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Fantasy System (Web Novel)






Comedy Fantasy Harem School Life

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After crossing over to another world which seemed to be a fusion between many anime worlds, The Fantasy System was unlocked for Mu Fan. After finishing the tasks given by the system, Fantasy points are given which allows him to gain access to the Fantasy store that was full of daily talents and more.

Yuuki Asuna: You know how to cook a lot of dishes. Can you teach me?

Sagiri: I don’t know anyone called Eromanga-Sensei.

Many more characters and interesting plots await us.

1281 • 2019-08-28 11:10:07


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 290: The Gatekeeper2020-03-16
Chapter 289: Ancestors and Creators2020-03-11
Chapter 287: Death Magic2019-08-28
Chapter 286: The Tower of Origin, Once Again2019-08-28
Chapter 285: Edmund, The Protector of Avalon2019-08-28
Chapter 284: White World2019-08-28
Chapter 283: The Weapon Left Behind2019-08-28
Chapter 282: Let Loose2019-08-28
Chapter 281: The Dead Are Here2019-08-28
Chapter 280: Strength2019-08-28
Chapter 279: Royal Wedding2019-08-28
Chapter 278: Loss2019-08-28
Chapter 277: Truth and Resolve2019-08-28
Chapter 276: A New Addition2019-08-28
Chapter 275: Battle of Generations2019-08-28
Chapter 274: Lightning Stomp2019-08-28
Chapter 273: Warm Tears2019-08-28
Chapter 272: Time to Sleep2019-08-28
Chapter 271: Triple Advancement2019-08-28
Chapter 270: Confusion at Headquarters2019-08-28
Chapter 269: Wicked Strategy2019-08-28
Chapter 268: Still Have a Chance2019-08-28
Chapter 267: Our of the Prediction2019-08-28
Chapter 265: Gaping Hole2019-08-28
Chapter 264: Poison Human2019-08-28
Chapter 263: Avenged2019-08-28
Chapter 262: Calamity Black Dragon2019-08-28
Chapter 261: First One Down2019-08-28
Chapter 260: Notice2019-08-28
Chapter 259: Battle of Immortals2019-08-28
Chapter 258: Poison Resistance2019-08-28
Chapter 257: Poison2019-08-28
Chapter 256: Easy to Slash2019-08-28
Chapter 255: Excelsior2019-08-28
Chapter 254: Ryuunosuke Nakamura2019-08-28
Chapter 253: A Gathering of Masters2019-08-28
Chapter 252: Confession2019-08-28
Chapter 251: The City's Location2019-08-28
Chapter 250: The City that Disappeared2019-08-28
Chapter 249: Proposal2019-08-28
Chapter 248: Are You Mad?2019-08-28
Chapter 247: Three More Hours2019-08-28
Chapter 246: Nirvana Blade2019-08-28
Chapter 245: Shadow and Lightning2019-08-28
Chapter 244: State of the World2019-08-28
Chapter 243: 'Eternal Dragon, Grant my Wish'2019-08-28
Chapter 242: Reasons for Being Here2019-08-28
Chapter 241: Vortigern Avalon2019-08-28
Chapter 240: Notice2019-08-28
Chapter 239: Beach Day2019-08-28
Chapter 238: Golden Beach2019-08-28
Chapter 237: Sword Duel2019-08-28
Chapter 236: Trust2019-08-28
Chapter 235: Edward Avalon The Sword Sect Master2019-08-28
Chapter 234: Never Waking Up2019-08-28
Chapter 233: The Sect Has a New Master2019-08-28
Chapter 232: He's Not a Skeleton2019-08-28
Chapter 231: Uninvited Guests2019-08-28
Chapter 230: Sword Sect2019-08-28
Chapter 229: Conclusion of the War2019-08-28
Chapter 228: A Caged Wife2019-08-28
Chapter 227: Last Beats2019-08-28
Chapter 226: Transformation2019-08-28
Chapter 225: Death2019-08-28
Chapter 224: Transformation2019-08-28
Chapter 223: Too Late2019-08-28
Chapter 222: Royal Guards2019-08-28
Chapter 221: Broken Wall2019-08-28
Chapter 220: Plan2019-08-28
Chapter 219: Re-Match2019-08-28
Chapter 218: Established Alliance2019-08-28
Chapter 217: War With the Beastmen2019-08-28
Chapter 216: Subordinate2019-08-28
Chapter 215: Sudden Attack2019-08-28
Chapter 214: Glistening Scales2019-08-28
Chapter 213: A Familiar Spot on the Ninth Floor2019-08-28
Chapter 212: Ball of KI2019-08-28
Chapter 211: It Is Our Fault2019-08-28
Chapter 210: Familiar Face2019-08-28
Chapter 209: Travel2019-08-28
Chapter 208: A Toast to the Dead2019-08-28
Chapter 207: Party Function2019-08-28
Chapter 206: Secret Technique2019-08-28
Chapter 205: Lightning Strike2019-08-28
Chapter 204: Battle at The Epitome2019-08-28
Chapter 203: Creation Ability2019-08-28
Chapter 202: Immortal Establishment Level 42019-08-28
Chapter 201: The Promised Return2019-08-28
Chapter 200: The Start of the Counterattack2019-08-28
Chapter 199: Good Work Ed2019-08-28
Chapter 198: Thirty Minutes Until the Climax2019-08-28
Chapter 197: Lifeless Body2019-08-28
Chapter 196: Third Day2019-08-28
Chapter 195: Arrow2019-08-28
Chapter 194: Declaration of War2019-08-28
Chapter 193: Suicidal Plan2019-08-28
Chapter 192: One Week's Time2019-08-28
Chapter 191: Crafting and Refining2019-08-28
Chapter 190: Healed2019-08-28
Chapter 189: Preparation2019-08-28
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