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Fantasy System (Web Novel) - Chapter 221: Broken Wall

Chapter 221: Broken Wall

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A few kilometers separated the royal capital of the Beastmen kingdom and Ellie's army. They hid in a forest, concealing themselves from the prying eyes of the guards. They wanted to strike while the capital was off-guard. Ellie, riding on her horse, looked at her army and started to speak to them.

"It is time for us to take down the Beastmen royal family. They have ruled over this kingdom, bringing down its people's dignity! Their rules exist only for themselves, and not for their people! I have always felt shame to be called a noble of their despicable kingdom, so, today, I ask of you to help me end their tyrannical reign!" Although Ellie delivered a speech, the soldiers didn't shout. They knew not to do such a stupid thing when they were trying to be hiding.

"I know that you are all tired from the journey to this place, but know that it was a necessary step." The soldiers had run all the way to the capital during one night. The only rest time they got was from the moment they arrived, a couple of hours past dawn, until noon.

"I'll take this chance to remind you that we are to fight in a war! This is a real war! In war, there is no such a thing as completely decimating your enemy! In war, both sides kill, and both sides are killed! Let me take this chance to remind you, that winning the Bloody war doesn't guarantee anything. So, entering the war with the mindset of winning from the start is foolish!!" The words of Ellie penetrated deep within the hearts of her soldiers. They hung their heads, reflecting upon their nave ideas. They were indeed underestimating war.

"But, know that our target right now is the king and only the king. Once the king falls, the war is won. That is my target, and I plan to achieve it before nightfall. So, in order to live, make sure you give it your all!" Ellie turned around to face the capital, with its domineering walls. "My soldiers. MAKE SURE TO SURVIVE!" Ellie, with her shout, started the rush towards the capital of the Beastmen.

As one would expect, her army quickly caught the attention of the guards. A bell started to ring, with its special tone; it managed to notify the soldiers of an attack. In the few minutes it took Ellie's army to reach the walls, an equally impressive army stood in their way.

"Everyone, disperse and surround the capital!" Ellie gave her order and her army complied. The 40.000 soldiers split into four equal parts, each choosing one wall to attack. In an instant, the leaders of each small army started engaging the enemy. Ellie knew from the last war that she wasn't good at fighting while mounting a horse. Thus, she chose to wield a spear.

Her way of handling the spear was rather clumsy, as she was only taught the basics by Edmund. Still, she was overwhelming with her martial prowess. Many enemies targeted her horse in order to dismount but failed. She managed to react to everyone within time and stopped the attack in their tracks.

Her target was not to kill the enemies but to reach the wall. They needed to get the gates open from the inside, or they couldn't enter the city. But, scaling the walls was much harder to do. The archers positioned themselves and rained arrows upon them. But, they had to be careful not to injure their own comrades, so their pressure was little.

On the southern wall, Becky was having a hard time. Not against an opponent, but in following the battlefield. She often found herself lost in the midst of the enemies, with none of her allies near her. This caused her to engage, and disengage many times consecutively. But, her learning ability was nothing to scoff at. She was learning as she was fighting. And, from her learning, she managed to get stronger.

Audun and Eric weren't having a hard time. Instead, they were focusing entirely on getting to the walls. Their soldiers were also fully committed to following their orders. The slaves, which everyone was wary of, gave it their all as well. They believed that they would gain their freedom if they were to fight for five years. They also didn't want to lose their lives for no reason.




An hour had passed, with no way for the soldiers to reach the walls. Ellie changed the fighting soldiers with the ones at the back in order to get them to rest. But, she couldn't hide her displeasure. They were losing time, and she didn't like it.

"Enough, I'm taking things into my own hands" She muttered to herself as she turned around to look at her soldiers. It was extremely dangerous to do such a thing in the middle of the battlefield, yet she did it anyway.

"Men, I'll leave this spot to you. Make sure not to let the soldiers follow after me! And you can ask for help from the other three armies!" after saying so, Ellie flew into the sky. Some Heavenly Establishment cultivators tried to stop her, but they were no match.

As she closed in on the walls, a hail of arrows targeted her. But, they couldn't hurt her even though they managed to make contact with her body. She was coating her entire body with a dense layer of QI, making her immune to such feeble attacks. She descended near the wall and stored her spear. Out of her spatial ring, her personal gauntlets popped out. As she equipped them, she noticed some soldiers coming after her from behind, while archers targeted her from the back.

"Haaaah!" She screamed as she released a massive wave of QI in all directions. The soldiers behind her were blown away, with no way of recovering. Then, her QI started going into one of her fists.


With only one attack, Ellie opened up a hole in the wall of the capital. She went through it, finally entering the city of her enemy.

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