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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 579: Results

Chapter 579: Results

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Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

This world was undoubtedly larger than it used to be. When he just entered the Demiplane, it had been a hundred and twenty square kilometers, while now it had grown to two hundred and forty square kilometers. In other words, the surface area had doubled in size. Standing next to the hemisphere carrying the golden liquid, Lin Yun couldn’t see the end of the plane on the horizon.

This was a bit exaggerated…

And that wasn’t all… The forest had grown even more lush, covering a few dozen square kilometers. It was comparable to an ocean of green. Trees that were up to a kilometer tall could be seen throughout the Demiplane.

He then checked the changes to the flow of mana and was completely shocked. He didn’t even need to analyze them to know that the mana density had reached a shocking level.

It was at least forty times higher than normal.

What kind of concept was that?

It meant that Lin Yun didn’t even need to rouse his Magic Arrays here. He only needed to operate his Core Meditation Laws to replenish all the mana in an instant, Alchemic Mana Whirlpools included.

It was astonishing when thinking about it. During a fierce battle, he could enter the Demiplane and instantly recover his mana. This was hundreds of times better than any potion.

What shocked Lin Yun even more was the thriving Mana Vine in the forest. As the Demiplane grew vaster and vaster, the area covered by the Mana Vine also reached an astonishing size. The Mana Vine was occupying an area of a few dozen meters and was still growing at a crazy speed. It could be seen that it was far from being done with maturing.

Lin Yun estimated that once the Mana Vine matured, it would absorb mana from the void at an even faster pace. At that time, the Natural Demiplane’s growth speed would be twice its current rate.

It would be truly frightening then…

Lin Yun summoned a water-type puppet and had it explore the mana pond. He discovered that the mana density of the natural mana crystals had once again increased. They were already comparable to level 27 mana crystals.

At this time, Lin Yun was pleasantly surprised because it meant that the natural mana crystals could mature to reach level 30!

Once the puppet disappeared, Lin Yun looked at his Demiplane with a smile.

Lin Yun had seen plenty of notes regarding Demiplanes in the spacious decaying library, which even contained information about Astrologian Agalon’s Natural Demiplane. Compared to Lin Yun’s Demiplane, Agalon’s Demiplane’s evolution process was far slower, needing a few dozen years for the development of the Four Elemental Laws.

At this time, Lin Yun saw that he could already use a part of the plane’s power. Although he couldn’t reach the level of the Astrologian for the time being, Lin Yun was convinced that it was only a matter of time before he surpassed the Astrologian.

“Sir Merlin… Sir Merlin… Take a look at Xiuban’s amazing changes!” As he walked back to the blood pond, the voice of the Draconic Beastman echoed in the distance. It was full of eagerness and excitement, just like a child telling his parents about the new toy he had discovered.

“It’s really amazing…” Lin Yun’s eyes were filled with disbelief when he saw the Draconic Beastman coming over.

The changes were indeed too shocking…

The Draconic Beastman’s originally dark-red skin was now carrying a hint of a golden luster. He stood there flickering with a golden light, his muscles bulging, and every single one of his movements carried a wild aura. What surprised Lin Yun the most was that his aura had already reached that of a 1st Rank Sword Saint.

And there was also Carnage. That huge hammer had clearly been affected by some of the blood, perhaps because of its bond with the Draconic Beastman. It had now become dark golden, and Lin Yun was amazed as he found that the Boundless Layering Technique had undergone a transformation, increasing the weight a thousand times. A five-thousand-kilogram hammer was very heavy. It could kill a Dragon in an instant.

It was hardly an exaggeration to say that Xiuban, when equipped with Carnage, could hold his own against a 5th Rank Sword Saint…

“Isn’t Lord Xiuban frightening?” Xiuban said with a prideful expression. But soon after, a loud Dragon Roar echoed, making him turn pale. Even Lin Yun felt the formidable power.

An explosion echoed as golden smoke rose up into the sky. Golden light spread everywhere, carrying a bone-chilling aura. A Frost Dragon’s huge wings spread open, covering heaven and earth. They engulfed the area in sandstorms and gales with every flap.

