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Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm (Web Novel)




Oof, 哎哟啊


Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts

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Rejuvenation of spiritual energy, prevalence of martial arts, and extraordinary awakening, Jiang He said that he didn’t panic at all. With a farm system, farming can become stronger.

What should I do if I practice too slowly?

Don’t panic, plant some cucumbers to eat.

Cucumber effects: clearing away heat and detoxification (relieving hundreds of toxins), strengthening the brain and calming the nerves (increasing mental power), strengthening the body (increasing cultivation)

What should I do if I practice without martial arts?

Go to Baidu and copy a copy of Jiuyang Magical Art. By the way, let me give you some fattening feed.


“Congratulations to the host for successfully planting an enhanced version of Nine Suns Magic Art.”

[Enhanced version of Nine Suns Magic Art]

“Cultivation is complete, but the nine suns can come out, burning the mountains and boiling the sea.”

Jiang He: “Wait, system, is this peas in particular? It’s not edible, and the method of use is to throw vigorously??”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 99: Can I Plant A Missile Launcher?2020-10-20
Chapter 98: Do You Take Me For A Fool?2020-10-20
Chapter 97: A Furious Chen Jingzhou2020-10-19
Chapter 96: You’re Quite A Good Shot2020-10-18
Chapter 95: Looking At Everyone Through Rose-Tinted Glasses2020-10-18
Chapter 94: Give You Face?2020-10-17
Chapter 93: Boom! It Blew Up!2020-10-17
Chapter 92: Forgive Me For Being Direct…2020-10-16
Chapter 91: Apocalyptic Zombies!2020-10-16
Chapter 90: Potato Landmine!2020-10-15
Chapter 89: Planting Two Yuanbao Trees2020-10-15
Chapter 88: Revamped Dragon Elephant Prajna Palm2020-10-14
Chapter 87: Special Superpower2020-10-14
Chapter 86: Spouting Nonsense With A Straight Face?2020-10-13
Chapter 85: Decan Decree2020-10-13
Chapter 84: Killer Star Falls Apart2020-10-12
Chapter 83: Kill Him, Kids!2020-10-12
Chapter 82: You Can’t Die On Me, Jiang He2020-10-11
Chapter 81: Got To Get A Maid2020-10-11
Chapter 80: Don’t Dream Of Seeing My Daughter Ever Again!2020-10-10
Chapter 79: Eggplants That Promote Longevity, Eases Swells, and Stops Bleeding2020-10-10
Chapter 78: A Second Superpower2020-10-10
Chapter 77: The Grass Over The Grave Are Over A Meter Tall!2020-10-09
Chapter 76: Is Someone Trying To Hurt Me?2020-10-08
Chapter 75: Fiend Decree2020-10-08
Chapter 74: I’ll Do Handstands and Eat Poo If It Is Not Fuel-Air Explosive!2020-10-08
Chapter 73: They Both Died Quite Horribly2020-10-07
Chapter 72: Was That It?2020-10-07
Chapter 71: You Actually Backstabbed Me!2020-10-07
Chapter 70: Begging On Your Knees Is Useless!2020-10-07
Chapter 69: City of Ruins2020-10-07
Chapter 68: Fated to Never Experience the Joys of Cultivation!2020-10-07
Chapter 67: Let Him Beat You Up Again!2020-10-07
Chapter 66: Cheng Dongfeng Leaves Seclusion2020-10-07
Chapter 65: Planting A Swordplay: The Secret Text of Ninefold Thunderblade!2020-10-07
Chapter 64: Planting A Transformer2020-10-07
Chapter 63: A Toy Car That Transforms2020-10-07
