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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 203: Overpowering medicinal strength, expelling the poisons

Chapter 203: Overpowering medicinal strength, expelling the poisons

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“It’s different. If he came to the clinic without going through Uncle, I naturally would treat him,” Wang Yao said. This, however, was a matter that was not clear and could potentially implicate their family.

“Your uncle has been through a lot of difficulties,” Zhang Xiuying said. Ultimately, he was still her younger brother, and she was concerned about him.

“I know that. But we mustn’t mix work and personal feelings. I hope he won’t be like Third Uncle, bringing people from his company over. If they do, say I’m not at home.”

After dinner, Wang Yao returned to Nanshan Hill.

The bad mood from dinner was cleared away by the gentle breeze blowing on Nanshan Hill.

Drinking a cup of tea, Wang Yao stared at the sky.

Fame, power, wealth, women and various temptations—he wanted nothing to do with these things.

He stared at the crescent moon up in the sky.

The next day, the sky was dark, and it began to drizzle.

Wang Yao sat in the little cottage looking at the rain outside. He might be appreciating the rain, or he might simply be daydreaming.

In the midst of this rain, two people hurriedly rushed up the hill.

Zhou Xiong was anxious. Very anxious. This morning, he had woken up to discover that his son’s complexion was very poor, and he looked to be in extreme pain. He discovered that his son’s left arm was swollen. If his son could be compared to a withered branch before, now he was like a piece of wood soaked in water, expanding to the point of breaking.

Therefore, he had immediately rushed over without even giving Wang Yao a call.

The dog started barking.

Who could be here at this time? Wang Yao thought.

As Wang Yao was still musing about it, Zhou Xiong rushed into the herbal field with his son in tow.

“Mr. Zhou? Kang?”

“Dr. Wang, quickly take a look. What’s wrong with Kang?” As he said this, he gently lifted Zhou Wukang’s sleeve.


One look at the arm and Wang Yao immediately rushed forward, looking extremely serious.

He reached out to take his pulse.

What happened?!

Some of the blood vessels had evidently been cleared, and that was a good thing. Unfortunately, it was only a small portion. Furthermore, the medicine had another effect that he didn’t anticipate. The toxins in Zhou Wukang’s blood vessels had yet to be fully cleared out but had changed to another location instead. To make it worse, it had congregated in areas where the blood vessels led to the body’s extremities, and it caused the toxins to clog up. Some of the vessels were already brittle and, under the added pressure, could break at any time.

The medicine had been too strong. It was a bit late to apply a Tuina massage as well.

As the situation got worse, Wang Yao instead began to calm down, carefully analyzing Zhou Wukang’s arm. He suddenly had an idea.

“I’ve got a way, but it will hurt, and it carries some measure of risk,” Wang Yao said.

“I can bear the pain,” Zhou Wukang said, understandingly.

“We are willing to take the risk,” Zhou Xiong said.


Wang Yao took out a basin and a sharp knife.

His method was to bleed Zhou Wukang, to drain out some of the blood and toxins. Naturally, the position of the cut had to be very precise.

The cut was very quick, just a brush across Zhou Wukang’s arm. Black-colored blood started seeping out, looking viscous and thick. This was due to the accumulation of toxins in his arm over a long period of time.

Blood slowly flowed out, gradually increasing in pace.

“Press on it!” Wang Yao shouted. Zhou Xiong immediately pressed onto Zhou Wukang’s arm, applying pressure to stop the blood flow.

Wang Yao retrieved some Gold sore medicine he had made back when he was still learning how to decoct medicine and applied it to the wound.

Immediately after that, the knife flashed again, and there appeared another cut.

The basin began to fill up with the viscous blood while the swelling in Zhou Wukang’s arm reduced. His face paled as a result of losing too much blood.

“Let him lie down on the bed for now,” Wang Yao said. He then brought out a few packets of milk. “Heat this up for him to drink.”

Then, Wang Yao quickly started preparing some supplementary medicines: sealwort, wild ginseng, licorice, Guiyuan.

Adding these into the multifunctional pot for herbs, he decocted a mixture to replenish the body’s energy.

Outside, it was still raining. Inside, the cottage filled with a thick medicinal aroma.

Zhou Wukang had fallen asleep on the bed.

“He didn’t sleep well last night, did he?”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen.”

“It’s not your fault, there’s always some danger when taking medicine,” Zhou Xiong hurriedly responded.

After the medicine was ready, Wang Yao put it aside to cool. He went to the bedside to take Zhou Wukang’s pulse. It had settled down to a normal rhythm.

“Let him sleep. When he wakes up, have him drink this medicine.”


The two men went to the table, and Wang Yao brought out tea for Zhou Xiong.

“How’s old man Zhou?”

“He’s alright. He’s woken up, but can’t leave the bed,” Zhou Xiong said.

His family was determined to let Wang Yao treat their elder.

“Has the fracture been reconnected?”

“Yes, we invited a specialist from the Miao region to make sure,” Zhou Xiong replied.

