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Epoch of Twilight (Web Novel)


Have you ever thought that the state of the world as it presently is, could revert to the laws of the ancients? When a series of strange incidents beginning with the disappearance of his friend led Luo Yuan to question the possibility of an apocalypse, he becomes embroiled in the midst of a global-scale chaos.

Evolution has turned the flora and fauna of the vast and bountiful Earth into something that had never been seen before. Coincidentally, the all-dominating Homo sapiens have ended up at the bottom of the food chain. From mystery to crisis, will Luo Yuan discover a means of saving humanity by racing to the top of the food chain? Or will he strive in accordance with the law of the jungle? It is the dawn of an age of the survival of the fittest.

963 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 593: The Finale2019-03-25
Chapter 592: The Era of Humans ( II )2019-03-25
Chapter 591: The Era of Humans ( I )2019-03-25
Chapter 590: War and Peace2019-03-25
Chapter 589: The Fourth Dimensional War (Finale)2019-03-25
Chapter 588: The Four Dimensional War ( III )2019-03-25
Chapter 587: The Four-Dimensional War (II)2019-03-25
Chapter 586: The Four-Dimensional War ( I )2019-03-25
Chapter 585: The Third Fourth Dimensionalization ( II )2019-03-25
Chapter 584: The Third Fourth Dimensionalization ( I )2019-03-25
Chapter 583: The White Dwarf Warfleet2019-03-25
Chapter 582: The Unified Field Theory2019-03-25
Chapter 581: The Baja Civilization2019-03-25
Chapter 580: The Enlightening Visit2019-03-25
Chapter 579: The Two Brained Man2019-03-25
Chapter 578: A Hundred Years of Haste2019-03-25
Chapter 577: Time Flies2019-03-25
Chapter 576: Luo Yuan’s Giant Beast Farm2019-03-25
Chapter 575: The Third Energy Crystal Core2019-03-25
Chapter 574: The Cruel Truth2019-03-25
Chapter 573: An Alien Encounter2019-03-25
Chapter 572: The Terrified Giant Beast2019-03-25
Chapter 571: The Illusion?2019-03-25
Chapter 570: The Terraforming (2)2019-03-25
Chapter 569: The Hardship2019-03-25
Chapter 568: The Terraforming (1)2019-03-25
Chapter 567: The Giant Beast2019-03-25
Chapter 566: The Moving Project2019-03-25
Chapter 565: Encountering a Four-Dimensional Being2019-03-25
Chapter 564: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (IV)2019-03-25
Chapter 563: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (III)2019-03-25
Chapter 562: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (II)2019-03-25
Chapter 561: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (I)2019-03-25
Chapter 560: The First Conflict2019-03-25
Chapter 559: The Wind Rises2019-03-25
Chapter 558: Conversation and Preparation for War.2019-03-25
Chapter 557: Outing2019-03-25
Chapter 556: Foot Steps of Revenge2019-03-25
Chapter 555: Sensation2019-03-25
Chapter 554: The War Has Ended2019-03-25
Chapter 553: Engaging for the Second Time2019-03-25
Chapter 552: Insecure2019-03-25
Chapter 551: Authority Is Needed2019-03-25
Chapter 550: Dramatic2019-03-25
Chapter 549: Lonely2019-03-25
Chapter 548: New Life2019-03-25
Chapter 547: Awakening2019-03-25
Chapter 546: Feelings2019-03-25
Chapter 545: Mystery2019-03-25
Chapter 544: Conflict2019-03-25
Chapter 543: The Pace Of War2019-03-25
Chapter 542: Disc2019-03-25
Chapter 541: The Incoming Threat2019-03-25
Chapter 540: Meng Junhua's Fear2019-03-25
Chapter 539: Space - Its Invisible Dangers2019-03-25
Chapter 538: New Home2019-03-25
Chapter 537: Arrival2019-03-25
Chapter 536: Everything Has Changed2019-03-25
Chapter 535: Quantum Nervous System2019-03-25
Chapter 534: Dimensional Tear2019-03-25
Chapter 533: Barnard's Star2019-03-25
Chapter 532: The Return2019-03-25
Chapter 531: Superluminal Speed2019-03-25
Chapter 530: Seal2019-03-25
Chapter 529: Miniaturized Universe2019-03-25
Chapter 528: Getting Out Of The Spaceship2019-03-25
Chapter 527: Returning To The Ordinary2019-03-25
Chapter 526: World Invasion2019-03-25
Chapter 525: Whirlpool2019-03-25
Chapter 524: In Vivo Test2019-03-25
Chapter 523: Experiment (II)2019-03-25
Chapter 522: Experiment (I)2019-03-25
Chapter 521: Removing A Hidden Threat2019-03-25
Chapter 520: Transcendent Power2019-03-25
Chapter 519: Humans And Gods2019-03-25
Chapter 518: Third Venture Into The Fourth Dimension2019-03-25
Chapter 517: The Interstellar Defense System2019-03-25
Chapter 516: Super Warship2019-03-25
Chapter 515: The Human Left Behind2019-03-25
Chapter 514: Pregnant2019-03-25
Chapter 513: Realm2019-03-25
Chapter 512: Rekindle2019-03-25
Chapter 511: Realistic Virtual Reality2019-03-25
Chapter 510: Before The Departure2019-03-25
Chapter 509: Maid2019-03-25
Chapter 508: The Mystery Of The Tumors2019-03-25
Chapter 507: Untitled2019-03-25
Chapter 506: Omniscient2019-03-25
Chapter 505: The Second Energy Crystal2019-03-25
Chapter 504: The First Interstellar War (III)2019-03-25
Chapter 503: The First Interstellar War (II)2019-03-25
Chapter 502: The First Interstellar War (I)2019-03-25
Chapter 501: The First Flight Test2019-03-25
Chapter 500: The Interstellar Battleship2019-03-25
Chapter 499: The New Childbirth Technique2019-03-25
Chapter 498: Fighting For The Quota2019-03-25
Chapter 497: Dyson Sphere2019-03-25
Chapter 496: Spring Festival2019-03-25
Chapter 495: Give Birth For Humanity's Future!2019-03-25
Chapter 494: Technological Boom (II)2019-03-25
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