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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 585: Hellfire

Chapter 585: Hellfire

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Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Sure enough, this time, a Death Knight came out of the Death Gate. Its body was covered with a strange, pitch-black armor. It was holding a black greatsword covered with black fog in its right hand, while it had a rusty iron hook in its left hand that seemed to have been at the bottom of the sea for several hundred years.

The Death Knight walked out of the Death Gate but didn’t rush to attack Lin Yun.

It only stood there, emitting intense pressure. It was the kind of pressure that only peak powerhouses could release. Lin Yun inwardly assessed that this Death Knight should be at least level 38.

“Human, you disturbed our sleep…” A deafening roar echoed as the entire hold seemed to shake.

“In fact, I don’t really want to disturb you…”

“You have to pay the price!” The Death Knight shouted as it raised its greatsword.

Lin Yun reacted pretty quickly, raising his draconic staff and casting Spirit Defense, followed by a series of incantations. The floor of the hold started shaking before a dark-red swamp spread under the Death Knight’s feet.

That was Crimson Swamp, one of the most powerful control spells among 6th Tier Spells!

But the Death Knight was a lot stronger than expected. Before Lin Yun’s Crimson Swamp was finished, the greatsword was already approaching Lin Yun, its black edge carrying a formidable aura of death.

In that instant, Lin Yun only had time to cast a Runic Shield before the sword hit him in the shoulder. Despite the protection, it felt like being struck by a huge rock. His bones felt as if they were split open. He was completely pale after retreating a few steps.

‘A magic swordsman indeed…’

An Undead with the power of an 8th Rank Archmage and 8th Rank Sword Saint wasn’t to be trifled with.

Following that loud clash, the Death Knight’s greatsword was brandished once again. The raging death energy in the flurry of blows made Lin Yun fall back again and again, and his Runic Shield couldn’t afford to keep blocking such an attack. All Lin Yun could do was keep retreating until he was at a safe distance.

But he didn’t remain idle as he retreated, an Undead Purification spell already prepared.

A dazzling light suddenly illuminated the entire hold. This 4th Rank Spell had a simple and direct effect. It thoroughly purified the death energy of the Undead. It could be said that it was the predator of the Undead.

But this predator didn’t seem to work this time.

Lin Yun’s Undead Purification tore a wound in the chest of the Death Knight, but then, a large amount of black mist suddenly burst out of that wound, and before Lin Yun could understand what was happening, that black mist quickly fixed the wound.

‘Damnit, it’s the Undead Eye…’ Lin Yun felt like cursing as he realized what had caused the black mist to appear.

It looked like the legends were true…

The fighting power of the Undead would greatly increase when they were supported by an Undead Eye. Some powerful Undead beings could even gain truly undying bodies with the help of the Undead Eye.

Lin Yun frowned as he thought of this.

‘This is troublesome… If I don’t deal with the Death Knight, I won’t be able to take care of the Undead Eye… But if I don’t take care of the Undead Eye, then this Death Knight will be extremely hard to get rid of.’

A level 38 Death Knight was troublesome enough, especially since it Death Knight hadn’t even used any spells yet. It had yet to use the power of an 8th Rank Archmage, yet it still was pressuring Lin Yun.

In his Fire Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yun kept using Flame Flashes to dodge the Death Knight’s Death Aura Slashes while also casting many Low Tier fire spells. But the damage caused by these spells was insignificant.

“Damn Human, the price of disturbing our sleep can only be paid with your blood! Your soul is bound to sink for all eternity! Wretched Rat! You better pray that you can keep jumping around!”

The Death Knight sent many waves of slashes while Lin Yun kept using Flame Flashes. The jet-black Death Aura Slashes never reached him.

As for the endless torrent of Low Tier fire spells, the Flame Bursts, Fire Arrows, Fireballs, and the Fire Rain…

Although these Low Tier Fire Spells could be disregarded, they kept irritating the Death Knight more and more.

But the Death Knight didn’t notice that the aura of death covering the place was slowly being suppressed… The fire elements were increasing and becoming more and more lively.


