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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 558: Famous but Weird

Chapter 558: Famous but Weird

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Have you made arrangements with the King Pharmacist?” Han Xing asked.

“Yes, I’ve sent people there. Zhigao is also there,” Han Zhiyu said.

“Can you find out if Dr. Sang has left Dali? If he knew the King Pharmacist came here, he would figure out what had happened immediately,” Han Xing said.

“OK,” Han Zhiyu said.

In Wang Zecheng’s house in the village, Wang Yilong was still coughing. Ahem! Ahem!

“Dad, are you alright?” Wang Zecheng asked with concern.

“I’m fine,” Wang Yilong said.

“That’s good,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Haoyuan, your grandpa is not well. You are old enough to play by yourself. Don’t always ask your grandpa to hold you. Go and get a stool,” Wang Zecheng said.

“I’m fine. Haoyuan is not heavy,” Wang Yilong said.

“Let him play by himself. You spoil him too much,” Wang Zecheng said.

Wang Yao came to deliver the decoctions to their house the day before. He also had a good look at Wang Yilong and gave him a massage, so Wang Yilong looked better.

“Your dad is very sick. I can’t cure him. I’m just trying to extend his life expectancy,” Wang Yao said.

Wang Zecheng kept Wang Yao’s words in mind.

“Try your best to make him happy,” Wang Yao added.

“We will,” Wang Zecheng said.

Wang Yao didn’t tell Wang Zecheng how long his father might live. He could live for another month, three months, or even six months. Wang Zecheng had thought about the possibility of his father’s dying many times.

I must make my father happy for the time he has left!

“Zecheng, I called your sister this morning. She said she would be available to come here tomorrow,” Wang Yilong said. “She’ll bring her kid with her.”

Wang Yilong missed the other grandchild.

“Great,” Wang Zecheng said.

In the clinic, Wang Yao had finished preparing the decoctions for his trip to Beijing. He told his parents about his trip in the afternoon.

“I will probably have to stay in Beijing a bit longer than usual this time,” Wang Yao said.

“How long?” Zhang Xiuying asked.

“About five days,” Wang Yao said.

“OK, don’t forget about your sister’s engagement party,” Zhang Xiuying reminded her son.

“I won’t,” Wang Yao said.

He returned to Nanshan Hill right after dinner to pack up for his trip. He then told San Xian what to do while he was away.

The next morning, he left Nanshan Hill with a backpack and headed to Beijing.

When he arrived in Beijing from Haiqu, it was afternoon. He called a taxi, which took him to the cottage where he usually stayed while in Beijing.

“Hello, Dr. Wang!” Chen Ying was surprised to see Wang Yao. “How come you didn’t notify us of your visit?”

“I didn’t want you guys to fuss about me,” Wang Yao said.

Chen Ying went to take Wang Yao’s backpack.

“How is your brother?” Wang Yao asked.

“He’s been good and has stayed sober. It’s been a while now,” Chen Ying said. She was very happy with Chen Zhou’s condition.

“I’ll visit the Wu family tomorrow morning. I’ll take a look at your brother in the afternoon,” Wang Yao said.

“OK, I’ll arrange it,” Chen Ying said.

Meanwhile, in a small village in the jungle, the King Pharmacist of the Miao area told his student to notify his patients that he wouldn’t see anyone else that day because he had to go out.

“Elder, please go first,” Han Zhigao politely said.

“Elder? I’m not an elder,” the King Pharmacist loudly said.

“Of course, of course, my mistake,” Han Zhigao said.

“Alright,” the King Pharmacist said.

He and his student got into the car arranged by Han Zhigao and headed to Dali. They arrived at noon.

“I’ve arranged lunch for you,” Han Zhigao said.

“I want to see the patient first,” the King Pharmacist said.

“Sure!” Han Zhigao immediately called his brothers.

“He’s here already!” Han Zhiyu was thrilled.

Han Xing had asked his brothers not to tell too many people about King Pharmacist’s visit. If anyone asked, they would say they had a distinguished guest.

Han Xing and Han Zhiyu waited at the door to welcome the famous King pharmacist. Upon seeing him, both brothers thought, He doesn’t look like he is in his 70s at all! He looks so young!

