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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 364: Surprise! Someone Was Able to Stand Up

Chapter 364: Surprise! Someone Was Able to Stand Up

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Don’t worry about it,” said Wang Yao.

He didn’t mind the middle-aged man’s dirty feet. He put a piece of paper beneath the middle-aged man’s feet and started to treat him.

The arch of his feet had collapsed a long time ago. As a result, the foot muscles and tendons were damaged, the meridians around his feet were distort and blocked, and the blood flow was affected.

The treatment Wang Yao was planning was relatively easy. He planned to give him a massage using his Qi.

He gently massaged his feet at first.

The middle-aged man felt nice and warm in his feet, like being in a foot spa. Wang Yao then gradually increased the strength.


A sound came from his feet. At the same time, he felt pain.


He couldn’t help shouting.

“Is it painful?” asked Wang Yao.

“A little,” said the middle-aged man.

“Try to bear with me for a while,” said Wang Yao.

Wang Yao was setting his bones back to the original position.

With Wang Yao’s unique massage technique and Qi, the treatment session was over after 20 minutes.

“Okay, try to walk,” said Wang Yao.

The middle-aged man put his shoes on and walked a few steps. His feet were no longer hurting. He tried to hop and still didn’t feel any pain.

“It worked! Yao, you are wonderful!” exclaimed the middle-aged man.

“Haha. You need to be careful with your feet. I set your bones back in position to reduce the pain. Stop wearing these kinds of shoes. You need to wear special shoes that provide good support to your arch,” said Wang Yao.

“I see. Thank you. How much should I pay you?” asked the middle-aged man.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Wang Yao with a smile and shook his hand.

“I have to pay you,” said the middle-aged man.

“You really don’t need to worry about it,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, thank you,” said the middle-aged man.

He left the clinic with a smile, and felt deep and sincere appreciation for Wang Yao.

What a capable young man!

Meanwhile, Chen Boyuan’s wife took her father to a hospital in Beijing.

“Where did you get the treatment?” asked a doctor in the hospital.

“In a private clinic,” said Chen Boyuan’s father-in-law.

“What doctor from a private clinic could do this?” asked the doctor with surprise.

He was very surprised as he knew Chen Boyuan’s father-in-law well. Chen Boyuan’s father-in-law lost his mobility due to illness. He came to the hospital two months ago. He was in a fairly good condition at that time, but it was very unlikely that he would regain mobility. At least, the doctor didn’t think Chen Boyuan’s father-in-law could walk again. Now he could walk, and he was apparently cured by a doctor from a private clinic. This was unbelievable.

“Where is the private clinic?” asked the doctor.

“In Ji Province. Dr. He, what do you think of my dad’s illness?” asked Chen Boyuan’s wife.

“He has recovered well. According to the test results, his nerves have revived, which means that he is able to walk, in theory. I had a look at his legs too; the muscle atrophy was not too bad. He should be able to walk normally after some exercise,” said the doctor.

“Really?!” said Chen Boyuan’s wife.

“Of course. By the way, can you tell me the name of the clinic?” asked the doctor.

“Sorry, I can’t,” said Chen Boyuan’s wife with a smile.

“Okay, what a shame,” said the doctor.

“Thank you,” said Chen Boyuan’s wife.

“You are welcome, see you later,” said the doctor.

Chen Boyuan’s wife helped her father walk out of the doctor’s office.

“I didn’t expect Boyuan’s friend to be such a fantastic doctor,” said Chen Boyuan’s wife.

“Exactly, we should thank him,” said her father.

Chen Boyuan’s father-in-law received treatment in Wang Yao’s clinic. He had to return to Beijing after a few treatment sessions. He had been getting better every single day. Initially, he regained sensation in his legs, and then he was able to slightly move his toes and extend his lower legs. He could even stand up after some exercise and rely on things for support to walk a few steps. Up until now, he was able to walk with crutches.

“Dad, you can sit in the wheelchair,” suggested Chen Boyuan’s wife. Her father was moving with great effort. After all, he had just started to recover. He was still quite weak; he couldn’t bear much weight for a long time.

“No, I want to exercise. I want to get better every day,” said her father with a smile.

“Okay, take it easy,” said Chen Boyuan’s wife.

“Ask Boyuan to take me to Dr. Wang’s clinic when he is available. I want to see Dr. Wang again,” said her father.

