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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 559: The King Pharmacist

Chapter 559: The King Pharmacist

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What do you think we should do?” Wang Zecheng’s sister asked.

“Let’s wait a few days. I’ll try to find an excuse to take him to the provincial hospital. Anyway, we can’t let him know he’s got cancer,” Wang Zecheng said.

“Alright. Dad must have cancer because of you,” his sister angrily said.

“Yes, you are right! You should blame me,” Wang Zecheng said. He didn’t argue with his sister. He knew his father probably got sick because of him. He used to be such a terrible person. He really regretted how he had behaved.

His sister sighed and wiped her tears. They then went back into the house. Their father had been diagnosed, so there was no point in blaming or even beating Wang Zecheng up. Nothing would change the fact that their father had cancer. At this stage, they just had to make him happy every day.

“What were you talking about? You are so secretive,” Wang Zecheng’s brother-in-law said.

“Nothing,” Wang Zecheng’s sister grumpily said.

Wang Yilong was very happy. He even had a small glass of wine.

“Dad, you shouldn’t drink,” his daughter said.

“I’m fine. It’s just a small glass of wine.” Wang Yilong stopped drinking after he became sick. He also didn’t have the mood to drink like he did when Wang Zecheng was terrible to him. He was very happy, so he made an exception.

“I think a small glass of wine won’t hurt.” Wang Zecheng didn’t stop his father from drinking.

He had consulted Wang Yao about it.

“He can eat and drink whatever he wants as long as he is happy,” Wang Yao said.

Wang Yilong hadn’t felt this happy for a number of years.

In Dali, the King Pharmacist’s student had brought all the decoctions to the Han family’s house. He brought three black jars, which were sealed with oil paper. The jars looked like the ones people used to make preserved vegetable.

“Master, all the decoctions are here,” the student said.

“Good,” the King Pharmacist said. “Remove the gauze.”

Members from the Han family carefully removed the gauze from the patient.

“Do we have to remove it all?” one of them asked.

“Yes. Jian, you do it,” the King Pharmacist impatiently said, implying the others didn’t do a proper job.

“Yes, Master,” Jian said.

He was much more proficient. While Jian was removing the gauze, the King Pharmacist opened one of the jars. An unpleasant smell suddenly came out. The decoction in the jar was a light green color and as thick as honey.

The King Pharmacist held the big jar with one hand and applied the decoction onto the patient’s body with the other hand. He acted like a painter. When looking closely, the King Pharmacist was very proficient with what he was doing. The decoctions quickly penetrated into the patient’s skin. Not a drop went onto the bed.

“Turn him over,” the King Pharmacist said.

His student immediately turned the patient’s body to make him lay on his side.

The King Pharmacist held the jar with one hand and rapidly rubbed the decoction on the patient’s body with the other hand. He applied the decoction all over the patient’s body and sealed the jar.

He then opened the second jar. It looked thicker, like ointment, and was dark green. The King Pharmacist rubbed the second decoction all over the patient’s body like he had with the first one. The dark green ointment covered the light green decoction evenly. It was as if the King Pharmacist had planned it. He applied it slower this time.

No one in the room had ever seen or heard of anyone treating a patient like this before. They all stared at the King Pharmacist and held their breath. The room was filled with the unpleasant smell of herbs.

The time spent rubbing the decoction from the second jar onto the patient’s body was twice longer. When the King Pharmacist finished, the patient’s whole body was dark green.

The King Pharmacist then opened the third jar. It contained a type of dark yellow herbal powder. Again, he applied the powder onto the patient’s full body. The powder was very lightweight. However, not a tiny bit of powder dropped during the treatment.

“Wrap him up,” the King Pharmacist said.

“OK!” The Han brothers were about to do it.

“Not you guys, I’m asking Jian to do it,” the King Pharmacist said.

“Sure, Master.” Jian proficiently wrapped the patient with gauze.

