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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 210: Familiar Face

Chapter 210: Familiar Face

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In the middle of a thicket of forest, eleven figures enjoyed their time. One of the figures flew around trees, coming out of the forest and going back in.

"You're still learning, so be careful okay?" A twenty-year-old man called out to the flying figure.

"A Heavenly Establishment cultivator, albeit a young one, won't get hurt from something like falling down," said a female that walked next to the first man.

"You can't do anything about Ed's worried nature!" The flying angel, Merry, said as she flapped her wings a couple of times. All of Ed's companions nodded after her words. Ed, Emilia, Bella, and the eight monsters walked towards the port city.

"She is my cute little sister; of course I'll be worried about her!" Ed said in defense of himself.

"Kyah!" Bella screamed as she hit her head on a tree branch. She wasn't hurt, but the sudden incident caused her to lose control of her QI.

She plummeted down to the ground. "See what I meant?" Ed showed a triumphant face, as his advice was on point. Suika moved quickly, and before Bella could hit the ground, she transformed into a gigantic slimeball, breaking Bella's fall.

"Thank you Suika!" Bella hugged the slime girl as she was saved from a fall. Suika returned the hug, and the two little girls looked as cute as one could imagine.




"The land from here on is barren and doesn't have any interesting things to see. Bella, I'll take us directly to the port city now, okay?"

"Okay! I've already seen enough on the way here!"

Ed could have flown to any of the continents before to prepare for his trip and make it a short one. But, since he was taking Bella with him, he wanted to show her the outside world that she never saw before.

Appearing inside of the port city, Ed caused the citizens' hearts to skip some beats. He teleported outside of the city walls. But, as he walked in, the guards couldn't move, the citizens couldn't move, and soon, the city's lord came outside to greet him. The reason? Ed didn't recall his monsters into card form. Ten Immortal Establishment cultivators, eight of them monsters, and one Heavenly Establishment little girl.

"Esteemed Elder, may we please know the reason for your visit?" The city lord seemed to be sweating buckets, but he couldn't do anything that would cause Ed to be enraged. He knew that if they wanted to, Ed and the others could uplift the city in a matter of seconds.

"Please, stand at east. We're simply on a sightseeing tour. We won't do anything in the city, and we will be leaving on the next ship going to the Central Continent."

"That can be arranged, sir! Please let us accommodate all your needs! GUARDS! Please take the esteemed Elder to all the best places in the city. Afterward, have him come by to my mansion. Esteemed Elder, I'll talk with the highest authority responsible for the ships and I'll see that they won't leave until you decide to leave!"

Ed could guess the reason for this treatment. He was an Immortal establishment, but he wasn't the only one in the world. If the city lord had to come to greet every strong person ever, he wouldn't live for long due to the stress. 'News travels fast after all' Ed was hailed as the hero of the Bloody war, and it would be foolish for people not to know about him by now. The man who, singlehandedly, killed all five commanders of Blood sect.

He and his monsters had become walking legends.

Still, Ed and the others enjoyed their time. When he last visited, he went straight for the ship, but now he could see the pier, the market, and so on. After a little, he headed to the mansion of the city lord.

"Sir Edward Avalon and his companions arrived," a butler announced as Ed entered a room. The room was decorated with paintings of ships, sea creatures, and humans. Inside the room, there was a simple desk with two chairs in front of it. The city lord sat behind the desk, while another figure, whose face Ed couldn't see, sat on one of the two seats. The two of them stood up and turned around to greet Ed.

"Sir Edward, it is my honor to meet you again." The man, who was the highest authority of the shipping company, said as he extended his hand towards Ed.

'Again?' Ed was slightly confused as he started to match his memory with the face of the man in front of him. Little by little, the cloud covering his mind dissipated into nothing as he confirmed the identity of the man.

"You're the server from that time?!"

"Yes Sir Edward. If not for your generous tip last time, I would still be serving on ships." The man said as he bowed in respect.

"What do you mean generous gift? That was at most a thousand gold coins, it shouldn't have affected your life to this degree!" Ed was rather surprised. This man was the one that was sent to his room on the ship traveling to the Central Continent. Each time Ed ordered food, this man appeared. Since Ed ordered a lot of food, the man was tortured into carrying food trays. So, Ed gave him a tip for all his hard work.

"Thanks to that gold, I managed to start a small business on the side. After eighteen months, I managed to take over the company. I never learned your name, so I was planning to rebuke you for having the city lord summon me. But, after confirming your identity, I'm glad that I responded."

"This feels far too fated to be a coincidence hahaha!" Ed was amused at the sudden fate. Had he recalled his companions into card forms, he wouldn't have managed to meet this man.

"Well then Sir Edward, please follow after me. There is no reason for you to wait for a ship, one will be prepared for you immediately!" said the man as waited for Ed to walk outside.

"So, won't you tell me your name?"

"It would be my honor if you were to remember my name, Sir Edward. I'm called John, but my closest friends like to call me John the Fox."

"Then let me address you as such. You can call me Ed."

The two walked away while the city lord remained motionless after seeing the two of them not pay him any attention.



Hello everyone. As you guys noticed, I didn't post a chapter on Friday. I assure you it was out of my hands. I needed to go back to uni to secure a room in the dorm and confirm my subscription again. I didn't plan my time correctly and ended up spending the whole day there before I returned home(the uni is in another city). I couldn't write a chapter on my phone(I never do since my phone is too shi**y to handle WN's app) and since I returned home at night, I couldn't write a chapter since I was too exhausted.

I will go need to travel tomorrow as well, and while I might not be able to update, I'll try to post a chapter sometime. I hope you guys forgive me^^

PS: There will be another chapter somtime later today!

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