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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1407: We Have to Break Up (Part Three)

Chapter 1407: We Have to Break Up (Part Three)

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At first, Ming Ansheng brooded over the breakup until he saw that she was happy. In the end, he finally put the past behind him.

Everything was in the past and he was still friends with Meiduo now. Neither of them mentioned their relationship, and everything seemed fine.

Now that Ming Ansheng recalled it, he began to worry which methods Ming Zhongsheng would use to force Su Yue to break up with him.

After all, Ming Zhongsheng had built Bright Vision from a tiny company to this vast and influential empire over the decades. They had become the leading pioneer in the industry, and their businesses flourished successfully.

He believed that the new generation would excel the previous one, but he shouldn’t overlook the capability of the previous generation.

Ming Ansheng went straight to the bathroom after he reached his apartment. He stood under the showerhead and allowed the water to wash away his exhaustion and worries.

He feared that Su Yue might give up.

“Anzi, let’s break up.”

Ming Ansheng bowed his head and shut his eyes. Images of his breakup with Meiduo replayed repeatedly in his mind.

She sounded calm and nonchalant, and it seemed that no one could change her mind. And it made him feel so weak and useless.

But it didn’t even matter if he tried to make her stay. He had promised his grandmother to be obedient and obey his grandfather, and that he would do everything in his power to bring Bright Vision to greater heights.

Grandfather didn’t agree to him being with Meiduo, so it didn’t matter who started the breakup.

But this time around, it was different. He had no intention of giving up and he wanted to fight for the person he loved. He wanted Su Yue, even if it meant reneging on his promise to his grandmother.

It had been several days since Su Yue refused to answer his calls. Neither did she reply to his texts. She spent her days cooped up at home.

Ming Ansheng came back from work after a long day. He took a quick shower and didn’t even bother to dry his hair. He selected a bottle of wine that Su Yue had bought previously.

Su Yue bought two, and he had finished the first bottle.

He uncorked the bottle of wine and went to the kitchen to take a wine glass. He collapsed on the couch, and he gulped down the entire glass.

His phone lit up and he picked it up. There was a video chat request from Meiduo.

With no hesitations, he answered it.

A pretty woman wearing a patient gown appeared on his screen. She was sitting on a bed, looking pale and sickly.

Ming Ansheng propped the phone on the coffee table and slumped against the couch. He stared at the screen and asked, “Are you going to be discharged tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Actually, I should be discharged today,” said Meiduo in a helpless tone of voice. She glanced at the wineglass in Ming Ansheng’s hand and asked, “Bad day?”

Her tone sounded sincere.

Ming Ansheng managed a weak smile, but he remained silent. His bitter smile had answered Meiduo’s question.

Meiduo pressed her lips and fell silent. “Had a fight with your little girlfriend?”

She sounded quite certain.

A cryptic smile appeared on Ming Ansheng’s face. “The old man went to look for her.”

It was strange that even though he broke up with Meiduo, they didn’t become strangers or ended up hating each other. They became closer, just like a family member who would always encourage each other.

Whenever one of them was feeling troubled or unhappy, the other party could lend a listening ear to comfort.

He had half a mind to confide in Meiduo.

Meiduo heard Ming Ansheng and her expression swiftly changed. But she put on a smile almost instantly and probed, “Why? Is she ignoring you?”

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