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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 218: Established Alliance

Chapter 218: Established Alliance

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Arthur, as well as the other Elders, noticed Ed's existence. A look of confusion appeared on their faces, but they withheld their questions as they saw the two unknown figures among them.

"Father, esteemed Elders, I have returned for a short period of time as I needed you to take a look at our two guests here, as well as a proposal I have. This one here is the highest authority of the Central Government of the Central Continent. The lady over here is the daughter of the Adalrick family. Her brother was one of the commanders that were killed back in the Bloody war. However, she is not here for revenge on us, but on Blood sect apparently. For now, I believe her."

Ed quickly explained the situation of the two guests. Some of the Elder's killing intent spiked once they heard the relation between Jillian and Letif, but withdrew it as Ed said he believed in her. Of course, most of them wouldn't stand a chance against her. But, like her impulsive attack against Ed earlier, they would have attacked her as they had lost some life comrades back in the war.

Ed continued to explain, this time about the proposal. "Seemingly, Blood sect forced the Adalrick family to send their eldest as a way to control the Central Continent. Now, they are in a desperate situation. And, as the strongest backers of this old man, they can no longer influence other families that hold a strong position in the government. So, we come to the proposal. We help the old man, and by extension the Adalrick family, and in return, they become a subordinate of Avalon."

The hall went into silence for a couple of seconds, as everyone digested Ed's words and understood them. Arthur broke the silence and said, "For now, the two of you are guests of ours, so take a seat please." He offered the two of them some seats right in front of him and the Elders. Griffin took his Elder sear, while Ed and Eric stood to the side.

"First of all, I'm glad that you are doing well, Sir William Neil." Arthur addressed the old man by his name. It was only natural that he knew the names of prominent figures of the world. "As for the lady of the Adalrick family, I hope your father's health is getting better now." Jillian, shocked that Arthur knew of her father's ailing health, could do nothing but stare at him. These two sentences allowed the two visitors to know how much they were behind in information about Avalon.

"Now, about your proposal. Allow me to be blunt, but I can't see Avalon benefiting much from this. Although it might sound like bragging, our kingdom has grown to be strong. Strong enough to take the Central Continent by might. So why should we help you instead?"

"You can't be arrogant enough to believe that, right?!" Not taking the insult, Jillian talked back to Arthur. Still, even though it could be considered as an insult to Arthur, no one got mad.

"Sit back down, Jillian," William spoke calmly as well.

"But?!" Before she could say anything, William looked at her in a desperate way, making her take her seat.

"Please forgive her, Sir Arthur."

"It is alright. Her reaction is understandable. You think that this small one city kingdom has no way to conquer a whole continent, isn't that right young lady?" Arthur looked at Jillian and continued to speak.

"Our kingdom, albeit small, has enough military strength to do just that. Our royal family alone has four Immortal Establishment cultivators. Our sect Elders are all Heavenly Establishment level or above, and our general is also Immortal Establishment. On top of that, there are countless allies that will help us with no questions asked. Any many of these allies are Immortal Establishment grade. Do you still think we're not strong enough to do it?"

William and Jillian could do nothing but stare, with wide open eyes, after hearing this information. Ey knew just how much they had underestimated Avalon now. Jillian wanted to argue that the quality of cultivators could be higher on their side but remembered what happened with Mehen earlier. She also noticed that Arthur didn't include Ed's monsters in the count. She realized just how mistaken she was when she had her outburst earlier.

"We could share our resources with you. As your subordinates, we can pay a yearly tribute and share our profits from the tourism that takes place in our continent." William, realizing that he is losing ground, wanted to start and make proposals.

"The tower has been closed, as far as everyone knows. This caused your continent to lose quite a lot of visitors. How many years do you think it'll take before they start visiting again?" Ed intervened as he knew information that Arthur didn't.

"Even if the tower is closed, we still have ways to gain income. It is still a bonus for a starting kingdom such as Avalon." William started to panic. If they couldn't accept this offer, he would have nothing to do for them.

"Sir William, please inspect this," Arthur said as he withdrew his saber from his Spatial ring.

"This is?"

"My personal weapon," Arthur said as William traced the saber with his hand. He couldn't hide his awe as he felt the weapon's power.

"I can only say it is worthy of a sect master such as yourself." William returned the saber to Arthur while praising it.

"That's not all. This is only one of many weapons of the same quality that my son, Edward, had crafted in preparation for our future battles. In fact, his personal weapon is of a higher quality than mine." Arthur looked at Ed, indicating that he should show them.

Ed withdrew Shusui in compliance. Jillian remembered the cold blade that almost beheaded her and shuddered a little.

"You should understand now, Sir William." As Arthur spoke, William could tell that nothing he had could benefit Avalon. So, all he could do now is to stand up and bow in front of Arthur.

In his state, William muttered only one sentence, "Please, help us."

Jillian joined him and said the same sentence, but with more enthusiasm behind her voice.

"Please, raise your heads. A relationship built on material items will only deteriorate because of those items. Instead, one built on trust will last forever. At least that's what I believe. So, will you help me build such a long-lasting relationship?" Arthur said as he extended his hand towards William. The latter quickly shook it with both of his hands, afraid that Arthur might get back on his words.

"Alright now, Elders. Let everyone know that after subjugating the Beastmen and the Oni, our next target will be the Central Continent! Make sure this stays as a secret! Ed, we won't need your help now, but we might in the future, try to finish your errands in two months' time tops. Also, say hello to my father for me." Arthur ended the meeting as he took both William and Jillian to discuss things.

Ed and Eric simply smiled and went back to the castle.

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