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F (Light Novel) - Volume 3, Afterword & Short Story

Volume 3, Afterword & Short Story

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Hello, or nice to meet you. It’s Itomori.

“F” is a novel that was publicly available on my website that was revised, and this is the third printed volume.

It is the war chronicles of a girl who took a trip to another world. A part of it was completed within these three volumes. Thank you for accompanying me!

Some of the contents are a bit spoilery from here on out, so please be careful.

The second volume was about the main protagonist’s first battle, so the third volume is about the pattern of human relationships after the battle and Hibiki’s troubles. Hibiki as she is seen by the people of this other world, or something that feels like that. It is the disturbance before bonds are formed. If there are ten people, then there are ten assertions, and an ordinary method won’t do.

The journey of two people and one animal is over. Continuing on from the second volume, it’s a now or never situation, but Hibiki is slowly transforming into a hero. I really like master and servant relationship between a fighting girl (physically speaking) and a knight.

Still, it was fun writing the non-human & beast characters.

My thanks and apologies.

I am always much obliged to the person in charge of me. Thank you always for giving me your considerate advice! I am happy that I was able to safely complete this.

Suzunosuke-sama. Thank you very much for your beautiful illustrations while you were busy. The expressions and the movements of the characters that appear are lovely. They are very pretty, but there is also a playful heart within them, and every illustration is charming. Hibiki is also very cute. She’s a girl with very beautiful eyes!

I thank everyone in the Kadokawa Beans Bunko editorial department, the bookstore staff, the business staff, and everyone related to all the help I received from the bottom of my heart. And I also thank my family for helping me.

The readers who accompanied me from the website times, and the readers who took the bunko version of “F” in their hands. I would be happy if you were able to enjoy it.

I hope that we will still meet again somewhere!

……And with that feeling, the following is a short story. If it pleases you.

“The Storytellers” ……the contents are heartwarming. It takes place after the main story ends.

The time of rest that we finally got hold of.

I lied down with Eru as my pillow as I looked at the people who were sleeping close together or talking to each other.

Louie, who was next to me, eventually started fidgeting. It suddenly hit me when I looked at his face.

“Louie, do you wanna take your Japanese lessons? Or should I tell you stories from my world today?”

He whispered, “The stories, please,” while smiling bashfully. We had always talked about a lot of things whenever we took a break while it was just me and him and Eru traveling together.

The story I told him last time was Rapunzel. What should I tell him today……? Oh, I know; let’s go with that one.

“Jack and the Beansprout.”

I beamed and began telling him the story. People like the Rittei, Ilfai, Juvist, and Banotsuelli started gathering around me, maybe because they were curious about what I was saying. And——.

“That poor giant. It’s Jack who was evil for stealing,” they all started saying.


“Isn’t it impossible, physically speaking, for a man to climb a tree that reaches the heavens no matter how strong he may be?” Juvist asked in all seriousness.

“Where can you get one of these beans?” asked Ilfai, who had taken interest in another point entirely.

“Is this a story from a forbidden tome that worships vice?” asked the Rittei seriously.

……That’s so mean. You’re all so mean.

I got annoyed and decided to announce my next story. It was every girl’s staple—Cinderella! How’s that? Clara’s here too, so I think that they’ll be interested.

And so, I told the story in high spirits——.

“Um……, my apologies, but wouldn’t it hurt your feet a lot if you danced in glass shoes? ……Doesn’t that mean Cinderella essentially went through torture?” Clara asked timidly.

“A pumpkin carriage? What kind of magic is that?” Ilfai asked with dubious interest.

“Wouldn’t it have been faster to have soldiers capture or pursue after her as she fled, instead going out of the way to use the shoe as the only clue to find her?” Louie asked quizzically.

What the heck? None of you have any dreams!

I desperately began to think. Umm, next, next is……, Little Red Riding Hood! And so, I psyched myself up again as I began telling the story——.

“Is the wolf immortal!?” the knights clamored.

“He survived even after having stones crammed into his stomach……?” Louie whispered.

“More importantly, Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother weren’t digested inside the wolf’s body?” Juvist asked with a shudder.

“That was yet another frightful story; to think the wolf didn’t notice that his stomach was cut open and stitched back together with a needle and thread while he slept……” said the Rittei with a strange look on his face.

“A talking wolf?! What kind of high-ranking demonbeast is that?” asked Ilfai, who once again took interest in a completely tangential aspect of the story. Jeez!! The people of Gallè are so…!

“Calm down, all of you. There’s still another problem with the story, isn’t there?”

asked Banotsuelli, who had been silent up until then. He continued,

“the wolf swallowed Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother whole, did he not? Without chewing on them?”

His composed observation caused a stir. ……I hate this, I can’t stand these people!

“No, wait, hold on a second! It’s not impossible for them to have been swallowed whole. For example……look! It’d be possible if the beast was about that size, right?” Ilfai said as he eagerly pointed——.

At Eru.

Everyone fell back against the wall. I, too, took refuse there alongside them without thinking.

I think that really hurt Eru’s feelings. He crouched down in one corner of the room for a while and refused to turn around no matter how many times I called him. Sorry, Eru!

Tamaki Itomori

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