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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 200: The Start of the Counterattack

Chapter 200: The Start of the Counterattack

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"So this is why you had me send that detachment? To weaken the army and strike when I'm absent? Even if you do that, the detachment I sent will decimate whatever troops you had hidden. Plus, the detachment e sent towards Avalon will be back with the heads of your family soon." Harald didn't seem fazed with the forces surrounding him. Instead, he withdrew a Glaive and his QI started rumbling inside his body.

His words were meant to demoralize Ed and Arthur, but it didn't seem to affect them in any way. Elizabeth, Bella, Oliver and many others remained back in Avalon to maintain the order there. The fact that a detachment was sent to Avalon meant that they were in danger.

"Sieg. Show our guest what we prepared for him." As Ed spoke, a figure appeared next to him. Sieg bowed and disappeared, and after a couple of seconds, he came back with around 100 people. They were all zombies, raised through the magic of Sieg. Most of those present didn't know who they were, but Harald did.

"I caught these flies after they attacked my barrier," Sieg spoke and everyone could feel the aura of death surrounding him. He had created a barrier to surround the whole city of Avalon. Thanks to this, he couldn't participate much in the war as his magic was being drained by it. However, thanks to it, he was able to intercept the attack on Avalon and kill the thousand man squad. Even with his magic being bound by the barrier, it was a piece of cake to him. After the massacre, he chose the strongest hundred of that squad and turned them into zombies. They had lost most of their abilities, but they were still considered powerful.

"YouJust how much of our plan have you read?" Harald's eyes squinted as he looked at Ed. The latter smiled for a little and said, "Plan? You call this a plan? This is, at most, a child's play. Also, for the detachment you sent. They will get slaughtered." Ed said as he waved his left hand around. Harald frowned as he saw that since he was sure it couldn't be healed until months had passed.

"The ones they are fighting are not normal soldiers. They are Heavenly Establishment monsters that I hunted and controlled. All of them." Harald opened his eyes wide as he couldn't accept what was just told to him. The fact that they could control 20.000 Heavenly Establishment monsters boggled the minds of even allies, let alone enemies.

"You are too dangerous to keep alive!" Harald dashed towards Ed, as he deemed his a danger to this world. He swung his Glaive at him but was thrown away by two people. It was Arthur and Akira, as they had intercepted his attack. Harald looked at them as if they were nothing but flies, but he needed to dodge an attack. Uther attacked him with his Glaive, scratching him in the process.

Suddenly, the earth started trembling, as if an earthquake was taking place. Everyone looked surprised except Ed, who looked at the back of the Blood sect army and saw a gigantic figure approaching them.

"Ah, the last reinforcement is here." A certain friend of Ed that he hadn't met since the days of the academy has finally appeared. In the distance, a huge earth golem could be seen, and on its shoulder, a black haired girl was sitting. The golem let out a deafening roar, letting its existence be known. The soldiers of the coalition army were afraid, as they thought Blood sect was getting reinforcements. But in fact, it was their reinforcement.

The golem broke into a sprint, this caused Ed to disappear and appear in front of it with his teleport. He looked at the figure on its shoulder and smiled. "Long time no see, Stephanie! I see you got my gift!" Ed looked at his friend. She was wearing a black battle dress that covered her. It was akin to her last name.

"Long time no see, Edward. My father and his troops will be here shortly." Stephanie looked at Ed and broke into a smile as tears filled her eyes. In the same direction of the golem's origin, a dust storm raised by soldiers was raised. It looked like they numbered over 50.000. 'It seems like Stephanie's kingdom committed most of their soldiers' Ed knew that her kingdom was not a big one like Scale or Ryuu, but they still brought out so many soldiers. Ed couldn't help but feel grateful for them.

"Let's meet up with the others. I'll need you to protect me since I didn't tell them about parts of my plan hahaha!" Ed laughed as he put his hand on the golem that had stopped. He was thinking about the reaction of his friends as they find out about his survival. The only ones that knew about it were Hayato, Arthur, Eric, Griffin, Leonard, and Dean. The last four people were told only because they couldn't allow them to leave their post, as they were pivotal to the army. 'I'll need to excuse myself a lot, especially to Bard and Audun.' Ed thought to himself as he teleported.

Ed appeared above the soldiers that were fighting. He chose this place as it was the middle of the battlefield. The soldiers felt like their heart stopped due to the appearance of the golem, as it was tens of meters tall. They immediately broke off the engagement, and retreated, some afraid they would be crushed as they were too late to move. But, the golem never touched the ground. Ed controlled it with his QI and made it float. He didn't want to kill his allies for no reason. He only had it touch the ground once he saw that no one was there.

"All troops attention! You have done well. You have done great. You have fulfilled your duty and you have deserved a rest." Ed flew above the golem and let his voice be heard by his allies. But, they were confused as they thought he was dead. They also didn't understand what he meant by 'rest'.

"I did not die, but only left to draw out the supreme commander of the army!" Ed could understand what he was talking about, and explained. "Right now he is fighting the leaders of the army, and his death will only be a matter of time!" The soldiers turned around to see sparks and explosion to the back of their camp.

"THE WAR IS ALMOST OVER AND I WILL END IT!" Ed screamed and the soldiers cheered. To the left of the enemy, 10.000 monsters approached them as Goburou led them. To the right, another 10.000 rushed with Garu at their lead. To the back of the enemy, a small army of 50.000 people approached at top speed.

"Now, it's time for payback!" Ed spoke as he changed his gear. He appeared in black pants, a red shirt, and a pitch black coat. IT was the legendary equipment he had made from the Material Gacha. His companions appeared next to him, while his friends started flying towards him.

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