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F (Light Novel) - Volume 1, Afterword

Volume 1, Afterword

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Hello, or nice to meet you, I’m Tamaki Itomori.

“F” is a novel that is still currently in serialization online and was published into a book.

It’s a maiden’s war chronicle……where the main character steadily overcomes trials on a stage that begins with destruction. I like writing about girls who fight.

It’s a novel that is being made public at the same time that it is being set up online, so a lot of my feelings have been packed into this.

When I first starting writing, I had never imagined that there would come a day when it became a single book and was lined up in a bookstore. I really have strong feelings about it. Thank you, Kadokawa Beans Bunko.

Even as I am writing the afterward like this, somehow my strange feelings continue. You never know what will happen in life, and it is a continuation of surprises.

It is a story filled with whips at every turn in the Itomori-style, but I would like to combine it with elements of hearts throbbing and elements of beasts and carefully, cautiously move forward with it. I would be happy if you felt your hearts beat in excitement along with the main character.

And finally, a word of thanks.

I am indebted to the people in charge this time as well. I was able to finish this book because of your support. Thank you very much.

Susunosuke-sama, who drew the illustrations. Every illustration was lovely, from the cute expressions to the brilliant dark colors. I cannot resist the beautiful ambience that keeps me from having my eyes stolen away. Thank you so much for giving the characters a heartbeat.

I also give my heartfelt gratitude to everyone in the Kadokawa Beans Bunko editorial department, the bookstores who sold my books, my family who supported me, and everyone who assisted me.

And I give my thanks to the readers who read “F” back in its online days. Nothing would make me happier than if you stayed with it from here on out.

I hope that all of the readers who read this for the first time in this book will have fun.

Hoping to see you all again.

Tamaki Itomori

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