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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 190: Healed

Chapter 190: Healed

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"Use two cards on function Gacha," said Ed. He was planning to heal Bard and Audun to let them power up to their original state in these two weeks. He was planning to give them some pills that could heal them, but he didn't have time. He needed them to be at their best.

[Drawing, please wait]

Acquired Transformation card, Upgrade card.

Ed frowned as he didn't get the card that he wanted. He drew again and got one Transformation card and one Healing card. He was already halfway there, but he frowned as he didn't have many Gacha tickets. He kept hunting Blood sect posts and killed Immortal Establishment cultivators, yet all he got were eight tickets. And now, half of them had disappeared.

Ed managed to get one more Healing card and one Upgrade card after drawing two times. He had two Gacha tickets left, and he didn't want to waste them, so he shut off the Gacha.

Ed next appeared in the sect grounds. He strolled around while noticing the disciples being restless. He didn't know if they were up to date with the current state of emergency, or they were told nothing. He located Eric in a hurry and asked him about the location of the two he was looking for.

"They're in the Elders' hall discussing plans with Leonard. You can just walk inside, but I suggest you wait until they finish. They've only been there for a short amount of time, but I guess they'll finish soon." Eric answered him while looking at the state of the sect. Ed guessed that he was also bothered by the situation, but chose to keep his emotions under control.

"Where's Griffin and Oliver?" Ed noticed that they weren't around, so he asked about them.

"They're in the hall inside training. They plan on training by day, and cultivate by night." Eric answered him and Ed could understand that Eric would join them as soon as things calm down a little. Ed was going to assist them by refining some pills and passing them around. He had thought about making bulks of them but was always busy with sudden happenings.

Ed walked inside after a couple of minutes and waited near the hall. He only needed to wait for about twenty minutes before the Elders finished discussing things.

"Oh, Edward. What are you doing here?" Leonard noticed him first and asked him. His words attracted the attention of the other Elders and they peeked at him while walking out of the hall.

"I have some business with Bard and Audun," said Ed. He didn't say anything more, so the Elders that weren't meant to stay didn't stay. Leonard also left and only three people remained inside. Ed walked into the hall they had just left, and Bard and Audun followed after him.

"Is there something wrong, Ed?" Audun asked with a bit of worry in his voice. He was just told about the invasion coming and thought that Ed might drop another bomb on their heads. They were the least useful of the Elders currently, and knew that they couldn't help with much.

"You guys were just told about the invasion, and you are new Elders. Even if you leave now, no one will blame you. So I will ask you only once, do you want to abandon Avalon?" Ed didn't want to drag them into the fight without first knowing how they truly felt. If they told him that they didn't want to be involved, he would send them back to their normal lives without any issues.

"What are you saying, master Ed. Did we give you the impression of being petty men that would abandon a ship after boarding it?" Bard let out a couple of dry laughs while looking at Ed.

"I see. I'm the foolish one for asking you such a thing, forgive me." Ed could see their determination shining in their eyes. He also felt like a fool for asking a question, even though he could foresee their answer.

"Sit down on those two chairs next to each other." Ed pointed at two chairs that were being used by the Elders just now. The two of them followed his instructions and dragged the chairs from the round table they were next to. They put the chairs next to each other and sat there.

"Eat these and try to focus on your QI." Ed passed them two small green pills and walked behind them. Both of them held the pills in their palms and shot some questioning looks towards each other.

"" They didn't say anything, but they could understand what was going through each other's heads. A sense of anticipation surged through their bodies, causing their muscles to tighten up. Their old heart started pumping madly as if it could wait for what would happen.

They threw the pills into their mouth and sent it straight towards their stomach. Being veterans, they could tell that such a pill wouldn't heal them. They could also tell that people had secrets, and this was a way for Ed to protect his. They closed their eyes and waited. Their legs tapping on the floor as they couldn't wait any longer. It has been many years since they were injured, so they knew how to wait, but not this time.

'Use two Healing cards on them.' Ed contacted the system through his mind as he crushed the cards. The crushed cards turned into a shining wind that surrounded the bodies of the two in front of him. The wind then gathered into one singular point in their body, right under their navel.

A couple of seconds went by without anything happening. Right as the two of them tried to open their eyes, a surge of QI filled their bodies with strength. The QI couldn't be contained by their body and started to come out of their pores. Their QI explosion could be felt from the sect, all the way to the castle. The Elders and Leonard, who were outside, felt this and returned back to the hall. They saw two figures that had aged back a dozen or so years, holding Ed's hands while sobbing.

"Congratulations on being healed," said Ed. Leonard and the Elders understood what had happened and clapped in celebration.

Ed left the room to allow the Bard and Audun to catch up with their QI. He went back to his room and started preparing.

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