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Extraordinary Genius (Web Novel) - Chapter 730 - “168” Strategy

Chapter 730 - “168” Strategy

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In his previous life, Feng Yu had not written any proposals. But he had read many proposals on the internet. It was interesting to note that whenever the Government announces any plans, their staffs on the ground will come up with similar proposals. It was as if they were not supporting the Central Government if they did not come up with similar proposals.

For example, the Belt and Road Initiative, which was also known as The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road. There were also the Strategy of Invigorating China Through Science and Education, Sustainable Development of China plans, Great Western Development Strategy, Northeast Area Revitalization Plan, New industrialization strategy, Urbanization of towns strategies, Reinvigorating China through Human Resource strategy, etc.

Among all these strategies, Feng Yu had the deepest impression of 168 plan. This was the slogan of a government initiative. The plan consists of 1 target, 6 core supports and 8 important projects. Many local governments kept repeating this slogan even the villages have similar plans.

But at this time, this plan was still not suggested.

“Our Longjiang Province proposed to set up Beidacang Group after serious consideration. To make this company a success, we have come up with a 168 strategic plan.”

“Huh? What plan? 168 strategic plan?” Zhang Ruiqiang interrupted. What sort of plan was this? He had never heard of this plan before. Who came up with this?

Feng Yu looked at Zhang Ruiqiang unhappily: “Do you still want me to continue?”

“Fine…… continue. I will ask after you have finish.”

“168 strategic plan is made up of 1 goal, 6 core supports and 8 important projects.”

Zhang Ruiqiang frowned. How come this sounds like a slogan? He was a practical person and hated all these slogans with no substances. He hated his men coming up with beautiful slogans but got no results.

When Zhang Ruiqiang writes Government reports, he seldom uses slogans. He only set a target and then work towards the target. More than often, he did more than the target. This was his way of working.

Was Feng Yu’s ‘168 strategic plan’ another empty promise? What age were they in now? The higher-ups were not interested in these slogans!

“The goal of this plan is to commercialize the Agricultural industry. We aim to develop Beidacang Group to become a strong and competitive company in 10 years. We strive to become the model company in China’s modern agriculture industry and have influences in the international market!”

Eh? Zhang Ruiqiang felt this was still a slogan, but this slogan seems possible to achieve. If Beidacang Group was set up successfully, then the company will be very competitive and strong. Among the whole nation modern agriculture industry, they will surely be the model example. But he still have some hesitations about influences in the international market.

It was not because he was not confident enough. Zhang Ruiqiang had also been to other countries for studies visit. China’s agriculture development was still far behind countries like Canada, US, Australia, etc.

But Zhang Ruiqiang thought about this statement for a while. With this statement, it will increase the chances of getting the approval from the higher-ups.

“The six core supports to achieve this goal are, cows and poultry breeding base, grain production base, farm products processing base, agriculture research base.” Feng Yu stopped suddenly.

“6 core supports? Why are there only 4?” Secretary Liu looked up and asked. “What’s the other two?”

Feng Yu was swearing in his heart. What’s the other two? If his graduation thesis for his school was not , he could not even come up with the first 4 support.

But who am I? Don’t say 2 more core supports. I can even come up with another 20 core supports. But I just need time to think about it.

“There is no more tea.”

“Manager Feng, please don’t stop halfway. Can you finish the 6 core supports? Fine…… I will get you a fresh cup of tea now.” Secretary Liu walked out of the office with Feng Yu’s teacup, and Feng Yu quickly rake his brains to think. He still must come up with 8 important projects later.

“Manager Feng, your tea. But it is still very hot. Can you continue with the 6 core supports? It should cool down when you finish.” Secretary Liu returned quickly. He sat down and picked up his pen eagerly.

“The other two core support bases are logistics base and Ecological Agriculture base.” Feng Yu was impressed with himself for coming up with the answers. I am smart.

“What about the 8 important projects?” Secretary Liu took down notes and asked.

“The 8 projects are forestry industry Improvement project, training and education of civilians project, machinery upgrading project…… Errr…… upgrading of food processing project, small towns upgrading project, upgrading of the state enterprises project, land usage project and large-scale agriculture project.”

Feng Yu was counting with his fingers as he listed out the 8 important projects. He had finally thought of 8 projects.

“Manager Feng, there are something I don’t understand. What do you mean by forestry industry Improvement project?” Secretary Liu asked.

“Forest can also be industrialized. You are able to get and sell the pine nuts or mushrooms from the forest. What about wood? Wood are common construction materials and can also be used to make furniture. If the provincial government is able to set up a brand for furniture, it will also be profitable.”

Secretary Liu wrote building materials and furniture in his notes and continued asking. “What about training and education of civilians project? What does it got to do with Beidacang Group?”

“It is very important. If you all are going to let all the state farms enter the company, then it is very important to educate the farmers. The company should take charge of teaching them. Education is critical for the citizens. There are still many farmers who are illiterates. It is also the government’s policy to increase the education level of the people. Beidacang Group is a responsible company. Doing all these are our duties!” Feng Yu starts bullshitting.

But Zhang Ruiqiang and Secretary Liu did not feel Feng Yu was sprouting nonsenses. Their impression of Feng Yu was someone who likes to donate to education.

“Then what is small towns upgrading project? What is the reason for this project?”

“Look, the population at the state farms are very small. There is a big plot of land, but the population is only 10 to 20 thousand. Some bigger state farm have about 100,000 people and they are still split into small groups. We also know that small population will limit our growth and will be hard to manage. It will also waste our resources. We should gather all the people in the farms and build modern small towns for them. Who says that farmers cannot live in high-rise apartments? Who says that there can’t be concrete roads in the farmlands?”

Zhang Ruiqiang nodded. This was a good point. The Central Government had similar suggestions before. But it was not implemented yet as the government do not have to money to relocate so many residents. Who is going to pay for the constructions?

Feng Yu’s plan was to let Beidacang Group take charge of this in the future. But it will cost the company a lot.

“Have you recorded everything down? You all can expend on the points I provided. Remember, you all must elaborate more on the pros and list out one or two cons, like high initial investments, etc. This is to prevent this proposal from being too one-sided. As for the rest, I think I don’t need to teach you all.”

Feng Yu picked up his teacup and sip on his tea. He was feeling proud when he saw the way Zhang Ruiqiang and Secretary Liu looked at him. I am talented!

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