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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 356: Do You Care About Young Master? Do You Love Him?

Chapter 356: Do You Care About Young Master? Do You Love Him?

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

CEO Nian — What can she do to me?

Nian Xi — @Sangsang, come out and teach my brother some rules.

Luosang spent a while staring at the phone before she finally tapped ‘reply’ and typed a series of words, then thought for a moment and deleted them. Then, she unhappily turned off her phone and threw it away.

She was really not happy, yet Nian Junting was enjoying himself all this time. She called him all day long, yet he never answered the call. Instead, he went to a bar to have fun.

There are so many pretty girls, so it must be fun.

Have as much fun as you want.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the day after that is Christmas. You can celebrate with someone else.

Don’t ever come back to me the rest of your life if you can.

In the bar, Nian Junting couldn’t stop checking his phone, so much so that Xiao Si was even bored. “Let’s just go back,” he suggested.

“Em, alright.” Nian Junting stood up and walked a few steps. Then, he found that Xiao Si remained sitting in his seat, looking at him sullenly.

“Is there anything else to do?” he asked.

Xiao Si wanted to vomit blood. He just said that to express his discontent, but he didn’t really want to go.

“We’ve only spent half an hour here,” he said.

“I’ve already posted all of my WeChat moments, so why should I stay here?” asked Nian Junting.

Damn you. And you just refused to admit that you came here for a Wechat moment.

Nian Junting thought for a moment and felt a little guilty, so he added, “Don’t look at me like that. In the future, when you’re in the same situation, I will come here with you.”

I won’t be like you though.

Back in the villa, Nian Junting spent a while lying on the bed, then checked his phone and found no comments from Luosang. He lied for a while longer, then checked his phone again. But still, nothing from Luosang.

The whole night, he had his phone on his bedside table and barely slept.

In the morning, after the breakfast was served, Sister Lan saw her Young Master sitting in a chair with a pair of dark circles under his eyes.

“Young Master.” She paused slightly and said, “You didn’t sleep well. Maybe you shouldn’t have coffee this morning.”

“Em,” responded Nian Junting with a deep voice.

It wasn’t like this before. Before, as soon as he posted a WeChat Moment, Luosang would leave a comment and would always interact with him.

She hadn’t called him again.

Is she angry?

Why is she be angry? I should be angry.

Does she want to get back together with Yi Jingxi? Has she gone blind again?

It’s so difficult. My woman can be blind sometimes.

“Sister Lan, give me your phone,” he called Sister Lan.

Sister Lan puzzled at first, but she handed her phone to Nian Junting with hesitation, saying, “Young Master, what do you need it for? My phone only cost about a thousand yuan. It’s not as good as your expensive one.”

“I want to send Luosang a few WeChat messages with your phone. Don’t tell her.” While speaking, Nian Junting opened the WeChat app on Sister Lan’s phone. When seeing Sister Lan’s WeChat name, he was a little speechless.

Sister Lan’s WeChat name was…”A Pretty Orchid”.

That’s… Nian Junting couldn’t think of a thing to say about it.

Sister Lan immediately figured out that her Young Master had had a quarrel with his girlfriend.

Well, he’s using me again.

Nian Junting found Luosang on WeChat, then messaged her—Sangsang, are you in a fight with Young Master?

Three minutes later, Luosang responded—Why?

A Pretty Orchid—Nothing. Young Master seems in a bad mood. That’s why I asked.

Lousang—We had some disagreements.

A Pretty Orchid—Young Master is really nice. He wouldn’t lose temper for no reason. Did you do something wrong to him?

Luosang—Sister Lan, don’t you know what kind of a person I am? What could I possibly have done wrong to him?

A Pretty Orchid—Young Master’s hand is wounded. Someone bit him. He lost a lot of blood…

Luosang—Did you dress his wound? I bit him, but that’s because he made me angry.

A Pretty Orchid—Sangsang, you care a lot about him, don’t you? Do you love him?

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