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End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 586: Death Redemption

Chapter 586: Death Redemption

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Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Even with his Magic Array, Lin Yun could only shorten the long and complicated incantation to 6 seconds, moreover, the area targeted by the spell couldn’t be moved once it was cast. During complicated battles, especially against a powerhouse like the Death Knight, standing and casting for six seconds was no different from courting death.

Not to mention the fact that Hellfire had stringent requirements on the density and activity of the fire elements, but the casting location also had to be chosen at the start and couldn’t be changed afterwards.

During battles, opponents wouldn’t stop in the same place for six seconds to become targets. But the power of hellfire made up for these limitations, making it the most formidable special fire-type magic.

But if an enemy couldn’t be hit, then no matter how formidable the spell was, it was useless! By the time the casting was over, the enemy would have already escaped far out of its range.

The relative narrowness of this hold worked to the spell’s advantage, and it was formidable enough to inflict serious damage to the Death Knight, which was why Lin Yun chose it.

With the Undead Eye, the damage caused by the Low Tier Fire Spells was insignificant and couldn’t even keep up with the Death Knight’s rate of recovery. A powerful killing spell was a must.

The spell lasted for six seconds, and during that time, the screams of the Death Knight became weaker and weaker. When the Hellfire disappeared, it revealed an incomparably miserable Death Knight.

Its armor was tattered all over and it was covered in burn marks, the entire left leg looking rough, just like coal. Half of the Death Knight’s mount also burned, its phosphorus fire flickering as if about to extinguish.

The situation was set!

But before Lin Yun could attack the Undead Eye, he sensed the surrounding death energy flaring up and converging towards the Death Knight.

The Death Knight raised a sword with a rune glowing on it. Lin Yun was startled as the death energy converged in a pitch-black ball.

The black sphere emitted a dark light, and the left leg of the Death Knight instantly recovered while the damaged armor once again became shiny. The mount that had been on the verge of death let out a neigh and its body instantly looked healthy and full of vitality.

The Death Knight that had been on the verge of destruction recovered completely, at the price of the rune on the sword dimming and losing its power.

Lin Yun paled.

“Death Redemption! This is f*cking cheating!”

Lin Yun’s expression was terrible. He had racked his brain and released more Low Tier Fire Spells to further raise the density and activity of the surrounding fire elements. He also had to continue dodging… Earlier, he had used no less than a few dozen Flame Flashes just to create that moment of hesitation to fight for two seconds of casting time.

He had calculated everything to hit the Death Knight with Hellfire and burn it to a crisp.

But who would have thought that one of the Death Knight’s three spells would be Death Redemption?

Death Redemption… Very few Death Knights had that spell. The probability was so small that it was negligible. Even during the peak of the Magic Era, when the Undead Plane was being conquered, only three Death Knights had possessed that ability, and those three Death Knights were far more terrifying than the one in front of him.

Death Redemption was an instant cast Runic Spell that could cure the Undead. But there was also a difference in might between different instances of the spell, and the one that was just used was too ridiculous… The Death Knight had been on its deathbed, yet it instantly recovered to its peak. This meant that as long as it couldn’t be killed before the cooldown of its Runic Spell was up, the Death Knight was practically unkillable!

“Stupid Human, you have thoroughly infuriated me!” The Death Knight bellowed, another rune shining on the one-handed greatsword.

Lin Yun’s eyelids twitched as he watched it with a pale face.

The legendary Death Redemption, the most powerful situational spell, had appeared. Seeing this 2nd Runic Spell, Lin Yun couldn’t help being worried that he would hit the jackpot again. If that 2nd Runic Spell was just as formidable, it would be his end.

Death Redemption had been studied during the peak of the Magic Era by Necromancers. Even the most powerful Death Redemption needed at least 6 minutes before it could come off cooldown.

This also meant that Lin Yun had six minutes to get rid of this Death Knight, or else he would end up wasting all his mana fighting it!

Six minutes…

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling that it was a pain. This was definitely an impossible task.

Enderfa also understood this and controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to send waves of spells over, but they yielded very small results.

