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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 362: This is My Girlfriend, the Future Mrs. Nian

Chapter 362: This is My Girlfriend, the Future Mrs. Nian

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Luosang stayed silent and let Nian Junting take the bag.

He opened the bag and found a grey scarf in it.

Taking it out, he found that it was a long, men’s scarf.

“Is this a gift for me?” He smiled and sounded proud. “Xia City isn’t cold. Why would you give me a scarf?”

“Did I say it was for you?” Luosang glanced at him.

“It’s not for me? Who is it for then?” Nian Junting’s face darkened. “Tell me. I’ll break his neck so he won’t be able to wear it.”

Luosang didn’t know how to respond.

“Tell me,” Nian Junting said as he stared at her.

Luosang rolled her eyes and said, “I was going to give it to you, but you clearly don’t want it.”

“I knew it. It’s for me.” Nian Junting proudly snorted and said, “I didn’t say that I didn’t want it. It’s not cold, but since this is a gift from you, I’ll wear it no matter how warm it is.”

Once he finished talking, he wrapped the scarf around his neck and looked at himself in the mirror in the elevator. After that, he turned to her and asked, “Do I look handsome?”

“Yes, very handsome.” Luosang straightened the scarf for him. He was wearing a brick-hued, double-breasted suit today. Most people would look old-fashioned in a suit like this, yet he looked like someone who was attending Fashion Week.

With the scarf that she gave him, he now looked like a tasteful Italian man.

“It’s all because of your good taste.” Nian Junting put his arm around her and said, “Luo, the scarf you gave me is pretty.”

“Yeah, I knitted it myself,” Luosang smiled.

Nian Junting paused slightly. He picked up the scarf, looked at it carefully, then he lifted her hands and stared at them while saying, “Luo, you’re amazing. My woman is really perfect. You can even do difficult work like knitting a scarf. And the scarf is so pretty. Is there any woman who is better than you?”

Hearing his compliments, Luosang’s face grew hot. “Don’t exaggerate. How hard can it be? Many girls can knit scarves.”

“None of the women I knew could do it. You’re the first one.” Nian Junting wasn’t trying to hide his admiration at all. “Luo, you needed to study and went on dates with me everyday. You must have put lots of effort into this scarf.”

“A little. I stayed up till midnight every night knitting it.” Luosang rolled her eyes and said, “I was knitting it last night. However, someone was enjoying his time in a bar. Your WeChat Moment was interesting. Maybe you shouldn’t spend time with me, and instead hang out with yourself tonight. The night world is fascinating.”

“Are you jealous?” Nian Junting smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I didn’t touch any women. Nothing is more fascinating than being with you.”

Luosang chuckled and responded with, “Didn’t you say that I couldn’t rule you?”

“Of course you can’t, but I’m willing to let you.”

The elevator had stopped for a while. Nian Junting held her hand, walked out, and said, “Luo, I know you’ve worked hard for this scarf. I’ll wear it every day this winter.”

Thinking that Luosang quietly knitted a scarf for him during the days they were in a fight made Nian Junting feel very guilty.

He told himself that he must treat her better.

“You don’t have to do that.” The corner of Luosang’s mouth twitched slightly. “I’ll make you a few more if you like.”

Nian Junting carressed the back of her head, then guided her to his office.

“Mr. Nian.” The people in the secretary room all stood up hurriedly.

“Let me introduce someone to you,” he said in a serious tone, “This is my girlfriend, the future Mrs. Nian.”

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