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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 360: I Finally Know that You Love Me

Chapter 360: I Finally Know that You Love Me

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You surely can’t misunderstand me. I live in the silt but I am not imbrued,” Nian Junting responded, making himself sound very reasonable.

Luosang laughed, saying, “Are you saying that I live in the silt and am dirty?”

“…That’s not what I mean.” Nian Junting coughed slightly. No matter how dense he could be, he now clearly understood that the woman in front of him was mad. “The point is, that man is no one else but Yi Jingxi. You told me yourself that you loved him.”

“You’d get angry, even if he wasn’t Yi Jingxi. I was just doing homework with a male student, yet you lost your temper.” Luosang frowned and raised her head to look at him. What happened in the library was fresh in her memory.

Nian Junting didn’t say anything, but stood there, wearing an indescribable look.

“You can’t do that again,” Luosang made a deep breath to calm herself down. This was a special day. He could be unreasonable sometimes, and she didn’t allow herself to be like him.

“Think about it, You’re a CEO. You’re surrounded by female secretaries and other female employees every day. Off work, you need to engage in all sorts of social activities. Bases on the bad trends in your rich-people society, should I be worrying all day long? No to mention anyone else, An Lan, the lawyer who works for your company, she’s so pretty and she likes so. Should I be jealous of her?” Luosang asked.

“An Lan?” Nian Junting finally smiled, “You have a very good memory. She only saw her once, but you remember her. You weren’t unhappy back then, weren’t you? You must have seen her as your biggest rival in love.”

Luosang was speechless.

He could always misinterpret the meanings of her words.

“Luo, I was wrong,” Nian Junting gently held her hands, looking at her with a pair of ocean-deep eyes while saying, “I finally know that you love me.”

“When did I not love you?” Luosang sighed.

“When you bit me,” Nian Junting sounded aggrieved, “I wanted to control myself that day. But when seeing you sitting together with that boy intimately, I…”

“Stop, we weren’t intimate, alright? Don’t add wrong words,” Luosang raised her hand and said, “We kept a distance.”

“I don’t know. In my eyes, you sitting side by side with a boy means intimacy. Think about it, we go out for dinner, you always sit in front of me. Why do you have to sit side by side to discuss homework?” Asked Nian Junting.

Luosang was again speechless. “What I about I sit side by side with you when eating, and face to face with others when discussing homework? That’s the biggest compromise I can make.”

Nian Junting pictured her sitting face to face with a male student and discussing homework, still very unpleasant.

However, he knew that if he didn’t take a step back, tonight would end in an unhappy way.

‘Forget it. Since she took the initiative to talk to me, I’ll just compromise a little,’ he said to himself.

“Alright,” he said.

Luosang sighed with relief, raised his hand which was bitten by her, said, “In fact, I didn’t mean to bite you. You grabbed me too hard.”

“I’m sorry,” Nian Junting finally apologized.

He was strong indeed.

Luosang smiled and continued, “Have you read The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? In that book, Zhao Min loved Zhang Wuji, so she bit him hard on his hand to make him remember her.”

Nian Junting puzzled at first, then said, “I don’t have the time to read it.”

“No way,” said Luosang.

“My parents were very strict when I was a kid. During my school time and army time, I never finished one TV series,” Nian Junting sighed.

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