“Hello, Sir,” Han Xing said.

“Cut the crap, lead me to the patient,” the King Pharmacist abruptly said.

“Sure,” Han Xing said.

He led the King Pharmacist to his youngest brother’s room. They soon saw the patient lying on the bed.

“What is that smell?” The King Pharmacist suddenly looked serious. He quickly walked to the bed and opened the gauze proficiently. The traumatized skin was exposed.

“What?” the King Pharmacist seemed shocked.

His student was also shocked.

“That horrible poison again!” King Pharmacist seemed surprised.

“Have you come across this poison before?” Han Xing asked.

“How many decoctions has that doctor used on him?” The King Pharmacist was astonished when he saw the scars on the patient’s arm.

“We’ve used half of the first two decoctions and one fifth of the third decoction,” Han Xing said.

“Bring me all the decoctions,” the King Pharmacist said.

“OK.” Han Xing showed the King Pharmacist all the decoctions given to him by Wang Yao.

“When was the last time you gave him decoctions?” the King Pharmacist asked.

“It was 8 a.m.,” Han Xing said. “This one is to expel the toxins from my brother’s body. The second one is to consolidate his fundamental health. The third one is to help grow the skin and muscles.”

“I see.” The King Pharmacist nodded. “Jian.”

“Yes, Master,” Jian said.

“Fetch all the decoctions I used last time,” the King Pharmacist said.

“OK,” Jian said.

“I’ll go with you,” Han Zhigao said and tried to follow Jian.

“You wait here,” the King Pharmacist said.

“OK,” Han Zhigao said. “We’ve prepared some food. Would you like to have dinner after a long trip?”

“OK,” the King Pharmacist said.

Members of the Han family took the King Pharmacist to a restaurant.

“What?” An old man happened to see the King Pharmacist, his student, and the Han brothers outside the house.

How come he is here? How could the Han brothers invite him here?

The old man was Sang Guzi. He met the King Pharmacist once and knew what a weird person he was. Whether he wanted to see a patient or not was determined by his mood. When he was not in good mood, a full house of gold or a blade on his neck wouldn’t move him, let alone make him visit a patient at their home.

Sang Guzi knew the Han brothers were not powerful people in town.

Unless! He thought about one possibility. He sighed, shook his head, and walked off.

In the village, Wang Yilong was very happy because his two grandchildren were around. Watching those lovely kids made it feel like all his pain had gone away.

Wang Zecheng talked to his sister privately after lunch.

“I have to tell you something, Sis,” Wang Zecheng said.

“What?” she asked. She found her brother had changed significantly. He was a totally different person now. She never expected him to treat their father so well. Therefore, she was quite confused about what was going on.

“Look, our dad is very sick,” Wang Zecheng said.

“What’s wrong with him?” His sister was shocked.

“He is extremely ill,” Wang Zecheng said.

“What has he got?” his sister asked.

“Cancer,” Wang Zecheng said.

“What?” His sister’s body began to shake. Tears soon came flooding out of her eyes.

“Sis, hold your tears. Dad doesn’t know he’s got cancer,” Wang Zecheng anxiously said. He had thought about whether he should tell his sister about their father’s condition. After thinking about it for the whole morning, he decided he had to tell her. He knew she would be shocked and upset.

“Let’s get out of here.” His sister covered her mouth with one hand and walked out of the room. “When was he diagnosed? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“You were in the hospital when I called you last time, so I didn’t tell you. Then, I took Dad to the hospital in town a few days later,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Where was he diagnosed?” his sister asked.

“In Lianshan People’s Hospital,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Let’s go to the hospital in the capital city. We can take him there today,” his sister said.

“Sis, listen to me!” Wang Zecheng stopped his sister, who was about to walk back into the house.

“If we took him there, he would know he’s got cancer. The doctor from the hospital in the capital city said if he doesn’t know he’s got cancer, he will probably live for another year or long. If he knew, he would stop eating and sleeping and be worried about his illness all the time. Then, he would probably only live for a month,” Wang Zecheng said.

Both the doctor from the provincial hospital and Wang Yao had said the same thing.

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