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Elixir Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 561: Ghost

Chapter 561: Ghost

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Wang Yao didn’t stay at Su Xiaoxue’s house for too long, because Su Xiaoxue was fully recovered. She seemed to be keen to leave her house and travel. She was particularly interested in Wang Yao’s clinic and village. However, Wang Yao was not ready to be her company in the village.

“You promised I could come,” Su Xiaoxue said.

He had promised, but he was not ready.

“Has Miss Su been out a lot lately?” Wang Yao asked Chen Ying after he left Su Xiaoxue’s house.

“Yes, she goes out quite often,” Chen Ying said with a smile. “I guess it is some sort of compensation for being bed bound for so many years. She’s been to a lot of places in Beijing and Tianjin.” She had traveled with Su Xiaoxue quite frequently in recent months.

“That is understandable,” Wang Yao said.

If he was the one stuck in bed for years, he would travel around the world once he recovered. He wouldn’t stay at home to appreciate how lucky he was.

“She really wants to visit your clinic and village,” Chen Ying said.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Wang Yao said.

He came to Beijing to see her and cured her. He left a trace of Qi in her body and taught her a paragraph of scripture. It was probably destiny. He would welcome her if she really wanted to visit him.

Chen Ying picked her brother from the mental institute in the afternoon. Chen Zhou was normal. Chen Ying believed Chen Zhou could stay normal for a month after taking Wang Yao’s decoction.

“Thank you, Dr. Wang,” Chen Zhou politely said. Thanks to Wang Yao, his mental status had improved significantly.

“You should thank your sister,” Wang Yao said. “I have something to do. I won’t be back tonight.”

“Where are you going to stay?” Chen Ying asked.

“I’ll find somewhere,” Wang Yao said. “Don’t worry about me. It’s a lovely night. I want to walk around.”

Beijing was a big city. He could stay anywhere.

He didn’t even have dinner in the cottage. He walked out and had a stroll in Beijing. The evening in Beijing was more alive than daytime.

Wang Yao walked around without any purpose. When it was getting late, he checked himself into a hotel for the night.

The next morning, Chen Zhouchuan came to the cottage after hearing that Wang Yao was in Beijing. “What? He is not here?”

“No, Dr. Chen,” Chen Ying said.

“Where is he?” Chen Zhouchuan asked.

“I’m not sure. Dr. Wang said last night he wanted to walk around Beijing to appreciate the view at night,” Chen Ying said.

“What’s good about the view at night?” Chen Zhouchuan asked.

“This is,” he saw a young man with bright eyes in the courtyard, “your brother?”

“Yes,” Chen Ying said.

“He’s fine now?” Chen Zhouchuan asked. He knew about Chen Zhou’s condition but never treated him. Chen Ying never asked him to treat her brother. He wouldn’t offer assistance without being asked.

“Dr. Wang has seen him. He’s be fine for at least a month,” Chen Ying said.

“That’s good,” Chen Zhouchuan said.

“Is there anything you need Dr. Wang to do?” Chen Ying asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” Chen Zhouchuan shook his hand. “I just want to have a chat with him. I should no longer disturb you two since your brother has been away for such a long time.”

“OK, see you later,” Chen Ying said.

“See you later.” Chen Zhouchuan shook her hand with a smile and left the cottage.

“Sis, who was that?” Chen Zhou asked after Chen Zhouchuan left.

“A traditional Chinese practitioner,” Chen Ying said.

“Is he good?” Chen Zhou asked.

“Of course, he’s one of the best in Beijing,” Chen Ying said. “I was going to ask him to see you, but I didn’t after thinking about it.”

“That’s fine,” Chen Zhou said.

Although he had stayed in the mental institute the past few years, he didn’t stop learning and gaining knowledge when he was sober. He knew vaguely who Chen Zhouchuan was. He knew his sister had done a lot for him.

“Thank you, Sis,” Chen Zhou sincerely said.

“Silly boy, you don’t need to thank me. As long as you are no longer sick, I’m happy to do anything for you,” Chen Ying said with a smile. Her eyes were full of tears.