The King Pharmacist washed his hands and arms repeatedly after he had finished the treatment. He then left the house with his student.

Han Xing didn’t dare to ask questions. He arranged a car for them.

“Bring him to my place in seven days,” the King Pharmacist said before he left. He also took Wang Yao’s three decoctions.

“OK,” Han Xing said.

The King Pharmacist and his student did not say anything in the car. The King Pharmacist just closed his eyes to rest. No one knew what was on his mind.

It was completely dark when they arrived at their village.

“This is the fee!” Since the Han brothers had no idea how much the King Pharmacist charged for home visits, they had prepared $1 million in cash and put it inside a suitcase.

“You don’t need to pay me.” The King Pharmacist didn’t even glance at the suitcase. His student stopped in front of it.

“Well!” The Han brothers were shocked. They didn’t know if $1 million was enough.

“Master said he didn’t need you to pay him. You guys can leave now,” Jian said.

The Han brothers left in confusion.

“Master, dinner is ready.” Jian quickly cooked dinner after they had gone back into the bamboo building.

“Join me,” the King Pharmacist said. He was usually nice to his student.

After dinner, he took out the three porcelain bottles he took from the Han brothers and started to study the decoctions inside.

“Jian, come here to take a look at the three decoctions.” The King Pharmacist pointed at the three porcelain bottles.

“OK,” Jian said. He studied the decoctions just like his master.

“Hmm, the first decoction contained ganoderma. I’m not sure about the other herbs inside it. The second one contains a lot of different herbs like red halloysite, sulphate powder…” Jian tasted all the decoctions and told his master some major components. “This one contains a lot of herbs that boost the immune system, so it should improve a person’s fundamental health. This ointment should be used to revitalize muscles and skin. As for the last one, I’m not sure.”

The Han brothers told them the effect of the three decoctions. However, the three porcelain bottles all looked the same. Jian didn’t know which one contained what. He also knew his master wanted him to be absolutely honest.

“The Han brothers said the last one was to expel the toxins,” the King Pharmacist said. “There is one herb in it I can’t decipher.”

Jian didn’t say anything.

“Whoever made the three decoctions is an extraordinary doctor,” the King Pharmacist said.

Jian was surprised. His master didn’t normally praise anyone.

“How come the poison appeared again?” the King Pharmacist asked.

He had seen the poison more than once.

Meanwhile, Han Xing and Han Zhiyu were looking at their youngest brother laying on the bed. His breath was much smoother. They believed he would be fine following the King Pharmacist’s treatment.

Han Zhigao came back a moment later.

“You know what? The King Pharmacist didn’t accept our money, not a cent,” Han Zhigao said.

“What?” Han Xing and Han Zhigao were shocked.

“He thinks $1 million is not enough?” Han Xing asked.

“I don’t think so,” Han Zhigao said.

“Never mind. We need to take our brother to his place seven days later. I’m worried whether he will tolerate the long trip.” Han Xing was most worried about that. “Try to arrange a comfortable car. We don’t have other choices. Thank god the King Pharmacist can see him.”

“Sure,” Han Zhigao said.

In Beijing, Wang Yao called Wu Tongxing in the morning to notify him of his arrival and tell him he would see his father later in the day.

Wu’s family house was located in a tricky place, so Wang Yao needed someone to take him there.

“Good morning, Dr. Wang.” The person picking up Wang Yao was Wu Tongxing’s secretary, who accompanied Wu Tongxing to Lianshan.

“Good morning,” Wang Yao said.

Wang Yao soon arrived at the Wu family’s house and saw the old man on the bed.

“Hello, Dr. Wang.” Wu Tongrong came home immediately when he heard from his brother that Wang Yao was going to visit.

“Hello,” Wang Yao said.

The old man also greeted Wang Yao. He had gotten some strength back.

Wang Yao took a look at him. The old man’s organs had been deeply damaged. Although Wang Yao treated him with the decoction containing licorice roots, he was still extremely sick.

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