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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1416: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Two)

Chapter 1416: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Two)

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Ming Ansheng wrapped Su Yue’s tiny hands in his. He said firmly and decisively, “Even if I need to give up the entire world, I wouldn’t give up on you.”

He wasn’t used to saying sweet and mushy stuff.

This was already the best he could say.

He didn’t even promise Meiduo before.

Su Yue felt as if it had lifted her heart. Although they were freezing earlier on, each other’s promise and determination instantly warmed their worlds.

Hours later, Yan Rusheng lifted the blanket off him and got off the bed. He put his bathrobes on before pulling the bedside drawer to get his cigarettes.

He was heading out.

Xuxu noticed him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She frowned and asked, “Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m going to send Ming Ansheng a glass of warm water.” Yan Rusheng took out a cigarette and a mischievous grin flitted across his face. “I’ll bring along some cigarettes too, as a sign of our friendship since he came all the way to my house. If not, he might blame me for being hostile.”

He glanced at Xuxu and raised his eyebrow seductively. “Wife, am I right?”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

Were they really friends who grew up together and had spent almost two decades together?

How could he hit a person when he’s down?

Besides that, Ming Ansheng was a few months older than him. Just because he was dating his sister, he began to treat him flippantly.

He would always take advantage of others and go overboard.

“Stop teasing him. Ming Ansheng is having a hard time as well.” Xuxu refused to budge and continued hugging him. “Now that Yueyue is ignoring him, we shouldn’t make him feel worse.”

Ming Ansheng had admitted to being serious about someone.

And she believed that Ming Ansheng truly loved Su Yue. If he had a choice, she was sure he would never have chosen Yan Rusheng’s sister.

She saw a photo of Ming Ansheng kissing Su Yue outside A university. He must have suppressed his feelings for a long time.

But how could he restrain his feelings for her?

She believed that Ming Ansheng was serious about Su Yue.

A crease appeared in between Yan Rusheng’s eyebrows, and he glanced at the woman. “Wen Xuxu, you stupid woman. Am I such a horrible person in your heart?”

Even if he was indeed horrible, she shouldn’t have this portrayed this image of him in her heart.

Xuxu ignored Yan Rusheng’s grumbles and smiled. “I remembered Lu Yinan putting a rubber snake in the school belle’s bag before. After being found out, he was punished and made to stand in the field under the hot sun. Perspiration had already drenched Young Master Lu, yet you still passed him a glass of hot water. You then stood next to him sipping on your cold drink.”

When she reminisced about their past, she realized how evil this guy could be.

He was really evil and despicable.

But she didn’t know why she still loved him for so many years.

Yan Rusheng frowned and maintained a puzzled expression.

That was years ago.

If she didn’t mention this, he would have forgotten about it completely.

He remembered vaguely that it happened in middle school and it was the start of the term. They should be around 13 years old.

“Stupid woman, why are you so sly?” hissed Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu frowned and asked, “In what way?”

She merely brought up about the incident from his past and how he had bullied his friend.

This had nothing to do with being sly.

He was the sly and despicable one!

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