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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 219: Re-Match

Chapter 219: Re-Match

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Ed visited his mother and had a little chat with her. She was rather surprised by their sudden visit, but she was happy nonetheless. He informed her that he would be leaving before nightfall, as he didn't want to waste too much time, seeing how a war will happen once again. After leaving Bella with Elizabeth, he made his way towards Emilia's location, Ellie's room. There, he stopped right before he opened the door.

'I've seen enough shows to know where this is going. But, should I go with it?!! This might be a chance that will never happen again! Should I act like the dense main characters, and go through with it?!' A dilemma presented itself in front of Ed. To knock or not to knock? That was his question.

Stuck in his thoughts, he failed to notice Mehen reaching out for the doorknob, and moving it. The door started to slide slowly, and Ed, upon noticing it, imagined a bright light coming from the inside of the room. Not knowing what to do, he simply stood there motionless. Once the light(by Ed's imagination) disappeared, he saw the two girls sitting on a bed and chatting.

'Of course, everything is normal' Ed gave up on his fantasies and entered the room while waving. He started to talk before the two of them said anything.

"We'll be leaving before the night. You can do whatever you want until then," Ed said while looking at Emilia. He then turned towards Ellie and said, "How are you feeling?"

Ellie, without saying anything, showed a thumb up and a bright smile, showcasing her two long canine teeth. Ed felt relieved to see that she was okay, but couldn't help and feel that she wanted to say something. Of course, he wasn't dumb enough to pressure her, so he started some small talk until she decided to say it herself.

"Ed. I would like for you to fight me. I don't want it to be a spar, but an actual fight," Ellie said as her pupils turned into slits, showing that she was serious. Ed stood by, and nodded his head while saying, "I don't mind."

Emilia didn't say anything and only stood up as Ed created a dimension for them. She knew that Ellie asked for the fight in order to boost her self-confidence. Ed agreed because he noticed the same thing.

Ed created a wasteland for them with even ground. He wanted the fight to be as straightforward as possible without anyone getting injured because of uneven terrain. The wind picked up speed as the two of them stood in front of each other, each one of them preparing his weapons. Mehen slithered away from Ed and increased in size while heading towards Emilia. Next, to her, he nudged her while nodding with his head, indicating that she should get on.

"Thank you," said Emilia as she knew what he had planned. Mehen returned to his full size and stretched towards the sky. He asked Emilia to get on so that the two can fight to their hearts' content without being worried about injuring anyone. Of course, Emilia had no trouble looking at them from so far away, as her eyesight could reach over hundreds of meters.

"We didn't have a serious fight since the academy, huh?" Ed said as he got into a kendo like-stance, with his katana raised in front of his eyes, pointing towards Ellie.

"It won't end like last time!" Ellie shouted as she got into a stance as well. Her left hand was in front of her, while the right one was on standby by her waist.

"Then, unlike last time, I'll make the first move." Ed rushed towards Ellie, covering the distance between the two of them instantly, and raised his katana above his head. As he swung down, Ellie used her left hand, covered by the gauntlet, to block his attack. Before the katana could pressure her, she changed its direction to the left, while preparing a punch with her right hand. However, before she could connect it, Ed disappeared.

Ellie's ears started to twitch and turn around, trying to look for Ed's position. Soon, Ed's figure appeared in front of her and her ears managed to catch the sound of his clothes being ruffled by the wind. Ellie rolled to the front as Ed swung his sword. Yet, when she turned around, he was no longer behind her. Again, she looked for Ed using her ears. The two of them continued to fight this way for a little while before they finally clashed.

Ellie used her 'Meteor Impact' while Ed imbued his katana with KI. The gauntlet and katana connected, resulting in an explosion, blowing away all the ground underneath, and around them. The rocks flew in all directions, some of them hitting Mehen, who felt nothing from them thanks to his scales. Before the explosion could recede, Ed and Ellie, who were blown away, connected once again.

"Woah!" Ed was surprised to feel himself being dragged towards Ellie. He had been focusing on her hands and forgot that she had an extra part that no other human had. It was her tail. Ellie managed to catch Ed by the ankle using her tail and drag him towards her. She used her right leg to kick his arms up, leaving his torso and face unprotected. And, before Ed could react, she used her right hand, gauntlet flaring by all the QI it was receiving and drove it right into his face.

An explosion, even bigger than the one from before, penetrated deep into the ground. The two figures appeared back outside of the crater that was resulted. Ed had a small line of blood flowing out of his mouth. He managed to protect himself from fatal damage by using Ryuu on his face. But, he was still injured. Ellie's attack was simply that strong.

"Okay, stop!" Ellie declared while putting her hands in front of her. "I shall take this as my win, I'm ending the fight here! I don't care if you took it easy on me this time, or if you were actually serious, I managed to injure the Bloody Hero! I am Supreme, Muhahahahha!" Ellie laughed out loud, leaving Ed with a wry smile on his face. Emilia descended and enjoyed a laugh with Ellie, while pointing at Ed and saying, "The monster is injured!"

Ed was glad. This way he knew that Ellie would not lose in the upcoming war. He knew that she could, nay, he knew that she would definitely save her kingdom!

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