Chapter 62: Forging A Dragon-Slaying Blade2020-10-07
Chapter 61: Outrageous Bullies!2020-10-07
Chapter 60: Murderous Intent Under The Rain!2020-10-07
Chapter 59: Catching Eels For You To Play With2020-10-07
Chapter 58: Raging Sword Qi2020-10-07
Chapter 57: The Side Effects of Pepper2020-10-07
Chapter 56: Indestructible Diamond, Beginner Level2020-10-07
Chapter 55: The Bottle Gourd Brothers!2020-10-07
Chapter 54: Farm Level Up Again!2020-10-07
Chapter 53: In The Presence Of Giants2020-10-07
Chapter 52: Leopard Python, Rank-Seven Feral2020-10-07
Chapter 51: I Work Very Hard In Cultivation!2020-10-07
Chapter 50: Simply Throwing A Few Bombs2020-10-07
Chapter 49: Why Are You So Sure?2020-10-07
Chapter 48: What Foolery Is This?2020-10-07
Chapter 47: Poisoned!2020-10-07
Chapter 46: Bomb First, Talk Later!2020-10-07
Chapter 45: Catching Bullets Bare-Handed Feels Good2020-10-07
Chapter 44: He Ran So Fast!2020-10-07
Chapter 43: Jiang He Awakens!2020-10-07
Chapter 42: Duan Tianhe, Sentimental And Righteous2020-10-07
Chapter 41: Guard-Breaking Golden Blade2020-10-07
Chapter 41: Guard-Breaking Golden Blade2020-10-07
Chapter 40: Wonderful Carrots2020-10-07
Chapter 39: Growing A Blade2020-10-07
Chapter 38: I Have Yet To Use My Advantage!2020-10-07
Chapter 37: You Should Have Fought at Full Power2020-10-07
Chapter 36: I Heard You Have A Bone To Pick With Me?2020-10-07
Chapter 35: Blind Princess’ Eight Practices, Planted Successfully!2020-10-07
Chapter 34: Creating A Cultivation Manual2020-10-07
Chapter 33: Soulless Pill-Downing2020-10-07
Chapter 32: Planting Qi Pellets!2020-10-07
Chapter 31: For Me, The Customer Is Not Always Right2020-10-07
Chapter 30: Sales Pitch2020-10-07
Chapter 29: I Want To Make A Deal With You!2020-10-07
Chapter 28: How Do You Kill A Grandmaster?2020-10-07
Chapter 27: There Is More To Jiang He Than Meets The Eye!2020-10-07
Chapter 26: What Are You Saying? I Can’t Hear You!2020-10-07
Chapter 25: Forgot to Keep Them Alive2020-10-07
Chapter 24: Jiang He Strikes Back2020-10-07
Chapter 23: Medicine, Medicine…2020-10-07
Chapter 22: The Beast Tamer of the Sky Demon Sect Has Come!2020-10-07
Chapter 21: Strengthened Nine Yang Manual2020-10-07
Chapter 20: King Ferals2020-10-07
Chapter 19: The Effect of the Corn2020-10-07
Chapter 18: Sky Demon Sect2020-10-07
Chapter 17: The Real Beast Tamer2020-10-07
Chapter 16: The Violent Beast Tamer Is Online, Slaying Beasts2020-10-07
Chapter 15: Dawg!2020-10-07
Chapter 14: Pea Bomb2020-10-07
Chapter 13: Farm Level Up, Jiang He Makes a Move2020-10-07
Chapter 12: Planted a Money Tree2020-10-07
Chapter 11: Indestructible Diamond, Rank Three Martial Artist2020-10-07
Chapter 10: Planting the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms2020-10-07
Chapter 9: Mind Blown, Planting Cultivation Manuals2020-10-07
Chapter 8: Corn of Wonder2020-10-07
Chapter 7: You’re A Beast Tamer!2020-10-07
Chapter 6: How To Beat Mind-Reading!2020-10-07
Chapter 5: You Are Xiao Wang, Right?2020-10-07
Chapter 4: What Chu Say?2020-10-07
Chapter 3: Dumbo?2020-10-07
Chapter 2: The Cucumber That Improves Spirit and Cultivation2020-10-07
Chapter 1: This World Is Very Dangerous2020-10-07
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