“Okay, I’ll ask him when I’m home,” said Chen Boyuan’s wife.

Inside the village, Wang Yao’s mother was busy preparing a meal in the kitchen. Wang Yao was talking to his father.

“Dad, what happened?” Wang Yao noticed that his father seemed to be preoccupied by something.

“Your cousin hasn’t been studying well. He doesn’t want to go to high school,” said Wang Fenghua.

“My cousin? Wang Hao?” asked Wang Yao.

“Yes,” said Wang Fenghua.

Wang Hao was Wang Yao’s youngest uncle’s son. He would be going to high school the next year.

“He still has one year to go. Can he try harder?” asked Wang Yao. “And my uncle came to you about it?”

“He didn’t come here in person, just called me,” said Wang Fenghua.

“So what does he want?” asked Wang Yao.

“He just asked if you know anyone who can help his son find a job after he had finished junior high school,” said Wang Fenghua.

“No way, he will be too young to work. What is my uncle thinking? Wang Hao needs to go to high school,” said Wang Yao.

“But your cousin doesn’t want to study anymore,” said Wang Fenghua.

“My suggestion is Wang Hao should go to high school. Ask my uncle to convince Wang Hao. Maybe Wang Hao will have a good teacher in high school. A good teacher will make a big difference. He can possibly get into university if he studies hard enough in high school. Although university graduates are everywhere nowadays, a graduate certificate is the basic criteria of applying a decent job. What can a 15 year old kid with junior high school certificate do?” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, I’ll speak to your uncle,” said Wang Fenghua.

Wang Yao got a phone call from Chen Boyuan after dinner.

“What? You are coming to Beijing?” Chen Boyuan was thrilled to know Wang Yao was planning to visit Beijing.

“Yes, I’ll be going to Beijing soon,” said Wang Yao.

“Great! I’ll wait for you. Please tell me the flight number when you get it,” said Chen Boyuan.

“Sure,” said Wang Yao.

Chen Boyuan was very happy after he had hung up. Song Ruiping had mentioned several times that she wanted to know when Wang Yao would visit Beijing again. Chen Boyuan had been responsible keeping in contact with Wang Yao. He felt a bit stressed. Now that he knew Wang Yao was planning to visit Beijing soon, he was relieved. It was also a good chance for his father-in-law to see Wang Yao again.

Chen Boyuan noticed it was only 8 pm, so he called Song Ruiping.

“Ma’am, Dr. Wang said he will come to Beijing soon…Yes…He has booked the air ticket,” said Chen Boyuan. “Okay, don’t worry, I’ll pick him up.”

At the other side of the phone, Song Ruiping was happy to hear the news. Although her daughter had been recovering lately, the process was really slow. She believed with Wang Yao’s presence, her daughter’s recovery would definitely speed up. Maybe her daughter would be able to walk.

“What makes you so happy?” asked Song Ruiping’s husband.

“Dr. Wang will come here soon,” said Song Ruiping.

“Really?” Her husband was also happy.

He had been promoted continuously in recent years. However, his daughter was still his biggest concern. He had become more and more worried about his daughter. Fortunately, they met Wang Yao, a doctor with extraordinary medical skills. His daughter had been getting better with Wang Yao’s help. He and his family were really thrilled. They started to get a bit worried as Wang Yao had been away for two months. The phone call really settled their minds.

“Shall we still leave him in Chen Ying’s hands?” asked Song Ruiping’s husband.

“Yes, she’s the best candidate,” said Song Ruiping.

The next day, Wang Yao drove Tong Wei to her company.

He didn’t stay in Dao City overnight, but he was worried about Tong Wei. So he contacted Sun Zhengrong.

“No problem, no one will dare touch Tong Wei under my watch,” said Sun Zhengrong.

Nothing could stump Sun Zhengrong in Dao City. If Sun Zhengrong couldn’t sort something out, then there were only four people in Dao City that could.

“Thank you,” said Wang Yao.

“You are welcome,” said Sun Zhengrong.

He still needed Wang Yao to treat his son. He had to make sure Tong Wei was safe. He also bumped into Wang Yao in Beijing, so he knew Wang Yao was connected to some prestigious families in Beijing. Maybe he would need Wang Yao’s help with his business in the future.