Lin Yun waited, waiting for the Death Knight’s 2nd spell to appear. These kinds of Runic Spells were very fast, and there was no meaning in interrupting them. If interrupted, the Death Knight would just cast it again.

A scarlet ring-like rune appeared below the Undead Horseman’s feet. Then, indescribable fluctuations swept through everything within several hundred meters.

Lin Yun grew even more worried than before, his face going from pale to green.

The draconic staff he held shivered. Lin Yun had rarely felt so powerless. He had more knowledge of this era than anyone and he could find any strategy against anything he encountered.

But it was different this time… Even if he understood, he felt powerless.

All tricks were useless in front of absolute strength… His calculations were worthless, and any scheme would be destroyed.

‘Evil Halo! It’s a damned Evil Halo, and its coverage is so huge! It’s not much different from a top tier spell!’

When the scarlet, ring-like rune appeared, the Death Knight’s speed instantly increased by fifty to sixty percent, and that included the speed of its Death Aura Slash.

The black mist lingering on the Death Knight’s body was the most frightening part. Lin Yun knew that Evil Aura not only increased attack speed and movement speed, but it also sped up the Death Knight’s natural rate of recovery by a few times.

As the fierce mana fluctuations swept the surroundings, the Draconic Beastman suddenly shouted, “Sir Merlin, help! Xiuban can’t keep going!”

The speed of all the Undead, whether it was movement or attack speed, was increased by fifty to sixty percent. Xiuban, who had been caught off guard by the sudden change, was struck a few times by three enthusiastic Bone Devils.

Had it not been for the fusion with a drop of Three-Headed Golden Dragon Blood, and then the bath in Ancient God Blood, both of which helped reinforce his body to an outrageous level, the Bone Devils’ attacks wouldn’t have just left red marks on his skin, they would have cut him in half!

“Aaah! You brainless skeletons! Die for Lord Xiuban!” Xiuban exclaimed out of fear, waving Carnage like a pinwheel, causing powerful gales. The might of these gales was comparable to Wind Blade spells.

This was a skill Xiuban had created, and he couldn’t help but want to show it off in front of Lin Yun. It was Lord Xiuban’s personal technique, Minced Pinwheel.

Its only weakness was that he couldn’t keep it up for long, but even Lin Yun couldn’t help being surprised by it.

Apart from the Undead that Xiuban had completed shattered, those that had only lost their limbs didn’t immediately die, so the ones that were affected by the black smoke recovered at an extreme speed.

Originally, all of the Undead that stepped within ten meters of Xiuban wouldn’t be able to survive, but now, the originally slow movements of the Undead had been improved. By relying on the death smoke, they moved faster and were more resilient, increasing the pressure on Xiuban. He swung Carnage around crazily but he couldn’t completely get rid of all the Undead surrounding him.

“Sir Merlin, come save your most devoted servant, Xiuban! Xiuban doesn’t want to die!”

The Draconic Beastman was flailing around wildly while letting out a miserable shriek.

That chronic procrastinator was now working very hard, and he didn’t forget to add some boot-licking.

But unfortunately, nobody had the leisure to pay attention to him at the moment.

Frost Dragon Reina had an icy expression as she tried to keep her foes at bay. Unfortunately, it had suddenly become precarious.

Earlier, one claw would take out several dozens of the Undead. But now, an attack would take out a dozen at best, and if any of them weren’t completely destroyed, they would recover to their peak with the power of the Evil Halo in a matter of seconds.

On another side, the silent and unyielding puppet, which could compare to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, kept casting instant fire spells, weaving them into waves that cleansed the surroundings. But the encirclement of the Undead was getting smaller and smaller. At the start of the battle, everything within a hundred meters was covered in ashes. But now, the waves of fire spells could no longer keep the fearless undead more than a hundred meters away.

The most terrifying part was that there was still a steady flow of them rushing out of the Death Gate, and although they didn’t have high levels, the sheer number was overwhelming, already reaching sixty to seventy thousand. This horde, coupled with the Evil Halo, was overwhelming them. The number of Undead continued increasing, and under such circumstances, even Star Sage Jouyi, an existence that touched the Heaven realm, would feel the need to flee instantly.

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