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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 358: It’s A Gift from My Woman. It’s Filled with her Love

Chapter 358: It’s A Gift from My Woman. It’s Filled with her Love

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“Yeah, they’ve racked their brains scheming,” Lu Kang added.

Nian Junting pondered for a while, then said, “Find a way to send Ye Chuen abroad. She’s so annoying.”

Lu Kang wanted to cry. Ye Chuen was the niece of the chairwoman of Zhong Zhou, so as an assistant, what could he possibly do to her? Besides, Ye Chuen was now trying everything she could to build her career in the entertainment circle, and she wouldn’t want to willingly go abroad.

“Mr. Nian, do you think Ye Chuen did this?”

“I’m not sure. Just send her abroad, then let’s see if more things like this will happen. We’ll know,” said Nian Junting blandly.

Lu Kang didn’t know what to say.

Nian Junting rubbed his forehead and said, “Get out, I’m tired.”

Lu Kang wore a bitter face.

He was tired too.

Even sadder was that as Nian Junting’s personal assistant, he found that the closer to the end of his work hours, the worse his boss’s mood would be. No matter what his boss said, his words would be terribly cold.

Under Nian Junting’s frigid eyes, he gathered enough courage and asked him another question. “Mr. Nian, it’s Christmas Eve tonight. Would you like to…book a table somewhere, and have a date with Ms. Xu?”

“Date?” Nian Junting turned his icy cold eyes to Lu Kang and responded with, “Why would I go on a date with her? I’m busy.”

“Then… Would you like to keep a few apples? Many girls want to receive apples as a gift at Christmas Eve,” said Lu Kang kindly.

Nian Junting glared at him and said in a frosty tone, “Do you love apples? How many times have you mentioned it? Finish all the apples in your hands before leaving work.”

Lu Kang wanted to cry.

He brought six apples, and he couldn’t possibly eat all of them.

At half-past five, Lu Kang brought another apple into Nian Junting’s office. The apple had a bowknot on it.

Nian Junting, who was working, saw Lu Kang carefully put the apple on his desk.

“I told you not to bring me apples!” Nian Junting angrily threw the apple at the wall.

The woman hadn’t contacted him yet, which meant he was going to spend Christmas Eve alone. Did anyone know how irritated he was?

He now really wanted to tear every couple in the secretary room who were preparing to spend Christmas Even together apart.

Lu Kang blinked and said, “That… apple is from Ms. Xu…”

Nian Junting’s dark face suddenly froze.

He abruptly stood up and asked, “What did you say? Is it Xu Luosang?”

“Yeah,” Lu Kang nodded. Do you know any other Ms. Xu’s?

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Where is she?” Nian Junting glared at him and asked, “Outside?”

“Downstairs. I picked the apple at the bottom of the stairs. She doesn’t want to come up,” said Lu Kang.

Nian Junting kicked the chair away and walked out quickly. After walking a few steps, he turned back and picked up the apple from the ground. Earlier, he threw the apple away too hard, so a quarter of the apple was now missing, and the rest of it was covered in wounds.

He grabbed the apple, wiped it on his clothes, then took a bite of it.

Lu Kang was shocked. He said, “That… Mr. Nian, it’s broken. Don’t eat it.”

“I have to eat it, so I’ll be safe next year. If I’m not safe next year, will you take the responsibility? Besides, it’s a gift from my woman. It’s full of her love. Anyway, you’ve never been in love, so you wouldn’t be able to understand.” After saying this, Nian Junting walked out of the office in large steps while eating the apple.

Lu Kang couldn’t think of a word to say.

We both gave him apples, but why did he treat us so differently?

Nian Junting quickly went downstairs. Seeing the eye-catching, pretty lady standing by the gate who was wearing a vintage style, long dress and a plaid blazer, looking tall and slim, young and fashionable, he immediately slowed down to make himself look proud.

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