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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 357: Oh, I Thought Nian Junting Was Texting Me Using Your Phone

Chapter 357: Oh, I Thought Nian Junting Was Texting Me Using Your Phone

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After he sent the last text, he didn’t get any replies from Luo Sang. Nian Junting fiddled with the phone agitatedly. When he looked up, he saw Sister Lan staring at him. “Young master, can I have my phone back?”

“What’s the hurry? Go have some breakfast,” Nian Junting said coldly.

After another couple of minutes, he double texted Luo Sang. Why did you stop replying? You don’t love young master as much now?

After a while, the phone buzzed. “Xu Luosang” popped up on the screen, and Nian Junting swiped to hurriedly hang up. He replied, Young master is beside me right now, I can’t pick up the phone.

Oh, I thought Nian Junting was texting me using your phone.

Nian Junting grunted and replied, How can that be? Young master would never do such a childish thing. He has been coming home late every night. I think he has been out partying. Master Xiao told me that there were many ladies chasing after him at the bar. I’m just giving you a heads up because we’re good friends. Don’t let such a good man go!

I’m not letting him go, it’s just that he has been having so much fun outside, I didn’t want to disturb his adventures. I’ll just let him do whatever he enjoys, Luo Sang replied.

I’m asking you, do you love him or not? If you do, go and look for him tonight. It’s Christmas Eve, after all. If you really want to break up or reconcile with Yi Jingxi, then it’s fine. What’s so great about Yi Jingxi anyway? He can’t compare to our young master.

Um… it’s difficult to explain over text, let me call you.

It’s a yes or no question, why can’t you just answer me? Am I right about you?

Don’t be agitated. Let’s talk over the phone. Go and hide from your young master. You’ve been texting me for so long now, anyway.

You jinxed it, he just called me. I have to go now. It’s ok if you don’t want to answer me now. Don’t regret it when someone else steals young master away. After sending the last text, Nian Junting cleared the conversation history and returned the phone impatiently. “She suspects that I was the one texting her. If she calls, you have to deny everything.”

Sister Lan was stressed. “Young master, would you tell me what you were talking about then? I’m worried that I’ll slip up.”

Nian Junting blushed and said patronizingly, “I just advised her to reconcile with me.” With that, he marched off.

Sister Lan looked at her phone and grinned. Ever since he had gotten into a relationship, young master was becoming more and more thick.

At the CEO’s office.

Everyone in the office could tell that their boss was in a terrible mood that day. He scolded a secretary for eating an apple in the morning, and when Lu Kang brought one for him, he yelled at him and said, “You’re only good at delivering apples now, are you? How are things with the mail that I asked you to find?”

Lu Kang replied innocently, “I went to the dispatch office, and the delivery guy said that he received an order to deliver the package. When I chased down the sender, it was a blind guy who said that someone offered him 1,000 dollars to send the package out, a male, he said.”

Nian Junting snorted in disbelief. “What a scheme.”

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