He had to maintain a good relationship with Wang Yao.

After he had hung up, Wang Yao reminded Tong Wei to look after herself.

“Let me know if something happens,” said Wang Yao.

“I know, don’t worry about me,” said Tong Wei with a smile.

“Come here,” said Wang Yao.

He held Tong Wei in his arms. Tong Wei smelt nice. It was such a sweet moment.

“Take care of yourself,” said Wang Yao.

“Of course,” said Tong Wei.

Wang Yao gave Tong Wei a gentle kiss.

“Drive safe,” said Tong Wei.

“Sure,” said Wang Yao.

Wang Yao drove home first, and then went back to Nanshan Hill to work in the herbal field. He gave instructions to his friends on Nanshan Hill before leaving.

“San Xian, Da Xia, I need to be away for a while. Please take care of my herbs,” said Wang Yao.

Woof! Woof! San Xian responded first.

The eagle on the tree flapped his wings several times to indicate that he was also aware of Wang Yao’s instructions.

Hiss! Hiss! A snake came out of the bush.

“Hey, Xiaohei has grown so big now!” exclaimed Wang Yao.

He hadn’t seen the snake for a while. The snake appeared to be bigger.

“The snake should change its skin when it grows,” murmured Wang Yao.

Where is the skin it took off?

Snake skin could also be used as a Chinese herb.

Apparently, Xiaohei didn’t understand Wang Yao. He just lifted his head.

“Never mind, look after the hill for me.” Wang Yao patted on his head with a smile. The snake didn’t move, apparently it was not the first time Wang Yao patted on his head.

Wang Yao spoke to his parents when he went home.

“Are you leaving today?” asked Zhang Xiuying.

“Yes, I’ll go to Haiqu first, and then fly to Beijing from there,” said Wang Yao.

“Okay, don’t forget to visit your auntie,” said Zhang Xiuying.

“I know,” said Wang Yao.

Wang Yao didn’t bring a lot of things with him this time. He just brought some pancakes and the chestnuts he grew himself. He couldn’t think of anything else he should take.

In fact, as the capital city of China, people could buy almost anything in Beijing. Even the pancakes and chestnuts he brought with him were available in Beijing. However, the pancakes and chestnuts represented the affection from his family. Although those gifts didn’t cost much, they carried with them a lot of emotion. In addition, the taste of pancakes and chestnuts in Beijing tasted different.

Wang Yao took the flight late in the afternoon. By the time he had arrived at Beijing, it was 8 pm.

He was going to check in a hotel, but Chen Boyuan went to the airport to pick him up, and then took him to the cottage he used to stay when he was in Beijing.

Chen Ying had been waiting for him, as if nothing had changed.

She was still that quiet girl.

“Hello, Dr. Wang,” said Chen Ying.

“Hello,” said Wang Yao with a smile. “Have you lost weight?”

Chen Ying was a bit surprised that Wang Yao mentioned her weight.

“I’m guessing you haven’t had dinner yet,” said Chen Ying.

“That’s right, I’m actually quite hungry,” said Wang Yao.

“I’ve prepared dinner for you. You can wash your face first,” said Chen Ying.

“Okay, thanks,” said Wang Yao.

After he had put away his luggage, he went to wash his face. By the time he had gotten to the dining room, Chen Ying had placed all the dishes on the table.

She cooked a few simple dishes and rice porridge.

The food tasted like home.

Chen Boyuan didn’t leave. He waited in the living room, and then chatted with Wang Yao for a while after Wang Yao had finished dinner.

“Ms. Song was going to come in person, but it’s getting late, so she’ll meet you tomorrow,” said Chen Boyuan with a smile.

“That’s fine. I’ll go to her house first thing in the morning tomorrow. She doesn’t need to come here,” said Wang Yao.

He knew it was just out of courtesy, but he couldn’t ask Song Ruiping to come to the cottage.

“Okay, I will let her know,” said Chen Boyuan. “By the way…”

“Yes?” asked Wang Yao.

“Well, my father-in-law has been much better after being treated by you. Are you available to see him?” asked Chen Boyuan.

“Sure, I’ll be in Beijing for a while this time. I can see him,” said Wang Yao.

“Great, thank you,” said Chen Boyuan.

After Chen Boyuan had left, there were only Wang Yao and Chen Ying left in the cottage.

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