Wang Yao went to the Wu family’s house.

“Continue to give him the decoction,” Wang Yao said.

“OK,” Wu Tongrong said.

Wang Yao gave the old man a session of acupuncture after he had taken the decoction. He continued to insert the needles in the same acupoints of the same meridians. The purpose of acupuncture remained the same.

Wang Yao was trying to extend the old man’s life, enhance his fundamental health, and fix his damaged organs. However, he was not god. At this stage, he was unable to make a decoction that could cure cancer.

The biggest problem was that the man was very old. Human beings were like burning firewood. The fire would disappear one day. Illness and death were part of human life. If the old man was younger with better fundamental health, Wang Yao would give him stronger herbs that were more effective. Now, he could only treat the old man with gentle treatment and herbs. Otherwise, the old man wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

Wang Yao didn’t know how long the old man would live. It was totally up to how long the old man wanted to live. It was up to the so-called willpower.

After the session, Wang Yao briefly spoke to Wu Tongxing. He then left the house.

Ahem! Ahem! The old man suddenly started to cough.

The family doctor immediately stood up and settled the old man.

“Tongxing,” the old man said.

“Yes, Dad,” Wu Tongxing said.

“Where is your brother?” the old man asked.

“He is not back yet,” Wu Tongxing said.

“Wait until he is back. You bring him to me. I have something to say to you all,” the old man said.

“OK. Why don’t you rest now?” Wu Tongxing suggested.

“OK,” the old man said.

He laid on the bed with his eyes open. He could feel he wouldn’t last for long. If it was not for Wang Yao, he probably would have already died. He was not afraid of death. He could finally meet his wife who had died long time ago, the Head Elder, and other dead friends. At least he didn’t have to suffer. However, he had to speak to his children before he left. He was still concerned about them.

Wang Yao went to Temple of Heaven after lunch. He had actually been there the day before. It used to be a location for sacrificial ceremonies in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

There were a lot of visitors in the afternoon. Wang Yao stood there for a long time. He felt the aura in the Temple of Heaven was different from before. He found it hard to describe it.

Maybe because he stood in one spot for too long or looked too different from the other tourists, but a lot of people noticed him.

“Hey, look! What is that guy doing over there?” a tourist asked.

“Probably thinking. You know, this used to be a place for sacrificial ceremonies,” another tourist said.

“I saw someone doing the same thing last time. Do you know what happened to him?” a young tourist asked.

“What happened?” the other tourist asked.

“He was sent to the hospital,” the young tourist said.

“Nonsense,” the other tourist said.

Wang Yao slowly opened his eyes to look around. He couldn’t do certain things in front of so many people.

It’s a shame there are too many people around.

Then, he left.

“He’s gone?” the young tourist asked.

“Yeah. I guess he got what he wanted,” the other tourist said.

Wang Yao went to the Temple of Earth. The aura in the Temple of Earth was also different from the other places, including the Temple of Heaven. There were not many tourists. Wang Yao chose a spot to stand for a long time with his eyes closed. He then left.

It started to get dark. Wang Yao had a simple dinner in an old restaurant.

The evening of Beijing was very much alive, but the entrance of the Temple of Heaven had closed. The temple stood quietly like an old man who experienced thousands of years. It looked old.

A person suddenly entered the Temple. He stood quietly under the sky. It was, of course, Wang Yao. No one else was there apart from the patrol staff.

Wang Yao stood quietly to feel the aura between the sky and earth.

Whoo! A gust of wind came by. He breathed in and out.


A guard came with a torch.

“That is so weird! I swear I saw someone here!” The guard had a torch in one hand and an electric bar in the other hand. He was slightly shaking.

He was pretty sure he saw a person standing on top of the Temple of Heaven. However, he couldn’t see anyone after he got closer.

“Have I seen a ghost?” the guard asked.

Ghost! He started to shiver with fear. What was this place? A Temple built during the Ming Dynasty and a place for sacrifice. This was a place to communicate with the gods and ghosts.

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