“That’s good.”

Old man Zhou Wuyi had been treated once with a decoction made from antidote herbs. The toxins within his body had been reduced significantly. The organs which had been damaged were also repaired with Regather Soup, and all that was left were the broken bones and the meridians. Wang Yao had no way to deal with either of them at the moment, but he didn’t expect the Zhou family to get a specialist to help set the bones. This way, the main problem left for him was to fix the meridian channels which were damaged.

“Regardless, I’d like to thank Dr. Wang. Without you, my uncle might not still be alive.”

“He is a fortunate man.”

Wang Yao and Zhou Xiong continued talking while the rain poured outside. Zhou Wukang slept soundly.

After a full hour, Wang Yao came to the bedside to take Zhou Wukang’s pulse and check on his arm. The swelling had gone down, and his arm regained its slender appearance. One could see the individual blood vessels going up and down his arm.

“He should be alright now.”

“Whew, that’s good,” Zhou Xiong said, letting out a breath of relief.

It was at this moment when Zhou Wukang woke up.

“Dad, Uncle.”

“You’re awake. How do you feel?” Wang Yao asked, smiling.

“Much better. Sorry, I fell asleep here.”

“That’s okay. Do you want to sleep some more?”

“No need.”

This child was not even ten, but he was already exceptionally understanding.

“Here, drink this medicine while it’s hot.” Wang Yao brought the medicine he had just decocted over, and Zhou Wukang drank it while it was still warm.

After that, he lay back down to rest for a bit.

“Dad, are we going?”

“Yes. Dr. Wang, sorry for the trouble.”

“Don’t mention it. If there’s any problem in future, just give me a call.”


Zhou Xiong brought his son down the hill. It was still raining, and the path was muddy. Although he wanted to carry his son, Zhou Wukang insisted on walking down himself.

“Dad, after sleeping for a while, I’m feeling much better. I can walk by myself.”

“Be good, let Dad carry you. You lost a lot of blood; your body is still weak.”

Watching the two of them leave, Wang Yao returned to his room and recorded the treatment process just now. This could be said to be an accident, an emergency that happened during treatment. This incident made him realize that even if he had the system to provide medicinal formulas and magical herbs and licorice roots to decoct medicine, there was still the possibility of side effects. Although this time was an exception, it was nevertheless an accident. It would be worth taking note of and thinking about.

With some things, if it happened once, it would happen again.

Pitter patter. The rain continued falling on the glass and flowing down.

Where does the problem lie? Is it in the herbs or the quantity? Or perhaps the treatment process? Wang Yao was deep in thought. Hold on.

Suddenly, Wang Yao retrieved the Blood Deblocking Powder from the system storage and poured out a cup. Looking at the purple-red mixture, he drank it down in one gulp.

The medicine was slightly bitter, and it also contained traces of spiciness.

After drinking it, Wang Yao felt it warming up and spreading throughout his body.

This medicine was very forceful!

This was the feeling Wang Yao got. It could be this forcefulness that helped unclog the blocked vessels. However, to those people who had been sick for a long period of time, their vessels would be weaker. Such forcefulness would then become a double-edged blade. If it cleared the blockage, that would be good. If it couldn’t, then the medicinal effects would add additional pressure onto the vessels which were already under strain.

Forty-five minutes after drinking the medicine, the medicinal effects reached its peak. After that, it slowly started to diminish. Even as it diminished, however, it still continued to have an effect.

Based on the effectiveness of this drug, it really might be responsible for this situation. It seems I’ll have to dilute it the next time I give it to Kang.

That afternoon, the rain showed no signs of stopping, instead becoming heavier.

Wang Yao gave a call to Li Maoshuang, asking him to help prepare some items. These were the items specifically needed to decoct the Muscle Revitalization Powder.

“You want more medicinal herbs? Are you still squatting on that hilltop all day?” Li Maoshuang asked humorously.

“Yeah, I’m still on Nanshan Hill.”

“Are you trying to learn from Tao Yuanming and become a true hermit?”

“I’m used to it.”

“Haha, just kidding. I will deliver the things you ordered as soon as possible.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“It’s a small matter, no need for thanks.”

At Haiqu city, a plane landed amidst the pouring rain.

“Here again,” Chen Boyuan sighed as he got off the plane. This time, he had come specifically to look for Wang Yao.

Should I go find him immediately or give him a call first? After their various interactions, he had become familiar with Wang Yao’s disposition. Wang Yao was a very atypical young man. He had no desire for fame, power, or benefits. He truly was a modern-day hermit.

Another Beijing number? Wang Yao saw the unfamiliar number on his phone and hesitated before answering the call.

“Hello Dr. Wang, this is Chen Boyuan.”

“Chen Boyuan?” This was a very familiar name, one from the Su family. The first time he came, Chen Boyuan had expended no small amount of effort to invite him. When he did not succeed, he even went through his parents and sister, to the extent of inviting a vice-mayor to vouch for his credibility. He really made painstaking efforts to invite Wang Yao then.

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