Seeing Lin Yun casting another Flame Flash, the Death Knight casually sent another Death Aura Slash, waiting for Lin Yun to dodge to another location.

But Lin Yun didn’t do as the Death Knight expected. Instead of casting another Flame Flash, he suddenly used a Runic Shield again.

The Runic Shield displayed a terrifying power in Lin Yun’s hands. The incredible quantity of runes he had gathered made the Runic Shield far exceed its original defensive power.

Even if the Death Knight’s Death Aura Slash was comparable to an 8th Rank Sword Saint’s full-power attack, it was easily blocked by this Runic Shield.

The Death Knight paused. It had casually sent out that Death Aura Slash, hoping to restrain Lin Yun with the nonstop barrage of attacks.

But it hadn’t expected that the other side would suddenly stop and begin casting an incantation.

The Death Knight flew into a rage. It had been forced into a pattern, tricked by Lin Yun. It brandished its greatsword once more, but the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was already appearing behind Lin Yun and casting even more Low Tier Fire Spells, forming a flood of fire that temporarily suppressed the Death Knight.

Although the power of the Undead Eye greatly increased the Death Knight’s resistance to fire spells, it still couldn’t press towards Lin Yun for the time being.

This sudden influx of spells made the surrounding fire elements reach an activity comparable to a volcano. It would be a lot easier to use fire spells at this time, and the casting time would be greatly decreased.

By the 6th second, Lin Yun finished the incantation. Once the casting was finished, he pointed his draconic staff towards the suppressed Death Knight.


Suddenly, a red rune appeared on the floor, spreading over ten meters. That complex rune that was so gorgeous that even Pure-Blood Elves wouldn’t be able to restrain themselves was the most terrifying thing at this moment.

The moment the rune appeared, a fiery and oppressive aura filled the atmosphere. That aura made the Death Knight shake in fear endlessly. Without the slightest hesitation, it gave up on attacking and fled instead.

But it was already too late. The moment the Hellfire was released, Lin Yun increased his mana output and appeared behind the Death Knight in a flash with a Flame Flash, casting a 6th Tier Spell, Bursting Flames!

Although Bursting Flames didn’t sound too different from Flame Burst, the difference between the two spells was like heaven and earth. Moreover, Flame Bursts placed a particular emphasis on the might of the flames and could even be treated as a group attack spell, but for Bursting Flames, the emphasis was placed on impact and explosion. It was focused on a small area and had a huge consumption, but it was ten times as powerful as an Ultimate Flame Burst. The Bursting Flames left a blue trail as it exploded on the Death Knight’s back.

The Death Knight snarled and waved its greatsword to try to block the explosion of the Bursting Flames, but it failed to realize that Lin Yun was a dozen meters away and that using Bursting Flames at that distance would cause a double explosion!

The 1st explosion was blocked by the Death Knight, but the follow-up explosion erupted on the Death Knight’s chest. The destructive power was comparable to a 7th Rank Fire Spell! Although it only slightly damaged the Death Knight’s armor, that explosion was enough to push the Death Knight back.

Even just one second was enough!

Because the Death Knight was knocked back into the area covered by that rune, and boundless golden-red flames gushed out from it, turning into a pillar of flames that wrapped around the Death Knight and reached the ceiling of the hold. Even the Ghost Ship made from the remains of an Ancient God was burnt red.

A mournful and angry roar came from the pillar of flames while Lin Yun sighed in relief.

Hellfire lasted for six seconds. During that time, even if the Death Knight didn’t die, it wouldn’t pose a threat.

Hellfire was known as the most powerful special fire spell.

Although it was a 7th Tier Spell, it was possible to cast as long as one had enough mana. Even a 1st Rank Archmage could use this spell if they fulfilled the criteria.

But that wasn’t the reason for Hellfire becoming the most powerful special fire spell. That spell’s strongest power could indeed compare to that of most first-rate 7th Tier Spells, but it did have some special requirements.

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