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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1408: We Have to Break Up (Part Four)

Chapter 1408: We Have to Break Up (Part Four)

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Ming Ansheng honestly replied, “As you said.”

Meiduo raised her eyebrows and quipped, “Isn’t that easy?”

Ming Ansheng’s eyes lit up. “You have an idea?”

Meiduo was an art teacher, and her students were mostly girls of Su Yue’s age. She would definitely understand Su Yue more than him and know the things she liked or how he should coax her.

Meiduo replied, “She is still so pure and innocent. It will be easy to coax her.”

Ming Ansheng earnestly replied, “Madam Mei, please teach me.”

He desperately needed a chance to have a good talk with Su Yue, as he was afraid that she would give up on him.

It wasn’t because he didn’t have confidence in her. But he knew that before she met him, the environment she grew up in… led her to have a sense of insecurity.

The main reason that she was ignoring him was that his grandfather had opposed to them being together. His past relationship with Meiduo was merely a small reason. Or perhaps after he had explained to her, it would even be negligible.

And what was affecting her the most was how his grandfather had forced Meiduo to break up with him.

She must be fearful that they would end up in the same way again.

Meiduo smiled and expounded, “All young girls love romantic gestures and they get touched easily. If she ignores you, then stand outside her house and wait for her throughout the night. The capital city is freezing at night. Wear thin clothing and stand outside and wait. If she loves you, she wouldn’t bear to see you standing outside.”

She had a bright and warm smile on her face.

“Meiduo…” Ming Ansheng gazed at her and was at a loss for words. He swallowed the words he wanted to say. “Have a speedy recovery.”

“Thank you,” Meiduo said in a genuine and sincere tone. “I’m hoping that you could reconcile with your little beauty soon.”

Ming Ansheng smiled. “Rest well.”

“Yeah, I will…” Meiduo nodded.


Ming Ansheng was about to end the video call when a voice sounded.

He frowned, looking puzzled. The next moment, she disappeared from the screen.

Meiduo had ended the video call before he could utter a word.

Ming Ansheng didn’t put too much thought to it and placed the phone down on the table. He took a sip of the wine as Meiduo’s advice rang in his mind.

‘All young girls love romantic gestures and they get touched easily. If she ignores you, then stand outside her house and wait for her throughout the night…’

Wait outside her house?

F*ck! So he had to stand outside Third Yan’s house?

Ming Ansheng slapped his thighs in frustration when he realized it.

He had to wait outside Third Yan’s house to win that little lass’s sympathy?

Third Yan was bound to ridicule him. Or mock him? Or laugh at his predicament?

He might even get Lu Yinan and the rest over.

Ming Ansheng clenched his hair desperately out of frustration. He was going bonkers.

Besides Third Yan, Wen Xuxu would be around too. How awkward would that be?

But he couldn’t think of another way to lure Su Yue out of the house. There was no way he could talk to her since she refused to answer his calls.

Forget it, he decided to go!

If Third Yan were to ridicule him, he would then counterattack by mentioning that the meals he prepared for Wen Xuxu were all rejected.

Ming Ansheng made up his mind and he would do according to what Meiduo had suggested.

He changed into the gym attire that he usually wore. No one should be able to tell that he wanted to win Su Yue’s sympathy on purpose by wearing thin clothing.

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