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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Drama Fantasy

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The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction.
The last survivor transmigrated to the past, when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge.
He, who came from the end of the magic era, aim to reach the pinnacle of magic.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 885: Chaotic War2020-04-09
Chapter 884: Reinforcements2020-04-09
Chapter 883: Huge Losses2020-04-08
Chapter 882: Repelling the Assault2020-04-08
Chapter 881: Pressure2020-04-07
Chapter 880: Wasted2020-04-07
Chapter 879: Converging2020-04-06
Chapter 878: No Need To Worry2020-04-06
Chapter 877: Everything Has A Weakness2020-04-05
Chapter 876:2020-04-05
Chapter 875: Core2020-04-04
Chapter 874: Soul Fire2020-04-04
Chapter 873: Gravity Rune2020-04-03
Chapter 872: Sky Steel Rock2020-04-03
Chapter 871: Puppet Battle2020-04-02
Chapter 870: Trap2020-04-02
Chapter 869: Your Turn2020-04-01
Chapter 868: Power of the Heaven Rank2020-04-01
Chapter 867: Extraordinary Power2020-03-31
Chapter 866: Breaking In2020-03-31
Chapter 865: Alchemy Puppet2020-03-30
Chapter 864: Upside Down2020-03-30
Chapter 863: Choices2020-03-30
Chapter 862: Bill George2020-03-29
Chapter 861: Family Name2020-03-29
Chapter 860: Plunder2020-03-29
Chapter 859: Radiant Warlord2020-03-28
Chapter 858: Destroyed2020-03-27
Chapter 857: Hugging Thigh2020-03-27
Chapter 856: Ignore Him2020-03-26
Chapter 855: Gaia’s Hands2020-03-26
Chapter 854: Blood Avatar2020-03-25
Chapter 853: Overthinking2020-03-24
Chapter 852: Guard2020-03-24
Chapter 851: Joint Chant Array2020-03-24
Chapter 850: Artifact2020-03-24
Chapter 849: Fang’s Death2020-03-23
Chapter 848: Mage Corps2020-03-23
Chapter 847:2020-03-21
Chapter 846: Too Stupid2020-03-21
Chapter 845: One Day2020-03-21
Chapter 844: Unbelievable2020-03-20
Chapter 843: Do It That Way2020-03-20
Chapter 842: Wagner2020-03-19
Chapter 841: Radiant Rune2020-03-18
Chapter 840: Black Iron Beastmen2020-03-18
Chapter 839: Radiant Fort2020-03-18
Chapter 838: Swap2020-03-17
Chapter 837: Drawing Lots2020-03-17
Chapter 836: Effortlessly2020-03-16
Chapter 835: Preparations2020-03-16
Chapter 834: Help2020-03-16
Chapter 833: Cooperation2020-03-15
Chapter 832: Enticing2020-03-15
Chapter 831: Point System2020-03-14
Chapter 830: Gap2020-03-13
Chapter 829: Large Bet2020-03-13
Chapter 828: Suffering a Huge Loss2020-03-13
Chapter 827: Surround2020-03-12
Chapter 826: Get Out2020-03-12
Chapter 825: Dragged In2020-03-10
Chapter 824: Poison Resistant Body2020-03-10
Chapter 823: Plague God’s Reincarnation?2020-03-09
Chapter 822: Do As You Please2020-03-09
Chapter 821: Haha2020-03-09
Chapter 820: Dare To Touch?2020-03-08
Chapter 819: Unable to Confirm2020-03-07
Chapter 818: No One Can Stop Me2020-03-07
Chapter 817: Mercy2020-03-07
Chapter 816: Drops of Water2020-03-06
Chapter 815: Young Purple Dragon2020-03-06
Chapter 814: Trap2020-03-05
Chapter 813: Blaze Shield2020-03-04
Chapter 812: Thieves2020-03-04
Chapter 811: Mysterious Baby2020-03-03
Chapter 810: Idiot Beyond Redemption2020-03-03
Chapter 809: I Didn’t Mean That2020-03-03
Chapter 808: Are You Criticizing Me?2020-03-03
Chapter 807: Crippling One’s Mana2020-03-02
Chapter 806: Count Yourself Lucky2020-03-02
Chapter 805: Lightning Spear2020-03-01
Chapter 804: Yet To Sober Up2020-02-29
Chapter 803: Wretched Scoundrel2020-02-28
Chapter 802: Poisonous Magic Beast2020-02-28
Chapter 801: Irresistible Craving2020-02-27
Chapter 800: Get Lost2020-02-27
Chapter 799: Sneak Attack2020-02-27
Chapter 798: You And Your Family2020-02-26
Chapter 797: Storm Fort2020-02-26
Chapter 796: Independent World2020-02-26
Chapter 795: Steel Fortress2020-02-25
Chapter 794: A Large Group2020-02-24
Chapter 793: Suppression2020-02-24
Chapter 792: Impossible2020-02-24
Chapter 791: Repent2020-02-24
Chapter 790: Are You Done?2020-02-22
Chapter 789: Common Sense2020-02-22
Chapter 788: Cold Sweat2020-02-21
Chapter 787: Blackmail2020-02-21
Chapter 786: Messenger2020-02-20