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Empress Running Away with the Ball! (Web Novel)


On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed.

“Woman, you dare marry another man!”

He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left.

“So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!” She clenched her teeth as she pushed against the wall to stand out of the bed.

She, a king from modern times, was reborn. All those that owed her had to pay blood debts.

But this king of evildoers, she had obviously not seen him before. Yet, she had to repay him with her body every night……

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1018 The Young Man Whose Smile Was Like the Spring Breeze Part 22020-05-13
Chapter 1018 The Young Man Whose Smile Was Like the Spring Breeze Part 12020-05-13
Chapter 1017 Is He Really Shaobai? Part 22020-05-13
Chapter 1017 Is He Really Shaobai? Part 12020-05-13
Chapter 1016 Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Part 22020-05-13
Chapter 1016 Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Part 12020-05-13
Chapter 1015 Hated to Such a Point Part 22020-05-13
Chapter 1015 Hated to Such a Point Part 12020-05-13
Chapter 1014 Why Didn’t You Save Him?2020-05-13
Chapter 1013: Don’t want to talk about matters in the heart2019-07-16
Chapter 1012: Changing everything she likes2019-07-14
Chapter 1011: Saying bad things behind someone’s back2019-07-13
Chapter 1010: What is an eunuch2019-07-12
Chapter 1009: The feeling of liking someone2019-07-11
Chapter 1008: Example2019-07-10
Chapter 1007: He’s still alive2019-07-09
Chapter 1006: Closest person2019-07-08
Chapter 1005: Making the play more exciting2019-07-08
Chapter 1004: Emperor acting as a rogue2019-07-06
Chapter 1003: Face hitting shame2019-07-05
Chapter 1002: Bending with the wind2019-07-04
Chapter 1001: Have someone else as the emperor2019-07-03
Chapter 1000: Everyone speaking up2019-07-02
Chapter 999: Heads of the six palaces2019-07-01
Chapter 998: Coronation2019-06-30
Chapter 997: She’s not afraid, of course he’s not afraid2019-06-29
Chapter 996: Let him regret it in the next, next life2019-06-29
Chapter 995: Can’t bear how good he is2019-06-27
Chapter 994: Forget it, endure it2019-06-26
Chapter 993: Opening the net to fish2019-06-25
Chapter 992: Exchanging moves2019-06-24
Chapter 991: Most proud of2019-06-23
Chapter 990: Aged vinegar2019-06-22
Chapter 989: No antidote2019-06-21
Chapter 988: Divorce2019-06-20
Chapter 987: Paper can’t wrap the fire2019-06-19
Chapter 986: Letting out a long line to catch big fish2019-06-18
Chapter 985: Netherworld Grass2019-06-17
Chapter 984: Entering the palace to offer medicine2019-06-16
Chapter 983: The more realistic, the better2019-06-15
Chapter 982: How would he deal with it2019-06-14
Chapter 981: She’s jealous2019-06-13
Chapter 980: Locked in the dungeons2019-06-12
Chapter 979: Taking a blow to the head2019-06-11
Chapter 978: Attracting the snake out of their cave2019-06-10
Chapter 977: Mastermind behind the curtain2019-06-09
Chapter 976: A fatal disaster2019-06-08
Chapter 975: For a man2019-06-07
Chapter 974: Two suspicions2019-06-06
Chapter 973: Killing people to silence them2019-06-05
Chapter 972: Borrowing a blade to kill people2019-06-04
Chapter 971: No wonderful night2019-06-03
Chapter 970: Impossible to guard against2019-06-02
Chapter 969: Confessing without being forced2019-06-01
Chapter 968: Who is the culprit2019-05-31
Chapter 967: One month2019-05-30
Chapter 966: Snake poison nemesis2019-05-29
Chapter 965: Regaining what was lost2019-05-28
Chapter 964: His pride2019-05-27
Chapter 963: Not owing each other2019-05-27
Chapter 962: Gift for you guys2019-05-26
Chapter 961: Two birds one stone2019-05-25
Chapter 960: Magical medical skills2019-05-24
Chapter 959: Life saving medicine2019-05-23
Chapter 958: He’s tired, sleep2019-05-22
Chapter 957: Won’t let you go2019-05-21
Chapter 956: Will2019-05-21
Chapter 955: Brothers2019-05-20
Chapter 954: Save you and not save her2019-05-19
Chapter 953: Who should he save2019-05-18
Chapter 952: Want your life to be buried as well2019-05-17
Chapter 951: Only want one night2019-05-16
Chapter 950: Love within the bounds of decency2019-05-15
Chapter 949: Who is greedier2019-05-14
Chapter 948: Marry her to me2019-05-13
Chapter 947: The feeling of being shamed2019-05-13
Chapter 946: Great chance2019-05-12
Chapter 945: Most worried thing2019-05-11
Chapter 944: Abdication decree2019-05-10
Chapter 943: Returning your things to you2019-05-09
Chapter 942: Only having this life left2019-05-08
Chapter 941: He can do it, can you?2019-05-07
Chapter 940: Only hope2019-05-06
Chapter 939: A legendary rare treasure2019-05-06
Chapter 938: Heart, still beating2019-05-04
Chapter 937: Unable to be saved2019-05-03
Chapter 936: Switching out2019-05-02
Chapter 935: Scapegoat2019-05-01
Chapter 934: Maid who pulled the fang2019-04-30
Chapter 933: Not this snake2019-04-29
Chapter 932: In a deep sleep2019-04-28
Chapter 931: Inserting another blade2019-04-27
Chapter 930: A life for a life2019-04-26
Chapter 929: More terrifying than a beast2019-04-25
Chapter 928: She’s dead2019-04-24
Chapter 927: Ice and fire extremes2019-04-23
Chapter 926: Don’t be afraid2019-04-22
Chapter 925: Misfortune2019-04-21
Chapter 924: Chu Shao Bai’s gift2019-04-20
Chapter 923: Riddles2019-04-19