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Etsusa Bridge (Light Novel)


Set on a giant, almost finished bridge between Sadogashima and Niigata. Abandoned by the government, the bridge, and the giant man-made floating island at the center, has become a city of criminals and societal drop-outs.

Set in the same world as Durarara, but 15-20 years later. There is almost no overlap between Etsusa Bridge and the other novels.

194 • 2019-09-02 13:23:17


The chapter Addition Time
Volume 5, Exit2019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 5: 1 & 12019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 4: Lips x Lips Part 22019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 4: Lips x Lips Part 12019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 3: Bow? Wow!2019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 2: Sleep=Death Part 22019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 2: Sleep=Death Part 12019-09-02
Volume 5, Episode 1: Dog vs. Dog2019-09-02
Volume 5, Entrance2019-09-02
Volume 5, 5656! -Knights' Strange Night2019-09-02
Volume 4, Epilogue2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 7: Girl & Ghoul2019-09-02
Volume 4, Interlude 7: Spring-heeled Hijack2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 6-B: Charlotte Liverpool Without a Clue2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 6-A: The Wolf is at the Gate2019-09-02
Volume 4, Interlude 6: Buruburu2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 5-B: Slow Case Files2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 5-A: Wolf Alert2019-09-02
Volume 4, Interlude 5: Paradise East2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 4-B: Return of the Great Louse Detective2019-09-02
Volume 4, Chapter 4-A: Wolf in the West2019-09-02
Volume 4, Interlude 4 (Part 2): The Dark Night’s Suffering2019-09-02
Volume 4, Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 2)2019-09-02
Volume 3, Interlude 4 (Part 1): The Dark Night’s Return2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 3-B: And Then Who was Gone?2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 3-A: Howl & Low2019-09-02
Volume 3, Interlude 3: The Good Demoness of the West2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 2-B: Armchair Defective2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 2-A: Paw and Circumstance2019-09-02
Volume 3, Interlude 2: One Man’s Trash is his Mistake2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 1-B: A Detective Short Story2019-09-02
Volume 3, Chapter 1-A: The Wolfman and the Sea2019-09-02
Volume 3, Interlude 1: Every Dog has his Unlucky Day2019-09-02
Volume 3, Prologue B: Enter the Great Louse Detective2019-09-02
Volume 3, Prologue A: Wolf in Hollow Clothing2019-09-02
Volume 3, Garuguru! -Dancing Beast Night- (Part 1)2019-09-02
Volume 2, Snake Legs: The Man Playing Tricks2019-09-02
Volume 2, Epilogue: Making a Mountain out of a Mousehole2019-09-02
Volume 2, Final Chapter: Rats2019-09-02
Volume 2, Chapter 5: Ginga Kanashima and the Rat King2019-09-02
Volume 2, Chapter 4: The Guard Team2019-09-02
Volume 2, Chapter 3: Miss Unlucky & No Fortune2019-09-02
Volume 2, Chapter 2: Rogue of the East, Witch of the West2019-09-02
Volume 2, Chapter 1: Chainsaw Cat2019-09-02
Volume 2, Prologue: The Present - Rats2019-09-02
Volume 2, Prologue: The Past - Cat2019-09-02
Volume 2, Prologue: The Future - Legends2019-09-02
Volume 2, Mew Mew! -Crazy Cat's Night2019-09-02
Volume 1, Epilogue 2: The Dog’s End2019-09-02
Volume 1, Epilogue: Kuzu is Kuzu2019-09-02
Volume 1, Final Chapter: Etsusa Bridge Dogs2019-09-02
Volume 1, Chapter 3: Buruburu Airwaves2019-09-02
Volume 1, Chapter 2: Night Sea(1)2019-09-02
Volume 1, Chapter 1: Kuzu2019-09-02
Volume 1, Prologue: Mirror Images2019-09-02


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