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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 361: You’ve Changed, Let Me Take a Look at You

Chapter 361: You’ve Changed, Let Me Take a Look at You

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Luo Sang felt bad for him all of a sudden. Perhaps the greater your family empire, the greater the pressure you must shoulder. Her family had had great hopes for her since she was young, too. Her father was the principle. He would be made a laughing stock if her results were bad.

“They didn’t have to be so strict with me. Although I don’t have a photographic memory, I could still easily breeze through the school years,” Nian Junting added.


She shouldn’t have pitied him.

“But now I know that it can mean something else when someone bites me. Luoluo, feel free to bite me whenever you want.” He extended his uninjured hand to her.

“I’m not a dog, ok?” Luo Sang pushed his arm away. “Who is so malicious to send you these photos? They are purposely trying to get between us.”

“I have two suspicions. It’s either Ye Chuen or Yi Jingxi trying to make me jealous.” Nian Junting looked solemn. “I asked Lu Kang to look into the matter, but it was a dead end, and we didn’t manage to find anything.”

Luo Sang nodded. It was a reasonable postulation.

“Oh, right. You said you were pushed by Shui Chang. Are you hurt?” Nian Junting glanced at her from head to toe. He was frustrated that Yi Jingxi was the one who had saved her, once again. Just like that time when she fell into the pool.

“Thank goodness, Yi Jingxi protected my… head…” Luo Sang was mid-sentence when she noticed that his expression had turned dark again.

“He saved you twice in a row.” Nian Junting looked at her indignantly. “Are you moved by his actions?”

“Impossible. He was the one who sent my father to prison. I feel nothing but repugnance for that man. I would never be thankful for him.” Luo Sang shook her head vigorously.

“But… I really should thank him this time,” Nian Junting said hesitantly. “If he hadn’t saved you, I would have lost you forever. It’s all Shui Chang’s fault. I went too easy on her previously.”

“Let’s not pursue this any further. She was driven to the edge when you posted those photos of her online. She received a lot of backlash from our classmates. She’s been staying away from me. I don’t want any more trouble,” Luo Sang pleaded.

“…Alright.” Nian Junting looked at her quietly. “I haven’t seen you in two days. You’ve changed. Let me take a proper look at you.”

“How could I have changed within two days?” Luo Sang was embarrassed that he was staring at her that way.

“You’re even more beautiful now.”


Luo Sang blushed and realized that it was already time for people to knock off from work. Many of the workers were looking at them curiously.

“Alright, let’s not stand here anymore. Your workers are staring.”

“So what? They’re staring because you’re so beautiful! There’s nothing to be scared of.” Nian Junting chuckled. “I’m going to show you off to all the single men in this office.” He would never forget how miserable he felt when he saw couples around over the past two days.

“I don’t want to be stared at like an endangered animal.” Luo Sang bit her lip and widened her eyes, signaling Nian Junting to cut it out.

“True. Come up with me, then. I have some documents that I need to settle first. We can go for dinner afterwards.” Nian Junting wrapped his arms around her and dragged her towards the elevator. They were in the line of sight of all the workers on their way home. Luo Sang only relaxed when they entered the elevator.

Nian Junting noticed the paper bag that Luo Sang was carrying. “What are you holding there? Let me help you.”

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