The extreme pressure made the cowardly Beastman shiver in fear and hide behind Lin Yun, forgetting his earlier prideful display.

The loud noise came to an abrupt end. After no less than a minute, Reina changed back and walked over from the depths of the forest. Just like Xiuban, after hibernating, her snow-white skin now possessed a faint golden luster.

The temperament of this Frost Dragon had completely transformed, and what puzzled Lin Yun the most was that he couldn’t sense the slightest bit of ice aura from her body.

Before, whenever Reina was around, there would always be a hint of a chill and the formidable pressure of a Dragon. Almost anyone looking at her would be able to find out that she wasn’t a human, but actually a Frost Dragon.

But now…

Reina’s flow of mana was fully under control. She now had golden hair, and her face was a masterpiece.

But whether it was Lin Yun or the foolish Xiuban, they both knew that Reina’s power had grown much stronger than before. It was like she returned to her true self. Instead of losing power, she found a new way of controlling it.

“Reina, do you have any confidence to beat Zeuss Watson in a battle now?” Lin Yun asked as Reina walked over.

“Could try it.” Reina lowered her head and pondered, before giving such an answer.

Lin Yun nodded with satisfaction. Now, only the puppet was missing.

Just as he thought about it, he heard an explosion in the distance. It came from a side of the forest, and just as that noise echoed, something big happened in the area. Countless plants were sent flying, turning into dust in midair. The entire Demiplane seemed to shake as that dust spread everywhere.


Lin Yun led the Draconic Beastman and the Frost Dragon over using a 2nd Tier Spell, Tornado Whip, to dispel the dust. Lin Yun was soon able to see the puppet standing in front of him, a dark-golden light rising from its body.

Lin Yun quickly dismantled the puppet’s mechanical system. It would definitely be troublesome if there were any problems with the puppet. But what surprised him was that the Hydra Heart had shrunk to a small ball and also adopted the characteristic dark-golden color, looking just like a piece of crystal floating in the mana reactor of the mechanical system. Its throbs were filled with more vitality than before.

Lin Yun was undoubtedly the one who understood the Hydra Heart the most. He had been the one to kill the Hydra and take its heart out and then insert it in the puppet’s mechanical system. Yet, he couldn’t have expected the Hydra Heart to shrink and condense like this.

No, no, this wasn’t all.

Lin Yun could sense the level of strength that the puppet had attained. It was at least level 38, and that was without the draconic magic staff.

It looked like…

The team’s entire power had drastically increased…

Whether it was Reina, Xiuban, or the puppet, their overall strength was a lot greater than before they entered the Demiplane. Even he couldn’t help feeling some kind of pressure, let alone those Watsons.


This was only the beginning.

The Ancient God Blood’s benefits were far from limited to what had happened so far. As everyone slowly digested the Ancient God Blood, they would get more and more benefits…

Lin Yun chuckled and made Xiuban and the others leave the Natural Demiplane. As for Lin Yun himself, he remained there, meditating.

In fact…

The Demiplane had already started fusing with the Ancient God Blood. This was the only explanation as to why the soul fragment had transformed.

Lin Yun clearly knew what he had to do: He had to further master the current power of the Demiplane.

Three days soon passed in the blink of an eye.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, he couldn’t help freezing when he discovered that the Ancient God Blood had already disappeared. There was not a single trace of the blood within the hemisphere. Lin Yun looked at the forest and discovered that the soul fragment had undergone an astonishing transformation.

Three days ago, the soul fragment had started transforming, from solid to liquid, and then back to solid, turning into a huge, dark-golden crystal.

It was too large. Lin Yun discovered that the Ancient God’s soul fragment was now three hundred meters in diameter. Several hundred people would be needed to encircle it.

The large crystal was emitting inexplicable mana fluctuations filled with the aura of Ancient Gods. Lin Yun could see the Ancient God’s soul fragment had absorbed the blood of the Ancient God making the aura that it was emitting even more intense.

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