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Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss (Web Novel)


The king of assassins was reborn, mastering both alchemy and poison. Sitting inside the space, there was a ghost that loved crying.

Buying a sickly boy for a hundred gold coins, becoming the master of half a country for no reason.

On their wedding night. She slightly hooked her jade finger, “Come here.”

The man tried weakly bargaining, “Can I redeem myself?”


“Can we wait for the bridal chamber tomorrow?”

She cast a cold gaze, “Give me a reason.”

“I…..My period is here.”

Her head was covered in black lines, “Do you think you would even believe that!”

After four hours——

She weakly said, “I can’t go on anymore, wait until tomorrow.”

The man revealed an evil charming smile and turned her over before pressing down, “Want to run? Too late!”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 885: Qi Long Clan (Part 2)2020-09-13
Chapter 884: Qi Long Clan (Part 1)2020-09-07
Chapter 883: Rejecting Ba De2020-09-06
Chapter 882: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 4)2020-08-31
Chapter 881: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 3)2020-08-30
Chapter 880: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 2)2020-08-26
Chapter 879: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 1)2020-08-23
Chapter 878: Treasure Pavilion (Part 2)2020-08-17
Chapter 877: Treasure Pavilion (Part 1)2020-08-16
Chapter 876: Third floor of the Exquisite Tower (Part 2)2020-08-10
Chapter 875: Third floor of the Exquisite Tower (Part 1)2020-08-09
Chapter 874: The fastest way to become famous2020-08-06
Chapter 873: Law Enforcement Hall2020-08-06
Chapter 874: The fastest way to become famous2020-08-06
Chapter 873: Law Enforcement Hall2020-08-06
Chapter 872: Nothing in the forest (Part 2)2020-07-27
Chapter 871: Nothing in the forest (Part 1)2020-07-26
Chapter 870: Dwarf, say that again (Part 2)2020-07-20
Chapter 869: Dwarf, say that again (Part 1)2020-07-19
Chapter 868: Also some over there2020-07-13
Chapter 867: Seventh spiritual level versus eighth spiritual level (Part 3)2020-07-12
Chapter 866: Seventh spiritual level versus eighth spiritual level (Part 2)2020-07-06
Chapter 865: Seventh spiritual level versus eighth spiritual level (Part 1)2020-07-05
Chapter 864: Chu Tian Che’s past (Part 3)2020-06-29
Chapter 863: Chu Tian Che’s past (Part 2)2020-06-28
Chapter 862: Chu Tian Che’s past (Part 1)2020-06-22
Chapter 861: Kid, you tricked me!2020-06-21
Chapter 860: All freshmen (Part 2)2020-06-15
Chapter 859: All freshmen (Part 1)2020-06-14
Chapter 858: Profound Azure Tiger2020-06-08
Chapter 857: Song Lan Er’s thoughts (Part 3)2020-06-07
Chapter 856: Song Lan Er’s thoughts (Part 2)2020-06-01
Chapter 855: Song Lan Er’s thoughts (Part 1)2020-05-31
Chapter 854: Good plan!2020-05-25
Chapter 853: Academy’s plan2020-05-24
Chapter 852: Yue Zhi Xue (Part 2)2020-05-18
Chapter 851: Yue Zhi Xue (Part 1)2020-05-18
Chapter 850: Chu Tian Che (Part 2)2020-05-11
Chapter 849: Chu Tian Che (Part 1)2020-05-11
Chapter 848: She’s not human (Part 3)2020-05-04
Chapter 847: She’s not human (Part 2)2020-05-04
Chapter 846: She’s not human (Part 1)2020-04-27
Chapter 845: Confession (Part 4)2020-04-27
Chapter 844: Confession (Part 3)2020-04-21
Chapter 843: Confession (Part 2)2020-04-21
Chapter 842: Confession (Part 1)2020-04-16
Chapter 841: Everyone gather2020-04-16
Chapter 840: Genius Bai Tian Yu (Part 4)2020-04-09
Chapter 839: Genius Bai Tian Yu (Part 3)2020-04-07
Chapter 838: Genius Bai Tian Yu (Part 2)2020-04-07
Chapter 837: Genius Bai Tian Yu (Part 1)2020-03-30
Chapter 836: Bai Hua Feng, don’t offend2020-03-23
Chapter 835: New identity (Part 2)2020-03-23
Chapter 834: New identity (Part 1)2020-03-23
Chapter 833: Heavenly Word Rooms (Part 2)2020-03-15
Chapter 832: Heavenly Word Room (Part 1)2020-03-09
Chapter 831: If someone offends me….. (Part 3)2020-03-08
Chapter 830: If someone offends me….. (Part 2)2020-03-03
Chapter 829: If someone offends me….. (Part 1)2020-03-01
Chapter 828: Sun Mound City (Part 2)2020-02-24
Chapter 827: Sun Mound City (Part 1)2020-02-23
Chapter 826: Wind rising and clouds forming (Part 3)2020-02-17
Chapter 825: Wind rising and clouds forming (Part 2)2020-02-17
Chapter 824: Wind rising and clouds forming (Part 1)2020-02-10
Chapter 823: Pill Spirit2020-02-09
Chapter 822: Scarlet Disaster Pill formed2020-02-04
Chapter 821: Let me ride2020-02-04
Chapter 820: Bai Jin Yi’s cultivation2020-01-27
Chapter 819: Can that thing be eaten2020-01-26
Chapter 818: Little human ginseng being played2020-01-26
Chapter 817: Hope of Gold Sand Village2020-01-19
Chapter 816: Treasure of Gold Sand Village2020-01-19
Chapter 815: Quiet Poison Sect2020-01-12
Chapter 814: Early encounter (Part 2)2020-01-06
Chapter 813: Early encounter (Part 1)2020-01-05
Chapter 812: Five Coloured Spiritual Dirt (Part 2)2019-12-30
Chapter 811: Five Coloured Spiritual Soil (Part 1)2019-12-29
Chapter 810: Where’s the little dumb bird?2019-12-23
Chapter 809: Spiritual energy taking form2019-12-23
Chapter 808: Tiger Wings2019-12-23
Chapter 807: Bitter cultivation in the wind2019-12-23
Chapter 806: Three coloured lotus stand2019-12-22
Chapter 805: Use of the Hundred Flower Hands2019-12-22
Chapter 804: Evil Eye White Tiger2019-12-21
Chapter 803: There is something below?2019-12-21
Chapter 802: Cold Jade Bed2019-12-20
Chapter 801: Bodhi is not a tree (Part 2)2019-12-20
Chapter 800: Bodhi is not a tree (Part 1)2019-12-19
Chapter 799: Seeing the Sand Tower2019-12-19
Chapter 798: Secret of the Sand Gold mine2019-12-18
Chapter 797: Gold Sand Village (Part 2)2019-12-18
Chapter 796: Gold Sand Village (Part 1)2019-12-17
Chapter 795: People in ash grey clothes (Part 2)2019-12-17
Chapter 794: People in ash grey clothes (Part 1)2019-12-16
Chapter 793: Lin Zi Yao2019-12-16
Chapter 792: Looking at the stars2019-12-16
Chapter 791: Anyway not thinking about you2019-12-16
Chapter 790: Forced (Part 2)2019-12-16
Chapter 789: Forced (Part 1)2019-12-15
Chapter 788: You’re hungrier than me (Part 2)2019-12-14
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