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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel)


It was supposed to be a perfect deal in which both parties got what they needed. However, after the child was born, he tore up the agreement with discontent and told her, “Who said that we’d only have one child? I want twins! Twin brother and sister! You’ll continue giving birth to more children until you bore me a pair of twins!”

Luosang was beyond endurance. “Nian Junting, damn you…” she raised up against him, “Nian Junting, is this fair to the pure love in your heart?”

Then, a marriage certificate was thrown at her.

He landed on her, slowly curved his lips in a smile, saying, “Aren’t you my pure love?”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 670: You’re Going Too Far2020-04-14
Chapter 669: Although No One Else Could Understand What They Were Saying, Luosang Did2020-04-14
Chapter 668: Did You Wait Outside the Whole Night?2020-04-13
Chapter 667: He Didn’t Miss Her at All?2020-04-13
Chapter 666: Making a Baby2020-04-12
Chapter 665: His Baby Would Be the Prettiest and Cutest2020-04-12
Chapter 664: Give Me a Child2020-04-11
Chapter 663: Her Heart Was Racing2020-04-11
Chapter 662: Nian Junting Was Standing by the Door2020-04-10
Chapter 661: The Journey Was Getting Longer and Longer for Her2020-04-10
Chapter 660: Your Shi Xiang Is So Incredibly Handsome and Charming2020-04-09
Chapter 659: Was Yan Su Able to Take Control of This Man with Her Gentle Spirit?2020-04-09
Chapter 658: She Slept with That Man2020-04-08
Chapter 657: Luosang Felt Like Her Heart Had Been Smashed into Pieces2020-04-08
Chapter 656: Stop Peeping at Him Obsessively2020-04-07
Chapter 655: He Was Like a Body of Light, Catching the Attention of Everyone in His Presence2020-04-07
Chapter 654: Will We Be on the Same Plane with Him?2020-04-06
Chapter 653: You Have a Baby?2020-04-06
Chapter 652: She Thought Nian Xi Would Try to Make Peace Between Them, But…2020-04-05
Chapter 651: Fall into Mr. Nian’s Trap2020-04-05
Chapter 650: She Sold Luosang to Be a Godmother2020-04-04
Chapter 649: You Might Give Up on Her, but Not on the Baby2020-04-04
Chapter 648: Flamboyant? She Said His Acting Was Too Flamboyant?2020-04-03
Chapter 647: You’ve Already Caused Harm to Me. How Are You Gonna Make It Up?2020-04-03
Chapter 646: You Will Be Punished for Hitting Your Father2020-04-02
Chapter 645: Miss Xu Chose to Leave You Because of Her Father2020-04-02
Chapter 644: It’s Likely That Jiang Qifei Has Been Threatening Xu Luosang with the Evidence That She Has2020-04-01
Chapter 643: I’ll Know That She’s Really Close to Me2020-04-01
Chapter 642: How Could She Confess to Him in Front of Their Boss?2020-03-31
Chapter 641: Put a Gift in His Hands2020-03-31
Chapter 640: Three Lifetimes and Three Eternities2020-03-30
Chapter 639: Don’t Share It with Yan Su2020-03-30
Chapter 638: Let Me Chase You Instead, Mr. Nian2020-03-29
Chapter 637: A Gentleman Is Going to Read a Love Poem for Luosang2020-03-29
Chapter 636: Since When Was Sang Your Mistress?2020-03-28
Chapter 635: I Knew You Didn’t Want to Leave Me2020-03-28
Chapter 634: Not Even Your Blood Type or Your Horoscope Is as Good as Hers2020-03-27
Chapter 633: Unknowingly, He Had Given Her His Heart2020-03-27
Chapter 632: I Won’t Let You Spoil Me Anymore, I’ll Spoil You Instead.2020-03-26
Chapter 631: Did You Read That File?2020-03-26
Chapter 630: Now That She’s Dumped You, I think I Quite Like Her2020-03-25
Chapter 629: Luo Is Enchanted2020-03-25
Chapter 628: Ah Xun Will Buy Me Better Things2020-03-24
Chapter 627: He Wished Luosang Would Torture Him2020-03-24
Chapter 626: Don’t You Like That I’m Passionate?2020-03-23
