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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 1422: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Eight)

Chapter 1422: I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand (Part Eight)

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Su Yue recalled the reason why Ming Ansheng postponed his flight from Country M, and she felt a stab in her heart.

But she didn’t show it, choosing to put on a bright smile. She nodded and said to Ming Zhongsheng, “Yup, we went together. Sister Meiduo is sick.”

Her generosity and open-mindedness shocked Ming Zhongsheng.

He stared at her, and her bright eyes still full of innocence.

He felt a pang of failure. He realized that threats didn’t work on Su Yue.

“Lass, I’m warning you: Leave him. You won’t be able to bear the burden that comes with being with him.”

He rose and prepared to leave.

Su Yue closely followed behind him. “Grandfather, please take care.”

She stood at the door and watched him enter the lift before turning to reenter the house.

Suddenly, Ming Zhongsheng coldly called out from behind her, “Lass, now Meiduo is better than you in another aspect.”

This time, his voice wasn’t just cold, it was also slightly enigmatic.

Su Yue’s heart skipped a beat. She halted slightly in her footsteps but she didn’t look back. She smiled.

No, Su Yue, you’re a better match for Ming Ansheng than Meiduo.

Her scald wounds were excruciating, but she couldn’t find the cream for burns in the first-aid box. She searched online for other remedies and dabbed some sesame oil on her wounds.

After finishing the food that Ming Ansheng ordered for her, she cuddled on the sofa and turned on the television, her thoughts elsewhere.

Uncle Ming said that a friend of his was sick and he was in Country M, so he went to visit her.

She believed him, because those few days, he had been with her, sneakily following behind her.

But why didn’t he tell her that this ‘friend’ was Meiduo?

Grandfather Ming said that Meiduo was now better than her in another aspect. What aspect was that?

Su Yue let her mind run wild. Suddenly, her phone rang and she came to her senses. She glanced at the screen. It was Bai Jing.

She collected her thoughts and smiled. She then picked up the call.

After the holidays started, she didn’t have much contact with Bai Jing. She sent her a few messages, but she always said that she was busy.

This was the first time Bai Jing had contacted her since the holidays started.

“Su Yue, are you at home?” Bai Jing asked.

Su Yue replied, “I’m at Uncle Ming’s house. What about you?”

“Oh…” Bai Jing sounded slightly disappointed. She answered, “I was hoping that you were home. I was planning on going over, then I can visit the babies as well.”

Su Yue smiled. “Sure, I can head home now.”

Bai Jing seemed excited. “Alright, call me when you reach home. Then I’ll make my way there.”


After the call ended, Su Yue tidied up the place before heading downstairs to take a cab home.

“Second Uncle.”

Su Yue greeted Yan Weihong when she saw him sitting on the sofa, reading newspapers. She walked over to him.

Yan Weihong asked, “Your brother is back, why hasn’t he visited yet?”

“Ah…?” Su Yue was confused. She almost asked, ‘Is my brother back?’

But before the words could leave her mouth, Xuxu called from upstairs, “Dad, Su Yan just called. He’ll be coming over for dinner.”

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