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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 584: Big Guy

Chapter 584: Big Guy

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Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

But Lin Yun didn’t just stand there. He was staring at the hexagram star. For some reason, Lin Yun was feeling danger from it. Clearly, these Skeleton Warriors were far from a real threat to them; the problem was elsewhere…

Sure enough, when they had downed more than 30,000 Skeleton Warriors, Lin Yun’s Magic Array caught some movement from the hexagram array. A bloody light was already rushing out of it, and alongside the Skeleton Warriors, Bones Devils and Liches appeared…


Lin Yun suddenly frowned. Although facing so many thousands of Skeleton Warriors was frightening, they weren’t undefeatable.

But Bone Devils and Liches…

These were above level 20 at least. If several thousands of those appeared, he would almost certainly be injured even if he didn’t die.

And what if it wasn’t just Bone Devil and Liches?

If there were Higher Undead such as high-level Liches, Death Knights, Vampires, or even Bone Dragons… it would really be an ordeal.

“Let’s go, we have to leave!”

Lin Yun assessed that if they kept fighting, then let alone them, even Jouyi and Harren would be stuck in this place forever after running out of mana.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun roused his Magic Array and used a Meteor Rain spell that was merged with his Magic Array. It was a 6th Tier Spell, and after being strengthened by his Magic Array, its might could compare to that of a 7th Rank Spell. After no less than five seconds of incantation, the area around him distorted…

There was no spell more suitable than Meteor Rain against these enemies. A ball of flames fell down, followed by a second, a third, a twentieth, a hundredth, thousandth… In the end, tens of thousands balls of flames fell from the sky, submerging everything like a tide.

Amidst the restless mana fluctuations, flames and destruction had appeared out of nowhere, leaving a thick smoke in their wake. Only a sea of flames could be seen as the area that had been infested by the foes was now littered with a shocking number of blazing meteors.

Their sudden appearance startled Xiuban and Reina…

Before they could even react, a loud sound echoed. The formidable meteors filled with outrageous mana turned the hold into a sea of flames.




Every meteor falling onto the Undead caused huge explosions. The aura of the meteors contained dense mana, as well as a thick aura of destruction. The enemies fell to the attack one after another, their bones not even leaving any ashes behind…

“Let’s go…” The battlefield had already cleared up and the way out of the hold was already opened, but Lin Yun knew that this was only temporary as more and more Undead would come out of the hexagram array.

As he thought of this, Lin Yun hurriedly led everyone out of the hold. While holding his draconic staff, he used a dozen simple spells to set up a blockade.

Just as they rushed out, they heard an explosion. Over ten thousand Undead lifeforms were rushing over like a tide.

“Hell, they are chasing so fiercely!” Lin Yun gnashed his teeth in anger as he cursed. They soon passed through the 4th hold, but these Undead had shown no intention of going back and were still hot on their tail.

But when they reached the 6th hold, Lin Yun froze.

Lin Yun could clearly see that there was a huge, flickering crystal ball at the end of the hold floating in midair.

It was an Undead Eye…

Seeing this Undead Eye, Lin Yun understood where that tidal wave of Undead came from…

The places were Undead Eyes appeared were definitely places extremely rich in death energy. Once an Undead Eye matured, as many as three Death Gates would appear in its vicinity, and many Undead beings would keep pouring in from those gates.

And sure enough, Lin Yun raised his head and saw a rift suddenly appearing…

‘Sh*t…’ Without a doubt, that Undead Eye had given birth to two Death Gates… One of them was the hexagram array they had encountered earlier, while the second one was this rift.

‘I hope there are only two,’ Lin Yun thought. Xiuban’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the several dozen Bone Dragons flying out of the rift…

“So many!” Xiuban cried in alarm. “So many Bone Dragons…”

“Less talking!” Lin Yun smacked Xiuban’s head while raising his draconic staff. As he poured mana into it, a frantic aura of mana pulsated. At the same time, Lin Yun also told Reina and Xiuban to attack.

Lin Yun clearly understood that the current situation was far more serious than he had thought…

The tidal wave of Undead was about to reach this hold. Once they came here, they would be washed away.


A loud Dragon Roar echoed as Lin Yun saw Reina charge into the sky, slashing with her claws while casting at least ten 6th Tier Ice Spells from her mouth. Huge Ice Walls instantly appeared above and below a Bone Dragon, successfully cutting it in two. It shattered before even touching the ground.

As for Lin Yun and the others, they were also on the move…

These Bone Dragons weren’t very troublesome for this group, as they didn’t even reach level 30. Lin Yun’s strength had greatly increased compared to the time in the Bone Plane when he had to flee from a Bone Dragon. After all, they had fought a creature infinitely close to the Heaven Rank not long ago. In contrast, the Bone Dragons weren’t worth considering.

The team took less than half an hour to thoroughly take down these Bone Dragons…

But, more and more of the Undead kept coming out.

And it wasn’t limited to Bone Dragons this time…

Boundless black smoke rushed out of the Death Gate and expanded the rift. Waves of the Undead coursed out, and the most frightening part was when he heard the roar of a Nightmare.

‘Sh*t, Death Knights!’

Sure enough…

When the rift expanded to its limits, a Death Knight riding on a Nightmare finally appeared…

At the same time, footsteps could be heard coming outside of the hold.

The Undead that chased them caught up, and there seemed to be more of them.

“Reina, take them with you and block the chasing ones, I’ll take care of the rest…” Lin Yun gave orders as he stared at the Death Knight.

“Understood.” Reina nodded. The army was too huge, and even the Frost Dragon felt pressured.

After Reina took Xiuban and the puppet with her, Lin Yun focused on the Death Knight. Death Knights were disgusting existences. They were Undead Horsemen that not only walked both the martial and magic path, but they also had their own Death Runes, and one of their blows would be enough to cripple Lin Yun…

“Come!” Lin Yun charged over, casting a Flame Burst at the Death Knight. But at the same time, the Death Knight’s black spear pierced through the air at him.

But the Death Knight didn’t know that Lin Yun’s Flame Burst was only a diversion. With a rumble, dazzling flames soared. It was the 6th Tier Spell, Blazing Storm, a large-scale area of effect spell. He had spent no less than six seconds secretly preparing it, waiting for the best chance to use it.

When the Blazing Storm exploded, twenty to thirty Flame Bombs appeared, each one comparable to the full might of a High Mage. With the amplification of the draconic staff, even an ordinary Archmage wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed from this, not to mention a mere Death Knight. The power of the Blazing Storm far exceeded anything that Death Knight had ever faced before.

Then, the draconic staff flashed with a dazzling radiance, and a loud explosion thundered out as the Nightmare kept rushing forward. A loud roar echoed as flames covered everything and the smell of sulfur spread.

That was the power of a few dozen Flame Bombs exploding together. The body of the soulless Death Knight was torn apart by the flames, and it could no longer get up once it fell.

The Death Knight turned to ashes in an instant, but Lin Yun didn’t spend too much time on it, as time was too precious. He used Blazing Storm to get rid of it and then used his draconic staff to summon a hundred Flame Spears.

But unfortunately, it was useless.

The hundred Flame Spears hit the Undead Eye, but the only outcome was the rift slightly shrinking…

And then the rift soon enlarged once again…

“It looks like a big guy is coming…” When the Death Gate opened again, Lin Yun felt an icy mana fluctuation from its center. It felt just like the cold wind of the Ice Field, and it made everyone shiver…

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