispered, “You finally know that you are silly.”

“You…” Su Yue glared at Ming Ansheng when she saw the sly smile on his face. Her expression hardened, and she raised her leg before kicking him as hard as she could.

Ming Ansheng yelped in pain and relinquished his grip. But the next second, he stood before Su Yue.

He said with a frown, “I was born in the year of the rat. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that your third brother and third sister-in-law were both born in the year of the rat as well.”

He was born in the year of the rat?

He didn’t tell her about the meaning of his tattoo. Su Yue paused and haughtily raised her chin. “So what?”

Ming Ansheng stretched his hands and tightly gripped Su Yue’s shoulders. He solemnly looked at her and said, “I was indeed together with Meiduo. But that was in the past.”

“Hmph!” Su Yue snorted coldly. “If your grandfather didn’t force you to break up with her, would I even be here with you?”

She felt so aggrieved and upset by this matter.

She turned her back against Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng was speechless. “How can I answer this?”

“Get out, get out now!” Su Yue shoved Ming Ansheng as she screamed.

“Yueyue, look!” Ming Ansheng suddenly stretched his hand and pulled down his collar, revealing his chest.

Su Yue saw that the tattoo on his chest was almost gone. She widened her mouth in shock. “When… when did you remove it?”

She couldn’t see the tattoo anymore.

To be specific, he had tried to remove it—there was a faint trace of it.

Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows. “Is that important?”

He stretched his hands and put them around Su Yue’s waist.

Su Yue buried her face in Ming Ansheng’s chest, and she smiled to herself.

After some time, she raised her head and gazed at Ming Ansheng. “How about the tattoo on your waist?” she asked.

Jealousy was clear in her tone.

Ming Ansheng burst into laughter. He stretched his hand and pinched Su Yue’s chin, and the latter brushed it aside with a frown.

Ming Ansheng replied, “The meaning of the blackthorn apple tattoo is directed at my grandfather.”

“I don’t believe you.”

She mustered all her strength and pushed Ming Ansheng towards the door. Then she glared at him as she said, “Don’t look for me ever again.”

She swung the door shut.

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