Chapter 625: My Wife Likes to Peel Shrimps for Me the Most2020-03-23
Chapter 624: You Won’t Like Me Anymore When You’re Old2020-03-22
Chapter 623: Miss An, You Like Him Too, Don’t You?2020-03-22
Chapter 622: They Needed an Opportunity to Reconcile2020-03-21
Chapter 621: I Can’t Do Such a Thing2020-03-21
Chapter 620: Luosang Had Chills All Over2020-03-20
Chapter 619: Choose Between Your Father and Nian Junting2020-03-20
Chapter 618: You Were Supposed to Have Your Period Today. Why Isn’t It Here Yet?2020-03-19
Chapter 617: Kick Down the Ladder2020-03-19
Chapter 616: She Might Hate Me for the Rest of My Life…2020-03-19
Chapter 615: I Won’t Marry Her2020-03-19
Chapter 614: You’re OK with That? She Is His Ex-Girlfriend, After All.2020-03-17
Chapter 613: Aren’t You Too… Heartless?2020-03-17
Chapter 612: Xiao Si Would Be Devastated to Hear What She Had to Say About Him2020-03-16
Chapter 611: You Became So Ugly2020-03-16
Chapter 610: Just You Wait, Prison Awaits You2020-03-15
Chapter 609: Luosang’s Teeth Never Left a Mark on His Neck2020-03-15
Chapter 608: His Father-in-Law’s Taste Was Certainly Lacking2020-03-14
Chapter 6072020-03-14
Chapter 606: Sang, Is This Your Brother2020-03-13
Chapter 605: Yi Jingxi Is Your Son, Right?2020-03-13
Chapter 604: Luo, You Aren’t Focusing2020-03-12
Chapter 603: You Young Girls Are Energetic2020-03-12
Chapter 602: Promise Me You’ll Spoil Me for the Rest of Your Life2020-03-11
Chapter 601: Last Time, I Was So Embarrassed2020-03-11
Chapter 600: I Thought You Missed Me So Much That Your Heart Ached2020-03-10
Chapter 599: What Right Does She Have to Like Him?2020-03-10
Chapter 598: I Might Just Share About My Happy Moments2020-03-09
Chapter 597: Your Dad and I Are Finally Divorced. Congratulate Me!2020-03-09
Chapter 596: This Time, My Maternal Grandparents Have Stood Up for Us2020-03-08
Chapter 595: I’m Afraid that You Might Be Unhappy If I Bring Luo with Me2020-03-08
Chapter 594: Dad, If You Feel Shortchanged, Just Marry Leng Shuangwei’s Mother.2020-03-08
Chapter 593: His Grandson Was Really Sharp-Tongued2020-03-08
Chapter 592: Have You Consulted Junting?2020-03-06
Chapter 591: You Managed to Be on the Same Side with Your Future Mother-in-Law So Quickly2020-03-06
Chapter 590 Nian Xi Said that Your Thoughts Might Run Wild2020-03-05
Chapter 589 Does the Nian Family Think That I’m Dead?2020-03-05
Chapter 588: Luosang Was Shocked. She Looked at Nian Xi in a Daze.2020-03-05
Chapter 587: Junting and I Love Each Other Deeply, We Won’t Break Up Easily2020-03-05
Chapter 586: Would He Leave Her?2020-03-03
Chapter 585: He Was Rarely So Serious, Unless There Was Something Important2020-03-03
Chapter 584: But that Shouldn’t Be the Reason Why He Should Marry Her2020-03-02
Chapter 583: We Plan to Talk to Miss Xu2020-03-02
Chapter 582: Leng Zhe, the Nian Family Owes You2020-03-01
Chapter 581: So, This Is Because of the Woman You’re With2020-03-01
Chapter 580: She Is the Reason I Am in This Sorry State Today. I Am Going to Ruin Her.2020-02-29
Chapter 579: This Is Leng, Our New Instructor2020-02-29
Chapter 578: I Thought You Said You Didn’t Hear Us Clearly. How Did You Know that We Were Urgent……2020-02-28
Chapter 577: I Almost Forgot to Tell You That Your Roommate Was Home Last Night2020-02-28
Chapter 576: Luo, Tell Me the Truth. Are You Feeling It Tonight?2020-02-28
Chapter 575: I Get Tired When I Can’t See You2020-02-28
Chapter 574: Let’s Break Up Officially2020-02-26
Chapter 573: Let’s Be Friends2020-02-26
Chapter 572: They Had Only Just Met, but He Made Their Relationship Sound So Flirtatious2020-02-25
Chapter 571: I’ll Give It to You, If You Like It2020-02-25
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