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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 195: Arrow

Chapter 195: Arrow

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The armies behind Ed needed this sort of thing to boost their near-dead morale. His declaration of war served three purposes at once. The first one, helping his allies get their head into the game. As the first ones to get the kill, they could only build up on that and not disappoint. The second one was the fact that the enemy tried to pull a fast one on them and failed. They lost the initiative and they had no way to reclaim it.

The last purpose served a very big role that would help Ed unfold his plans in the future. The fact that the enemy saw him and his face was good enough for him.

Ed retreated to the back and Hayato took his place. As they passed through each other, Hayato heard Ed talking to him.

"It's up to you now, commander." Hayato knew what Ed meant and what he should do. He withdrew his sword, coated with fire, and slashed at the dead bodies standing before his army. The fire continued to burn until it dissipated everything. Still, no sort of response came from the enemy, so Hayato continued to do his thing.

"Central army, listen to me!" Hayato spoke in a high voice, capable of reaching all the way to the last member in his army. Coincidentally, it also managed to reach far into the ranks of the enemy army.

"The despicable Blood sect tried to use underhanded methods to catch us off guard. Yet! They still failed! And just like they failed now, they will fail to win over us!" His voice echoed around the empty wasteland, enabling people to hear it more than once.

"They may have the number of soldiers, but we are made from the elites of the elites. Our caliber as warriors, cultivators, as soldiers! Is much higher than theirs! And, since we're the largest army, we will show them our quality. Each one of you men will aim for ten, nay, twenty kills each! We will end them today!"

With Hayato's speech, the fire lit by Ed burned even fiercer. The soldier could feel their whole body burning, and their hearts lost the coldness that took over them yesterday. A cumulative shout of 100.000 soldiers left their lungs and shook the earth, the sky, and the air vibrated. Those on horses could feel them neighing along with their riders.

"Bard, Audun. Take 30.000 men each and split into a left and right force. I'll take the remaining 40.000 and charge first." Looking at the five armies waiting in front of them, Hayato had no choice but to split his forces into three. This way, his army will take on three armies, leaving the remaining two to Leonard and Dean's armies.

Audun and Bard didn't object, as it was the correct choice. As they finished their preparations, they heard marching sounds. The armies in front of them started raising their speed while targeting them. The leaders of the armies took notice of this and informed their soldiers in an instant.

"Chaaaaarge!" Hayato, Leonard, and Dean. All three of them made the order at the same time, and their soldiers rushed into actions. The fire burning inside of them turned into energy as they ran like mad beasts.

The distance between the two parties was by no means short. Yet, it didn't last long until they were face to face. The soldiers on Blood sect's side couldn't help but slow down, as in front of them three gallant figures stood. Hayato and the other two other commanders lead their armies in the front. The fact that they stood in front of their soldiers and not behind them raised their morale, as well as confidence, even more. But on Blood sect's side, no such commander did this.

Like an arrow, Hayato and his soldiers penetrated deep into the central army. They seemed like an arrow going through a thick log of wood. Enemies surrounded them from everywhere, but they didn't stop. Wind, Fire, so on and so forth. A cultivation world war differed greatly from a normal war. People died faster, and might ruled the battlefield. The fact that the commanders of Blood sect's army didn't come to the front line would bite them in the end.

However, if the coalition army didn't play his cards right, they would end up in a dangerous position. This first day proved to be pivotal, as it would be their chance to claim as many lives as they could before the commanders intervened.

"You think we'll let keep killing as you wish?!" An enemy cavalry approached Hayato and slashed at him. But, before he let his hand down to complete the slash, an arrow penetrated his head. The arrow didn't stop there and claimed a couple of enemy lives before stopping. Hayato turned to see the origin of the arrow and saw Bard preparing the second one. Bard stayed back in the original spot, but he could still aid Hayato from so far away.

Before Hayato's army could submerge itself in the enemy lines, the two enemy armies to the right and left started moving. The bulk of 200.000, on each side, started moving at once. Their goal, to overwhelm Hayato's army and put an end to it.

But, before they could surround them, three figures at the end of the army stopped their charge. Eric, Griffin, and Charlie. Three Heavenly Establishment cultivators stopped the rush of two armies.

"Be careful! They have Heavenly Establishment cultivators hiding as infantry!" One of the more powerful cavalries noticed the three's presence and warned the others. Those that were at Heavenly in Blood sect's army advanced forward to take them on, only to be killed at their hands.

"You came to us, so you shouldn't leave just yet. We still need to have some more fun with you." Hayato's army continued to kill while Eric and the others halted the advance of two armies.

Three Blood sect armies were locked in combat with only one. This further increased the confidence of the coalition army soldiers. And, since the two armies were occupied by Eric and the other two, they failed to notice two armies approaching their rear.

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