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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 580: Why Run?

Chapter 580: Why Run?

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Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

‘Wait…’ Lin Yun was taken aback. Because he discovered that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was actually sleeping under the crystal and its fur was emitting a golden luster.

‘It looks like there are many more secrets hidden in the soul fragments.’ Lin Yun stood there, pondering for a few minutes before sighing and leaving the Demiplane.

When he returned to the icy peak, Lin Yun glanced at the meditating Watsons.

After a few days, Zeuss’ aura had clearly been strengthened and the surging mana was like a lion about to throw off its cage. He could clearly advance to the 9th Rank as long as he had time.

Moreover, Rhett Watson and Arthus both got a surprising power up with the help of the Ancient God Blood, they would advance to the 8th Rank anytime…

And it wouldn’t be long from now.

By this time, the Ancient God Blood had already thoroughly merged with the Demiplane and by relying on his connection with the Demiplane, he could understand some of the secrets of the Ancient God Blood. He knew that these weren’t the only benefits.

It could be said that not even a tenth of the benefits had been displayed.

That was the blood of the most powerful lifeform between heaven and earth, it was the essence of their lives, the source of their power. Just a drop was enough to be described as invaluable, let alone the two bottles they drank.

Lin Yun would dare to bet that in the next three years, all those who drank the blood would greatly advance. Zeuss advancing to the 9th Rank was a matter of course. It would only be a matter of time before he overtook Harren and Jouyi. The only unknown part was whether he would be able to break through to the Heaven realm.

As for Rhett and Arthus, although they couldn’t get as great of a progress as Zeuss, it also wouldn’t be small. They would be able to reach the 9th Rank within a few years without too much trouble.

This increase in rank shouldn’t be looked down upon.

Once an Archmage reached the 5th Rank, every single increase in rank would be extremely difficult. Many Archmages who lacked talent and resources might spend a hundred to two hundred years to gain a rank. Rhett and Arthus’ advancing speed would be like a dream come true.

While Lin Yun checked them out, Arthus also checked Lin Yun out. In fact, this 7th Rank Sword Saint felt quite baffled.

Zeuss had already told them how frightening a Natural Demiplane was. He felt that great changes should have happened to him after remaining so long inside, but it looked like that wasn’t the case.

There didn’t seem to be any change between before and after he entered the Demiplane.

This was illogical.

‘Do I have bad eyesight?’

But Zeuss’ reaction was completely different from Arthus, he had a grave expression ever since Lin Yun came from the rift, only feeling that Lin Yun was unfathomable. The aura of the young mage felt suffocating.

But just as he wanted to say something, everyone felt the earth quake, the ice mountain seemed to crumble, gales whistled past, ice and snow fell, it was as if something kept ramming against it.

“What’s happening?” Rhett was whispering to Arthus when he suddenly felt something happen to the mountain and was the first to react and go to the edge of the peak to take a look.

“Damnit, how come it’s another Mountain Python?” In a split second, Rhett’s face became deathly pale as he let out a shriek.

Everyone could see this Mountain Python drilling out of the earth. Everything within five hundred kilometers was part of its body, this could only be described as horrifying.

And at this time, this female python was looking at the corpse of the male and let out a mournful roar, making the entire world shake. The aura of ice was earth-shattering, devastating mountains and shattering the earth. The mana fluctuations emitted by the Mountain Python had an immovable feeling.

Then, the female python dragged her few kilometers long body and coiled around the ice mountain, quickly rushing towards the top. Her head rapidly reached the top and suddenly roared after seeing the empty peak. Frost covered her body, radiating with a dazzling light, before shaking the mountain once again…

Rhett massaged his eyes in disbelief. After making sure he wasn’t dreaming, he was startled and said with a despairing voice “Heaven, it’s actually a female Mountain Python…”

After the encounter with the Mountain Python, Rhett asked Zeuss about important details regarding Mountain Pythons. This included the difference between males and females.

A male and a female Mountain Python appearing together had never been recorded in history.

There had been two female Mountain Pythons appearing in Noscent’s history. A newborn female Mountain Python wasn’t too powerful, not that different from a male. But as time passed, after the female Mountain Python awakened for the 9th time, Python Runes would appear on their body and their power would grow to a frightening degree. Because the Python Rune on its body would give them even more powerful ice power.

And the Python Runes meant that the females didn’t need a source of mana and would never risk mana exhaustion. They would display terrifying power just by endlessly using magic.

Thus, Rhett knew how bad the situation was when he noticed the Python Runes on her body, it was a Mountain Python that had slumbered at least nine times, and if they were unlucky, they might not be able to survive.


At this moment, the Mountain Python had already climbed to the peak and Rhett could clearly see its malevolent head and its bloody maw preparing countless powerful spells. Once they were cast, it would be the end of them.

“We should run…” Helplessly said Rhett. The Mountain Python’s Python Runes were frantically surging with mana, putting Rhett one step closer to true despair.

“Why run?” Lin Yun asked with a strange expression.

“Listen to me and run, we can’t match a female Mountain Python.” Rhett looked at the approaching Mountain Python and was terrified, he felt as if he had come across a predator.

“Why run? Do you want to turn away free magic materials?”

“Eh?” Rhett froze. He thought for a long time but couldn’t understand what Lin Yun meant by free magic materials.

But Lin Yun didn’t have time to chat with Rhett.

He instantly turned to give instructions to Reina and Xiuban with excitement, while giving an attack command to the puppet.

“No problem, leave it to Lord Xiuban!” The Draconic Beastman roared, Carnage bursting with a dazzling light as he charged towards the Mountain Python.

“Sh*t, it’s not going to end well!”

Rhett turned towards Zeuss with a pale expression, hoping that the latter would stop Lin Yun. But before he could say anything, he heard a loud noise.

Rhett was startled and promptly turned his head, only to see the Draconic Beastman bursting with a terrifying power, smashing his hammer onto the python’s head. That small mountain-like head was sent back a few dozen meters in an instant.

Then, Xiuban once again swung Carnage and heavily smashed it on the ground, causing a visible shock wave, propulsing the Draconic Beastman a few hundred meters high. At this time, the dark golden radiance of the Draconic Beastman dyed the sky.

The Draconic Beastman truly wasn’t hiding his strength, he used his strongest power to dive down towards the Mountain Python’s head like a lightning bolt. Before the Mountain Python could react, Carnage heavily landed on its skull.

Only a loud and deep sound could be heard echoing, and everyone who heard it felt numb.

And it wasn’t just Xiuban…

While Rhett was blanking out and the situation was unclear, the puppet also made a move, emitting shocking mana fluctuations as a Meteor Rain covered in dense flames emitting blazing temperatures appeared above the Mountain Python. There was a total of ten Meteor Rains falling down on the python like an inescapable net.

After being strengthened by the Ancient God Blood, the Hydra Heart had thoroughly transformed. The puppet’s casting ability was flabbergasting, casting 6th Tier Spell Meteor Rain hundreds of meters away, creating a huge pressure.

After being hit by a large number of meteors, the Mountain Python’s body was covered in flames, and the power of the flames kept leaving marks on its body. The dazzling scales flickering with Python Runes were burnt red in a short few seconds.

“How could it be… How could it be…” Seeing this scene, cold sweat started trickling down Rhett’s back, ‘Those are 6th Tier Spells, yet the puppet casts them instantly, and in such quantity also.’

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