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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1420: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Six)

Chapter 1420: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Six)

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He then entered the apartment.

His gaze swept over the entire living room before finally landing on Su Yue.

Under his menacing and cold gaze, Su Yue wanted an excuse to leave.

“I’ll go rinse my mouth.” She pointed at her mouth full of toothpaste before turning around. She rushed into the washroom and closed the door behind her.

She leaned against the door, at a loss of what to do.

She wanted to be with Uncle Ming, so she had to get into his grandfather’s good books for him to accept her. Or else, Uncle Ming would feel sandwiched between the two of them, although he made his stand about her clear.

He defied his grandfather because of her and went against his grandmother’s dying wish in the process. So wouldn’t it be better if she patiently put up with it to get into his good books?

But how was she going to do that?

She never had to butter up to anyone before. Even when she was starving and freezing, locked up and treated with disdain, not once did she try to get into anyone’s good books.

What should she do?

It was dead quiet outside. Her heart wildly palpitated, and she bit her lips. The toothpaste on her mouth almost dried up.

She glanced towards the sink—her gaze settling on Ming Ansheng’s black toothbrush and his shaving necessities placed by the side.

She was blissful and happy now. She could see Uncle Ming every morning and be hugged to sleep every night.

When she recalled all the times Ming Ansheng gave her warmth, she gritted her teeth. She then rinsed her mouth.

She washed her face and combed her hair before leaving the washroom.

She walked out.

Ming Zhongsheng was sitting on the sofa, his expression dark.

“Grandfather, I’ll get you a cup of water.” Su Yue ran towards the water dispenser. She took a clean cup, added some tea leaves and made a cup of tea, offering it to Ming Zhongsheng.

She passed it to him.

Ming Zhongsheng stared at the cup in her hands and didn’t take it from her. He remained quiet.

Su Yue’s dainty hands held the cup of boiling tea before him.

It was burning, but she told herself that it was fine. She had to let the old man see and feel that she was patient towards Uncle Ming.

No matter what obstacles might come their way. Rain or shine, she would be patient.

Hmph! He wanted to see just how much patience and tolerance she had.

He was waiting for her to lose her patience from the pain.

But to his surprise, as the seconds ticked by, Su Yue’s hands started getting scalded red, and her hands were slightly trembling.

But the stubbornness and determination in her eyes were apparent.

“I’m not drinking the tea you made for me.”

In the end, he was the one who lost patience. Ming Zhongsheng pushed the cup out of her hands and onto the floor.

The boiling water splashed over her hands, her clothes, and all over the floor.

“Ah…” Su Yue exclaimed, trying to keep her volume down.

She only shouted once.

She bowed her head and stared at her red, scalded hands. She then looked at the floor, the spilled water, and tea leaves scattered all over.

She was extremely disappointed.

“Why are you so shameless?”

Ming Zhongsheng coldly remarked.

He paused before continuing. “I’ve made myself clear: I will never approve of your relationship.”

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