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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel)






Tangcu Yu, 糖醋于


Drama Fantasy Romance Slice of Life

Orginal Language:



In an inaccessible village, there were a few houses on the hillside.

People from far away were attracted here and the mountain road was crowded with luxury cars, because, in this town, there was a young man with incredible medical skills who could cure all kinds of illnesses!

563 • 2019-03-31 16:49:44


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 774: Fake Death2020-04-09
Chapter 773: Encounter2020-04-09
Chapter 772: Prepare for the Fight2020-04-08
Chapter 771: Medication That Didn’t Taste Bitter2020-04-07
Chapter 770: Talking to a Wall2020-04-07
Chapter 769: Try It2020-04-06
Chapter 768: Slapped to Death2020-04-05
Chapter 767: Honey, You’re Finally Back2020-04-05
Chapter 766: Ruins and Broken Walls2020-04-04
Chapter 765: Huge Third Wheel2020-04-04
Chapter 764: Knife-bearing Friend2020-04-03
Chapter 763: Miscellaneous Stuff2020-04-02
Chapter 762: Special Taste2020-04-01
Chapter 761: Give It A Try2020-03-31
Chapter 760: Depends on My Mood2020-03-31
Chapter 759: A Night Snake2020-03-30
Chapter 758: Too Exciting2020-03-30
Chapter 757: Never Take Promises Too Seriously2020-03-29
Chapter 756: Why Was It Me?2020-03-29
Chapter 755: Cartilage Fragrance2020-03-28
Chapter 754: Feeling Refreshing After Smelling2020-03-27
Chapter 753: As Long As You Are Happy2020-03-26
Chapter 752: Money Worked2020-03-25
Chapter 751: What Is the Door?2020-03-24
Chapter 750: So That’s It2020-03-24
Chapter 749: Flying Over the Hill with You2020-03-23
Chapter 748: It Was Easier to Meet than Saying Goodbye2020-03-23
Chapter 747: Borrowing Feng Shui2020-03-22
Chapter 746: Poison Concept2020-03-21
Chapter 745: The Smell on You2020-03-21
Chapter 744: Remember the Favor2020-03-20
Chapter 743: I’m the One Who Caused His Illness2020-03-19
Chapter 742: Very Difficult to Look for You2020-03-18
Chapter 741: A Lot of Rules2020-03-17
Chapter 740: Having Only Yourself to Blame2020-03-17
Chapter 739: Teaching Boxing2020-03-16
Chapter 738: Worm-stone2020-03-16
Chapter 737: The Pharmacist’s Order2020-03-15
Chapter 736: Lion Roar2020-03-15
Chapter 735: An Experienced Womanizer2020-03-14
Chapter 734: Xyster2020-03-13
Chapter 733: Everyone Had Their Own Agenda2020-03-12
Chapter 732: Soul Repressing Tower2020-03-11
Chapter 731: The Scary Zombies2020-03-10
Chapter 730: Something with 400 Years of History2020-03-10
Chapter 729: Second to None2020-03-09
Chapter 728: Defeat the Devil2020-03-09
Chapter 727: Nothing Was More Important than Life2020-03-08
Chapter 726: Kung Fu and Magic Arts2020-03-08
Chapter 725: Everyone Could Be Selfish2020-03-07
Chapter 724: Professional and Strange2020-03-06
Chapter 723: It Would Be Better to Have a Few Deaths2020-03-05
Chapter 722: Professional Masters2020-03-04
Chapter 721: You, Be Careful2020-03-04
Chapter 720: Pain Was not the Worst Thing2020-03-03
Chapter 719: Asking for Trouble2020-03-02
Chapter 718: Lifeless2020-03-01
Chapter 717: Evil Ghost and Buddha’s Warrior2020-03-01
Chapter 716: A Capricious Reason2020-03-01
Chapter 715: Evil Souls2020-02-29
Chapter 714: As High as Several Floors2020-02-28
Chapter 713: It was Quiet on Nanshan Hill at Night2020-02-27
Chapter 712: Kill Them2020-02-26
Chapter 711: Too Easy2020-02-26
Chapter 710: I Wanted to eat his heart and liver2020-02-25
Chapter 709: Although the Death Penalty Was Spared, Severe Punishment Needed to Be Carried Out2020-02-24
Chapter 708: The Stranger in the Rain2020-02-24
Chapter 707: One Should Stay Away from the Heat2020-02-23
Chapter 706: Diarrhea2020-02-22
Chapter 705: Using Public Property for Personal Purpose2020-02-22
Chapter 704: Soft and Cool2020-02-21
Chapter 703: Sorry to Disappoint You2020-02-20
Chapter 702: Miss You Again2020-02-19
Chapter 701: Fixing the Road, Crossing the Hill2020-02-19
Chapter 700: Surveying and Mapping Event on Nanshan2020-02-18
Chapter 699: Chose the Location2020-02-17
Chapter 698: Recognized the Defeat2020-02-17
Chapter 697: What a Shame!2020-02-16
Chapter 696: Pleaded Guilty2020-02-15
Chapter 695: Water2020-02-15
Chapter 694: Dreams2020-02-14
Chapter 693: Whoever Disrespected Life Would Receive Karma2020-02-13
Chapter 692: Could Not Be Cured2020-02-12
Chapter 691: A Stubborn Old Man2020-02-11
Chapter 690: Drunk Talks2020-02-11
Chapter 689: At That Moment, He Was the Buddha2020-02-10
Chapter 688: Regret2020-02-09
Chapter 687: What Was More Important? Money or Life?2020-02-09
Chapter 686: We Were Going to Succeed2020-02-09
Chapter 685: Appeal in the Court2020-02-08
Chapter 684: Three Men Were Killed by A Peach2020-02-07
Chapter 683: The Great Thieves Hang the Little Ones2020-02-06
Chapter 682: Being Drugged2020-02-05
Chapter 681: The Gangsters Who Had Been All Over China and Experienced All Sort of Things2020-02-04
Chapter 680: Cut Off All Old Ties2020-02-04
Chapter 679: Repent! Scumbags!2020-02-04
Chapter 678: A Person Died in the Clinic2020-02-02
Chapter 677: A Strange Patient2020-02-02
Chapter 676: Nanshan Medicine2020-02-01
Chapter 675: Two Hearts were Getting Closer2020-02-01